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  1. Discussion by Latexjim started 21-Apr-2021. Latest comment posted on 05-Jul-2021
    I have a Bluetooth plug in and would like someone to connect to it and control the device
  2. Discussion by kiwiguya1 started 17-Dec-2020. Latest comment posted on 12-Mar-2021
    Hi all, looking to purchase my first butt plug, any recommendations? I've used other objects in the past but want to be able to put it in and leave for bit.
  3. Discussion by stocker started 18-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 18-Nov-2019
    Anyone need a slave to abuse
  4. Discussion by bitch_please started 31-Dec-2016. Latest comment posted on 04-May-2019
    i personally dont mind it and want a sexy tail style plug to wear with my strap on so i can please my sexual partner. Any other ladies enjoy wearing them or like their ladies wearing them??
  5. Discussion by MissEmma started 04-Mar-2019. Latest comment posted on 04-Mar-2019
    Hello I'm doing my first work trip to Hastings on tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March I am a sexy, open minded, educated and articulate curvy BBW with a size figure. I am quite unique and...
  6. Discussion by MissEmma started 17-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 20-Feb-2019
    I am a sexy, open minded, educated and articulate curvy BBW with a size 22 figure. I am quite unique and therefore the services I offer are both unique and varied. "Mistress Emma" or "Miss Emma"...
  7. Discussion by davetum started 16-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2018
    I found a but plug. it is a golf ball all I did I got a curtain screw in hock and screwed it into a golf ball but I tired a string to it so I can pull it out and inserted it int muy bum ..yummy
  8. Discussion by davetum started 22-Jul-2018. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2018
    I can take a 2 inch in diameter dildo But I can't find a plug to stay attached in me any ideas
  9. Discussion by avid started 09-May-2014. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2018
    I am wanting a used but plug,one I leave in all day,to shy to go to shops and would prefer a well used one anyway,Mesage me if you can help
  10. Discussion by 0pen started 30-May-2017. Latest comment posted on 30-May-2017
    Who else is wearing one?
  11. Discussion by Subminzie started 15-Oct-2016. Latest comment posted on 08-Apr-2017
    i have a problem . No matter how big s plug seems to be after a while it always seems to want to pop out. Any suggestions, style? Holder/keeper
  12. Discussion by hankyspanky1 started 23-Dec-2015. Latest comment posted on 24-Mar-2017
    Has anyone been to the naturists camp ground out. of Blenhiem on the highway to the West Coast,If so,any reports on what it is like?I love being naked amongst other sesible folk who are happy to let i...
  13. Discussion by 0pen started 05-Jan-2016. Latest comment posted on 24-Sep-2016
    who wears their plug during the day out doing everyday tasks?
  14. Discussion by gay started 05-Jun-2015. Latest comment posted on 05-Jun-2015
    CHCH Anyone wanting their cock sucked? I will happily help give relief CAN SUCK YOU NOW
  15. Discussion by fondacoxs started 31-Dec-2012. Latest comment posted on 21-Mar-2015
    i have some nice big toys anybody interested in using them on me?
  16. Discussion by hankyspanky1 started 19-Nov-2014. Latest comment posted on 28-Dec-2014
    How many ladies here like to masterbate,use toys and how often do you do it.Do any of you find it better than sex with a guy?
  17. Discussion by Bill started 08-Sep-2014. Latest comment posted on 08-Sep-2014
  18. Discussion by fuckbudy started 22-Nov-2012. Latest comment posted on 09-Jan-2014
    who would like to remove my butt plug and replace it with there hard cock and fuck me
  19. Discussion by tania started 31-Dec-2013. Latest comment posted on 31-Dec-2013
    im in need of a massage and more if anyone would like to help me a full body rub down
  20. Discussion by started 28-Nov-2012. Latest comment posted on 22-Dec-2012
    im a guy 18 straight butt love things up my butt want a girl to stick her finger up my but

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