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  1. Discussion by Mike8plus started 29-Feb-2024. Latest comment posted on 05-Mar-2024
    It’s been a few years since I’ve been but I’m keen to get back. I have great memories of the maze and downstairs. With this great weather I’d love to walk naked in the bush area and lounge in the benc...
  2. Discussion by ChilledBi started 13-Jun-2023. Latest comment posted on 11-Jan-2024
    Are there rules or any unspoken rules around men in panties and stockings or cross dressing, fems, sissy's. I have not been to Wingate yet and I'm sure I'll love it. If I was to go dressed is that ok...
  3. Discussion by Aklnz started 10-Jan-2024. Latest comment posted on 10-Jan-2024
    Anyone keen for a meet/play on Thursday 11 Jan?
  4. Discussion by Dikme2 started 31-Dec-2023. Latest comment posted on 31-Dec-2023
    Any dirty old men want to play at wingates tonight 31dec 20 . Multiple dirty men after cock and big orgasms. I'll be there shortly. Big storage to unload
  5. Discussion by marksquirts started 18-Jul-2023. Latest comment posted on 26-Jul-2023
    Hi, heading to Auckland on Wednesday 2nd of August and very keen to call into Wingate and wondering if many others go later in the evening like 10pm, let me know if you are interested in meeting. We c...
  6. Discussion by ChilledBi started 13-Jun-2023. Latest comment posted on 13-Jun-2023
    I'm kinda new not thinking I need to keep the gay\bi side of my sex life a secret. I have wanted to but not gone to Wingate, I'm sure it is all in my head. I do wonder how does it all work and who sho...
  7. Discussion by Mercury started 13-Jun-2023. Latest comment posted on 13-Jun-2023
    Anyone interested in playing today? Would very much like to meet others into panties xx
  8. Discussion by Dikme2 started 08-Jun-2023. Latest comment posted on 08-Jun-2023
    Anyone looking for fun at wingates today Thursday. I'm heading there now.
  9. Discussion by Dikme2 started 13-May-2023. Latest comment posted on 03-Jun-2023
    Hopefully the weather will hold to go. Must be men who want some fun for a few hours. The more the merrier
  10. Discussion by Willingarse started 23-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 27-May-2023
    So what do we think gents, is Wingate falling behind the other options by not having some events, like a monthly orgy night?
  11. Discussion by Dikme2 started 09-May-2023. Latest comment posted on 09-May-2023
    Anyone going to wingates at 12.30pm today. Could use some good adventurous sexual company
  12. Discussion by Mike8plus started 01-Apr-2023. Latest comment posted on 17-Apr-2023
    Is anyone going. I’m keen
  13. Discussion by Dikme2 started 29-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 15-Feb-2023
    Looking to meet up with a group of over 50yrs men today Wednesday 15th Feb good sex and more regular meet ups (BJ# )
  14. Discussion by Dikme2 started 20-Jan-2023. Latest comment posted on 20-Jan-2023
    Going to wingate looking for some in the sun
  15. Discussion by Botany1 started 30-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 30-Sep-2022
    I have never been on a Sat night, does it get busy?
  16. Discussion by MichelleGGGG started 18-Aug-2021. Latest comment posted on 03-Feb-2022
    Hi, have never been to Wingate but it looks nice, does anyone know if it is a good place to go for a sub crossdresser? I would wear my micro daisy dukes and heels 👠
  17. Discussion by marksquirts started 19-Jan-2021. Latest comment posted on 03-Feb-2022
    Is this a place where cross dressers can meet and play
  18. Discussion by Dikme2 started 19-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 19-Jan-2022
    Would love to meet you again. Don't know how to get in touch. Richard here
  19. Discussion by Willingarse started 03-Dec-2021. Latest comment posted on 03-Dec-2021
    Looking at Wingates website they are reopening on the 3rd at mid day. You will of course need to be double vax'ed and present your vax passport. So go get some of that sweet Wingate fun.
  20. Discussion by Willingarse started 31-Oct-2021. Latest comment posted on 31-Oct-2021
    So who's hanging out for Wingate to reopen? I'm missing the cock on offer. Do we think it will reopen at the next level 3 phase?
  21. Discussion by Shybiguy4fub started 06-Aug-2021. Latest comment posted on 06-Aug-2021
    Just taking a chance and seeing if any top guys would be interested in joining me for my potential first visit here tonight. I’d love to explore being used by more than 2guys at once. Also having peop...
  22. Discussion by Dikme2 started 12-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2021
    Had a nice time today Wednesday. A nice and erotic over 70 , we had a sexy uninhibited anything goes time. Then he fingered me while I sucked his big beautiful hard cock. As I worked on it, it got bi...
  23. Discussion by rubbermod started 05-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 05-Jul-2021
    I,m hoping to go Wingate 8th (thursday) for a look !! Will be wearing panties and stockings under civvies !!!!
  24. Discussion by Dikme2 started 12-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 16-Jun-2021
    Had a nice time today Wednesday. A nice and erotic over 70 , we had a sexy uninhibited anything goes time. Then he fingered me while I sucked his big beautiful hard cock. As I worked on it, it got bi...
  25. Discussion by Dikme2 started 06-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 16-Jun-2021
    Going today or tomorrow? Get back I'll go if I can meet someone. X
  26. Discussion by Dikme2 started 06-Jun-2021. Latest comment posted on 15-Jun-2021
    Any masculine men over 50yrs want to meet at Wingates on 7th June monday, for fun my profile and see what you think. Love to meet a group and have some fun. Let me know. Be there from 1pm
  27. Discussion by Dikme2 started 07-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 07-May-2021
    Love to get together and have fun today any suggestions
  28. Discussion by marksquirts started 24-Apr-2021. Latest comment posted on 24-Apr-2021
    Heading to wingate this Tuesday night ( later in evening ) let me know if you are planing on going, would love to meet some nice guys to play with.
  29. Discussion by Mark98 started 22-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 14-Apr-2021
    Planning my first trip on the weekend while I’m in town, what’s the latest on the scene?
  30. Discussion by Dikme2 started 25-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 14-Apr-2021
    Would like to meet some fun guys from this group there. Any takers
  31. Discussion by TomC started 04-Apr-2021. Latest comment posted on 06-Apr-2021
  32. Discussion by zebufux started 27-Mar-2021. Latest comment posted on 02-Apr-2021
    Hi. Wingate newby here. Would like to be shown the ropes. Sub exhibitionist for you to have some fun with. Interested?
  33. Discussion by Mike8plus started 20-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 20-Feb-2021
    Hi it’s a beautiful day. Is anyone interested in sunbathing and fun at Wingate today
  34. Discussion by Biboy35 started 29-Nov-2020. Latest comment posted on 29-Nov-2020
    Hey all wanting to play with some cocks deep inside my tight little ass anyone going today
  35. Discussion by AKL started 02-Nov-2020. Latest comment posted on 02-Nov-2020
    Heading there Sunday 7/11 at about 1 . Just wondering what the best way is to let others know what i am looking for. Any secret signs ? Been years that i was here.
  36. Discussion by Hidef2 started 27-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 27-Sep-2020
    Anyone want a toy/slave??
  37. Discussion by PaulLewis started 14-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 14-Sep-2020
    Any one thinking of going to the Wingate this week. Wednesday or Thursday? I've never been and need some encouragement.
  38. Discussion by Imagemewithyou started 21-Jul-2020. Latest comment posted on 21-Jul-2020
    Hey all. Never been, but keen to have a look at what’s going on, are there many people there during the day early afternoon? Are there any other 30-50 year old guys that go firming the week?
  39. Discussion by gingertom900 started 19-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 02-Jul-2020
    When is the next daytime fun at wingates?
  40. Discussion by magnum420 started 19-Jun-2020. Latest comment posted on 19-Jun-2020
    Anyone heading there tonight?
  41. Discussion by luvitall started 01-Jun-2020. Latest comment posted on 01-Jun-2020
    Hey who will accompany me and introduce me to this wonderful place ??
  42. Discussion by Dikme2 started 17-Jan-2020. Latest comment posted on 17-Jan-2020
    Anyone interested in a fun afternoon xx
  43. Discussion by Willingarse started 11-Jan-2018. Latest comment posted on 09-Jan-2020
    Out of interest, and to help when it comes to meet ups, who's a top, bottom, or versatile? I'd say I'm 90% bottom, I'll top in return if asked but prefer to be on the receiving end.
  44. Discussion by magnum420 started 08-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 08-Nov-2019
    Anyone going in tonight?
  45. Discussion by Racher12 started 11-Jul-2019. Latest comment posted on 11-Jul-2019
    Interested in meeting for fun today. I have only been once before so would like someone to take me under their wing
  46. Discussion by Colleen started 20-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 25-Jun-2019
    I'm a part time CD looking for guys, been to Wingate once and dressed but not much action. Anyone interested in meeting me there on a Sunday afternoon? The more the merrier
  47. Discussion by Poly-dude09 started 23-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 23-Jun-2019
    If you're around Avondale area and keen to hook up get bk I can travel you must be descrete
  48. Discussion by kestrel49 started 15-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 15-Jun-2019
    The above thought just recently crossed my mind. I've posted where I can be found at the club but to no avail. I can think of several reasons, why not...
  49. Discussion by Dikme2 started 31-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 31-May-2019
    Off to Wingate today.hope to meet some of you there . Any takers cx
  50. Discussion by daniel010 started 19-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 19-May-2019
    I would love the place to open for two hours 6am to 8am for before work fun. happy to pay a higher fee if it would provide a place to be fucked
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