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New4you (Leah)
Taupo, Waikato Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Taupo

This member supports safe sex
Gay Transgendered, 29
Interested in hearing from Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Sex service for paying clients only
Type of service  Seeks financial assistance


Own me for free be the first i succumb to break me in create penertrated an mould my love spot thrash it an if satisfactory get your signiture inked in style on my toosh as my virginity taker an cock loving making open to single males..couples..or milfs an nympho's not shy of putting on a strap also other CD's t.s an transgender for freinds an chat

(Gay Transgendered)

  • Age: 29
  • Ethnicity: NZ European
  • Diet: Semi vegetarian
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Shape: Skinny tonned tsnned an curvey
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Other features: Sizzling ass legs an core very fit an flexable
  • Interests: Well hung studs an open minded bossy nympho's an m
  • Smoking: I occasionally smoke
  • Drinking: I'm a non drinker

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