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whome's interests
whome (John)
Oamaru, Otago Region, New Zealand ()
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Location: Oamaru
Straight Male, 64 (It's complicated)
Interested in hearing from Women
Just sex, nothing more (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Just looking.

I just like sex most males do but I have a kinky side as long as it's straight I'm into anything.

One memory that allways stands out I was fresh off the plane in Sydney after working 3 months solid in remote South Australia a man is pretty horny by then and the right hand just isn’t doing it for him anymore so like any redblooded man I headed strait for Kings Cross Australia’s sex capital streets lined with hookers and a strip joint on every corner after being propositioned several times but kept it in my pants I headed for a strip joint advertising live fuck show hey I have never watched live fucking before .
What was to follow was one of my best experiences ever Im sitting quietly having my drink when this pretty sexy stripper comes over mind you they all look pretty sexy after 3 months out bush she proceeds to wriggle her pussy on my lap and I must say it was working by this time I'm very erect and she can tell she’s done her job next she leans over and asks if I'm shy I say not very mind you by this time I had a bit of dutch courage in me next thing I know she's got my very hard cock out and leading me on stage by it not that I needed much leading after a little bit of sucking I'm balls deep in her surprisingly wet pussy I didn't think strippers got wet so either she was excited or had a good lube not that I cared either way the crowds were now cheering fuck that pussy mostly men I would have liked a few women in on the act sadly it didn’t take to long all that cheering and pumping the strippers pussy from behind I blew my load deep in side of her I pull out but it wasnt over yet she proceeds to clean me off with her mouth before dripping my cum on stage.
Nowadays in my latter years I can last forever and assure any lady of satisfaction even online can have a lot of fun.Im up for most things and consider myself a pretty good pussy licker a lot of my enjoyment comes from having a lady squirm in orgasm and I will go to the ends of the earth to make

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