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So, I've been on here for a few weeks now, and feel I need to clear a couple of things up if that's ok, no offence intended to anyone:

1) When I say I'm happy with NSA, I mean it. Just because I might message first, or message frequently doesn't mean I want a relationship or to marry you. It means I like you and may be interested in meeting, possibly more than once if it works out. But again - NSA!

2) My profile says "It's Complicated", which means its complicated. My current situation does not allow me to drop everything and meet. I do need to plan things, and I have been forward in saying so. I am not a time waster, if I say I want to meet, I'll do my best to make it happen. If it doesn't work out, that's beyond my control.

3) Please don't hard out chat with me, (either here or on another forum if we swap numbers), trade pics/vids etc, have fun, then stop replying to messages! If you want to stop contact with me, please tell me (a reason would be nice too, for future reference), I'm a big girl and won't fall apart - again, it's NSA so I'm not going to stalk you! If you want continuing friendship only, that might be welcome if we've been getting along, and again, tell me. Also, if you're too busy to chat, tell me! I'm not a mind reader.

4) I am NOT AN ESCORT OR WORKING GIRL! Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't happen to be one so please don't accuse me of it, or offer me money!

Ok, back to what I do want - I'm looking for mid 30's to 50 year old man for NSA fun. Must be fairly fit and attractive, who doesn't mind some curves. Apparently I look younger than I am and have sex appeal but I'll leave both of those things up to you to decide.
I've recently discovered after many years of marriage that I'm not dead from the waist down!
Please don't introduce yourself with a picture of your penis, I'm familiar with what they look like and I'm not likely to respond! I'm far more interested in the package that comes with it

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