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Jamiepaul's interests
Jamiepaul (Gothic Bond Puppy)
Napier City, Hawkes Bay Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Napier City

This member supports safe sex
Bisexual Male, 38
Interested in hearing from Women, Trans, Couples
Sex service for paying clients only
Type of service 
Private service

Kerikeri Service Pig

02 Feb 2023 update Tweeting at - GreenchillyP all images are there
Rates $150 for One hours for males
Fem/Trans/Non Binary/ FTM FTM/ $50 per hour incl. massage and any activities
i dont do group sessions at the moment
book on tweets

Movie Love @>--:-) - i can watch back to back movies series on netflix with or without clothes movies ( lol )
Extras @>--:-) - i love offering deep tissue massage, exfoliation facial, Foot rub, Neck & Shoulder massage. all free
About Me @>--:-) - i am Male 37 (yip getting old )i do not have a family or children at the moment, i work full time so i need some time to arrange meetings. Standing at an amazing 5ft 11 Inch Height around 85 Kilos of Light weight, i have a small tummy due to non exercise and being lazy bum ( lol ) I cannot swim and i am too ashamed to ask some one to teach me now at this age so i make excuses not to go in the water. I shower every day, brush my teeth ,aftershave, perfumes and wear a Tie & a Suit Daily to go to work as a man in charge . ( they have no idea who lives inside me _)

Personality - I am very soft spoken i have worked in hospitality & customer service for nearly 15 Years now , and Pleasing you or anyone always gives me great satisfaction. It is very hard for me to say No in life. During Sexual Meet ups - i come across as friendly and humorous person, this is all a front i have to put up so you cannot see how extraordinarily scared i am inside. I usually avoid eye contact as i am trying hide my devilish intentions behind my dark eyes.
Phallus - is Medium between 5- Inches & Girth is good ( yes i know the Lord has been very unkind to me ) for such a wee one it is blessed with extreme horny nature, i have to wank during work 4-6 times a day to keep calm.
Body -i can be a hairy bear or smooth skin slut princess for your disposal. i have long arms and DadBod

(Bisexual Male)

  • Age: 38
  • Ethnicity:
  • Diet: I eat anything
  • Height: 5 11
  • Shape: dadbod less tummy
  • Hair: black short
  • Eyes: black
  • Other features: not a white man :P
  • Interests:
  • Smoking:
  • Drinking:
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