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Special interest group (S.I.G) page.
Owned and operated by Lily
Hamilton City, 45 to 54 age group, Pansexual Female
Wellington City, 38, Straight Male
Wellington City, 45 to 54 age group, Homoflexible Male
Christchurch City, 55, Bisexual Cross Dresser Transgendered
Wellington City, 45 to 54 age group, Heteroflexible Male
Wellington City, 35 to 44 age group, Bisexual Male
Christchurch City, 41, Bisexual Male
Auckland Region, 36, Male
Auckland City, 25, Bi-curious Male
Hamilton City, 35, Straight Male
Auckland Region, 45 to 54 age group, Straight Male
North Shore City, 49, Heteroflexible Male
Christchurch City, 40, Straight Male
Hamilton City, 28&26, Straight Male+Female Couple
Rangiora, 34&44, Straight Male+Female Couple
Manukau, 46, Straight Male
Masterton, 25 to 34 age group, Pansexual Female
Timaru, 50, Bisexual Male
Hawera, 34, Straight Male
Wellington City, 34, Bisexual Female
Wellington City, 41, Heteroflexible Male
Hamilton City, 42, Straight Male
Manukau, 35 to 44 age group, Straight Female
Auckland City, in their 40's, Heteroflexible Female
Paraparaumu, 20, Bisexual Female
Manukau, 43, Bi-curious Male
Manukau, 31, Straight Male
Hutt City, 32, Straight Male
Upper Hutt City, 36, Straight Male
Auckland City, 43, Straight Male
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