• When Online
    • Caution.
      More info about black marks

    • Beware of leeches.
      Watch out for PICTURE COLLECTORS.  These people ask for photos and don't return theirs. 

    • Use your ignore list.
      If things start to go sour, put that person on your "ignore list" immediately.  Some people cannot be reasoned with when they are angry.  We highly recommend that you report ALL abusive and threatening messages to the NZPersonals team.  We provide an "ignore" feature which gives you the option of warning admin & others.  The NZPersonals administrator will investigate and may issue a "black mark" to the offender.  If the offender doesn't learn from his/her mistake, then he/she will be restricted from messaging others.

    • Stay on NZPersonals.
      DON'T take the conversation offsite.
      If you give your email address or phone number to another subscriber and it goes sour; we may not be able to support you.  We generally only support those who conduct their conversations on

    • Nark on fakers.
      Report ALL fake profiles to NZPersonals immediately. The NZPersonals administrator will investigate them and may delete them if we have sufficient proof.

  • Beware of cons, spammers, and players
    NZPersonals have put a lot of effort into handling spammers, and we have successfully managed to block 99.9% of them from using this website since 2005.  However, you should still be cautious.
    • BE CAUTIOUS of people who want you to go immediately to private chat (or a phone call) without getting to know you first.  These people could be con artists or online theives.  We recommend that you try to get to know them first on NZPersonals before chatting to them over the phone, email or a chat program. If it turns out that they are "bad guys", then we can help you only if you've conducted your conversation on this website, otherwise we can only advise that you take your evidence to the police.
    • REPORT A MEMBER or CONTACT NZP ADMIN if you receive any messages from people who want to give you money, or need your help, or they need financial assistance, contact admin without delay (even if it sounds genuine!).  We investigate all complaints of this nature within 12 hours.
  • When meeting
    • Be in control.
      DO NOT bow to pressure. If anyone pressures you to meet them, click on "ignore" and choose "Ignore & warn".  We will give that person a "black mark" and send them a warning for their bad behaviour.

    • Be cautious!
      If you plan to meet, DO NOT invite anyone to your house, make sure the meeting place is a populated area like a bar or cafe.  Tell a friend or family member that you're meeting someone from NZPersonals (and tell them where you're meeting them).
      NEVER give anyone your last name, your address, your place of work or your phone number.

    • Protect yourself.
      If you feel unsure about meeting on your own, ask a friend to accompany you, or ask them to watch over you from a distance.

    • Watch your drink!
      Keep an eye on your glass or bottle at all times.  Don't allow your date to fill your glass or to carry your drink.  If you start to feel disoriented or sleepy, go to the bar and ask the "bar manager" for help.

    • Arrange your own transport.
      DO NOT allow your date to "give you a lift" anywhere.  Use your own transport, a taxi, a friend, or a family member to get you home.  

    • Be safe, stay safe.
      SAFE SEX is more important than ever. HIV infections are on the increase. Always insist on using condoms when engaging in any kind of penetrative sexual contact. Too many people are not disclosing their HIV status these days.  A good idea is to ask your date about their health before anything progresses - you could be saving your life by asking the simple question "do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?".

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