Wellington City Swingers Group
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For Couples and Women.
We encourage those new to the scene to join and participate.
Its a great way to make a relationship fun. Privacy and intimate settings are encouraged. The events will be at licensed or commercial premises.
Check out the discussions for this group.
Join up to get notices. There is no pressure to play at an event just come and watch if you want.
We have run a several events now and we are getting an increasing number of attendees and have not had to cancel one.
Please dont put your name on the list if you are not genuine as we base all our costs on the numbers.
This group is run by several couples. The events may be hosted by different couples. They are unlikely to be cancelled as the venues are booked early and we still run them if there are a few couples. This site is one of four that feed the events.

Rules of this group

Make people new to swinging welcome.
We get a lot of requests from single males to come to events they will simply need to invite a single female. Keep events woman friendly. Transgenders and single males should use a different group or club.
Please be discreet - what goes on tour stays there.

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