Internet Banking Instructions

1st, get a reference number from us. If you don't have one already, select "Direct Credit or Cash Deposit" from the "Fee Payments" page.  We will provide you with the Bank Account number and a reference number.

NOTE: It is very important that you provide this reference number when you make your payment.

Log on to your bank's website, and provide the following details when you make your payment...

  1. The NZPersonals bank account number

  2. The amount you chose to pay

  3. The Reference number that we gave you

If you don't provide the reference number, we won't know who has made the payment.

Most commonly asked question: I made payment by internet banking, and it shows as paid on my statements, why hasn't my NZP account been upgraded yet?

Answer: It can take up to 3 working days for internet payments to be transfered by the banking system. When it shows as paid on your online statements, it just means that the bank have deducted from your account and are holding it for processing until the next working day. 
Note: public holidays and weekend days are not working days.

For more detail and answers to frequently asked questions, click here

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