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I am a relaxed baggage free professional guy, in decent shape, who loves women - but happens to like the guy thing in the mix too. I like people who want to have a bit of fun, can laugh easily, get their pleasure in the moment and are willing to experiment with their sexual life - because that's me.

It would be cool to have a couple of play mates - guy and gal - where we can just get together, give each other some satisfied smiles, and then move on to our day-to-day lives until next time.

No intelligent messages/contacts will be ignored, but the banal and idiotic will be. If you don't have any clear descriotion of what you' re like or what you like on your profile then you are making it all that much harder.

Definitely lean more towards the giving of pleasure than the getting of it; - so I ldon't look for control but prefer long repeated sensual sessions with partners; love folk who are relaxed enough to laugh along the way; definitely not into mind-games or screwing about with other people's worlds. Or them screwing about with mine. Head games make me run. Fast. This really just is about fun for me.

In the interest of being open and fair to folk, I am not into people who want money, or who aren't interesting to talk to over a drink. People who type in text-talk on usually won't get a reply either.

I am a bit of a sucker for threesomes - top fun! I am also far enough along in life that I know a lot of what I like, know some things I don't (a short list that), and am willing to try the rest (generally twice just to be sure).

I like women with curves, boobs & butts (Not Miss Universe). Men in decent shape (not Mr Universe) with fat cocks & big balls are fun to play with. I love both together....and I travel a bit with work.

Ideally I would have a regular playmate (or two) who just want to get together for a laugh, naked fun and mutual pleasuring - but then we all get on with our own lives until next time. I have an busy business & soci

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