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Condorion's interests
Condorion (Condor)
Wellington City, Wellington Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Wellington City
Bisexual Male, 30 (Single)
Interested in hearing from Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Keeping my options open (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Looking for fun

Just a sexual being interested in all types of sex. Looking for like minded, discrete people.

== Results from ==
95% Experimentalist
87% Switch
79% Submissive
73% Rope bunny
73% Voyeur
71% Non-monogamist
70% Vanilla
64% Boy/Girl
63% Rigger
55% Daddy/Mommy
55% Dominant
50% Exhibitionist
40% Ageplayer
38% Brat tamer
34% Brat
27% Primal (Prey)
14% Masochist
13% Master/Mistress
12% Owner
8% Sadist
7% Degrader
5% Primal (Hunter)
4% Slave
1% Pet
0% Degradee

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