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  1. Discussion by marksquirts started 19-Jan-2021. Latest comment posted on 19-Jan-2021
    Is this a place where cross dressers can meet and play
  2. Discussion by Biboy35 started 29-Nov-2020. Latest comment posted on 29-Nov-2020
    Hey all wanting to play with some cocks deep inside my tight little ass anyone going today
  3. Discussion by AKL started 02-Nov-2020. Latest comment posted on 02-Nov-2020
    Heading there Sunday 7/11 at about 1 . Just wondering what the best way is to let others know what i am looking for. Any secret signs ? Been years that i was here.
  4. Discussion by Hidef2 started 27-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 27-Sep-2020
    Anyone want a toy/slave??
  5. Discussion by PaulLewis started 14-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 14-Sep-2020
    Any one thinking of going to the Wingate this week. Wednesday or Thursday? I've never been and need some encouragement.
  6. Discussion by Imagemewithyou started 21-Jul-2020. Latest comment posted on 21-Jul-2020
    Hey all. Never been, but keen to have a look at what’s going on, are there many people there during the day early afternoon? Are there any other 30-50 year old guys that go firming the week?
  7. Discussion by gingertom900 started 19-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 02-Jul-2020
    When is the next daytime fun at wingates?
  8. Discussion by magnum420 started 19-Jun-2020. Latest comment posted on 19-Jun-2020
    Anyone heading there tonight?
  9. Discussion by luvitall started 01-Jun-2020. Latest comment posted on 01-Jun-2020
    Hey who will accompany me and introduce me to this wonderful place ??
  10. Discussion by Dikme2 started 17-Jan-2020. Latest comment posted on 17-Jan-2020
    Anyone interested in a fun afternoon xx
  11. Discussion by Willingarse started 11-Jan-2018. Latest comment posted on 09-Jan-2020
    Out of interest, and to help when it comes to meet ups, who's a top, bottom, or versatile? I'd say I'm 90% bottom, I'll top in return if asked but prefer to be on the receiving end.
  12. Discussion by magnum420 started 08-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 08-Nov-2019
    Anyone going in tonight?
  13. Discussion by Racher12 started 11-Jul-2019. Latest comment posted on 11-Jul-2019
    Interested in meeting for fun today. I have only been once before so would like someone to take me under their wing
  14. Discussion by Colleen started 20-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 25-Jun-2019
    I'm a part time CD looking for guys, been to Wingate once and dressed but not much action. Anyone interested in meeting me there on a Sunday afternoon? The more the merrier
  15. Discussion by Poly-dude09 started 23-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 23-Jun-2019
    If you're around Avondale area and keen to hook up get bk I can travel you must be descrete
  16. Discussion by kestrel49 started 15-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 15-Jun-2019
    The above thought just recently crossed my mind. I've posted where I can be found at the club but to no avail. I can think of several reasons, why not...
  17. Discussion by Dikme2 started 31-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 31-May-2019
    Off to Wingate today.hope to meet some of you there . Any takers cx
  18. Discussion by daniel010 started 19-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 19-May-2019
    I would love the place to open for two hours 6am to 8am for before work fun. happy to pay a higher fee if it would provide a place to be fucked
  19. Discussion by PaulLewis started 25-Mar-2019. Latest comment posted on 07-May-2019
    Any idea when the next meeting is at the Wingate. Hungry to play
  20. Discussion by gingertom900 started 28-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 28-Feb-2019
    Anyone been during the evening? Many people there? I know there are a lot from midday then it seems to peter out, never been after 1800.
  21. Discussion by sissydorax started 23-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 23-Feb-2019
    I'm going to Wingate today. Hopefully I could see you there.
  22. Discussion by kestrel49 started 02-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 04-Feb-2019
    Hi. Can be found in the video playroom downstairs if anyone is interested. Bottom/versatile, Seventy-five % Bottom Twenty-five % Top. But will top only if necessary. Love Flip/Flop though.
  23. Discussion by gingertom900 started 31-Jan-2019. Latest comment posted on 31-Jan-2019
    Anyone feel like a meeting at Wingates today 1200?
  24. Discussion by gingertom900 started 31-Jan-2019. Latest comment posted on 31-Jan-2019
    Anyone keen to meet today 1200?
  25. Discussion by MichelleG started 06-Sep-2018. Latest comment posted on 23-Nov-2018
    Hi, CD here, is Wingate good for meeting top guys that like CDs?
  26. Discussion by Jooey started 12-Oct-2018. Latest comment posted on 12-Oct-2018
    I’m keen to find a mature Daddy Dom who loves a chubby sub. Love to explore with a daddy & be trained
  27. Discussion by Fanman started 01-Sep-2018. Latest comment posted on 01-Sep-2018
    Hi, never been there before but would like to see what its a bttm guy if it came to that.
  28. Discussion by Fanman started 01-Sep-2018. Latest comment posted on 01-Sep-2018
    Hi, never been there before but would like to see what its a bttm guy if it came to that.
  29. Discussion by gingertom900 started 29-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 29-Aug-2018
    anyone keen?
  30. Discussion by Ash121 started 23-Apr-2018. Latest comment posted on 08-Aug-2018
    We should organise one...
  31. Discussion by Tenas started 04-Jan-2018. Latest comment posted on 01-Aug-2018
    On a sunny day
  32. Discussion by Dikme2 started 27-Jul-2018. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2018
    Would anyone be keen on some group sex this afternoon or tonight. Feeling very much like some good fun. Is that a yes?
  33. Discussion by Funhole started 19-Jul-2018. Latest comment posted on 19-Jul-2018
    I'm thinking of going anyone else going? I would love to have someone or a couple of guys show me around as I have never been before a bit nervous. I'm happy to show my appreciation.
  34. Discussion by gingertom900 started 28-Jun-2018. Latest comment posted on 28-Jun-2018
    are you intending to host another event? would love to attend.
  35. Discussion by Tanya started 05-Apr-2018. Latest comment posted on 20-Jun-2018
    Just wanting to gauge with regulars if they are welcoming to crossdressers if I was to come and wear some lingerie

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