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Peripatetic's interests
Peripatetic (Wa'el)
Manukau, Auckland Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Manukau
Straight Male, 39 (Separated)
Interested in hearing from Women, Couples
Friendship and/or sex (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

I don't like to be told what to do unless I'm naked...

First off, if I manage to find someone that is open minded in the long term for a relationship I would be interested [for long term free use aspect would be ideal [both ways].
I won't be holding my breath on the latter and will have a good play unless the ideal lass were to fall in my lap [i'd want to take time to get to know if that were to happen].

I'm not looking for a harem, as some may seem to think .

Please note my kinks are quite far and wide, they veer further than my main Primal predator/Don [sometimes Daddy] nature.
Easier to just note that I don't partake in any chocolate or champagne parties, rainbow play or blood play [by cutting].

I'm 5'6", British born and raised in London City. 70 kg. Mixed ethnicity (Persian/Kashmiri); hence my skin is brown, not white. I've an English accent if that helps somewhat? A highly energetic individual. Easy to talk to in person or a general conversation than online, as I'm well travelled and worked and lived across the world. Don't be shy to say hello, even a little general conversation does not go amiss.

I have sharp wit at times and can be ditzy at others. A kindred spirit with an open mind. I enjoy my music, art and tinkering in the workshop as well as the fact I've been into anime and manga since the 80's. So women out there that love to cosplay/ roleplay, I take my hat off to you and will really enjoy and appreciate the art.

Got that work hard, play hard attitude in life.
I enjoy playmates that enjoy exploration, are non judgemental and straight forward.
Rather Oxford on the streets and Urban in the sheets; hence I'm often attracted to the librarian and stripper attributes mostly.

I look forward to chatting with many of you 😉

37 years of age, British (English) , brown skin (Persian ethnicity) , 5'6" and under 70kg. I'm a gentleman in public and a deviant behind closed doors.

I look forward to chatting with you.

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