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So abit about me, I am a professional confident woman with a high pressure job which is both challenging and rewarding. I'm also very much family oriented. But I have another side my escape...Manners, etiquette and protocol are very important to me. I have numerous roles I take on, I don't do things by half I give my all 100%. Im a Princess, I pout when I don't get my own way (being denied to masturbate) some may say bratty, oh well! Im a Switch, I am submissive to my Sir but Dominant with females. Im a whore, a slut whatever my Sir requires me to be to please him. My Sir and I like to take on the role of a Mummy and Daddy! We are firm but fair, caring and understanding, patient and respectful. We enjoy taking on baby girl's, Kittys, Brats and submissive females. Definitely like to build a connection and work within your limits and boundaries. We have a great range of toys and accessories and bondage gear. We have a safe place to play and explore. I am a cuckquean and I get off on Daddy playing with other naughty girls who need to learn their place! Restrained and tied to chair as I watch my Sir enjoy the sub for his pleasure (and hers!) I'm constantly evolving, my desires and needs have changed alot over time. I have been in this lifestyle of BDSM for about 2 year's now and I am very blessed to have had such a wonderful Sir to learn and grow alongside with. Get in the mind and the body responds! I believe this to be true. Message me and lets see if we have some common ground. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile


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