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This group is for sharing how you address anal fun and play, before during and after sex. Partly to avoid messy unwanted situations and to have an enjoyable experience.
Do not ask to join if you're not willing to share and discuss, this IS a discussion group that needs more one person participating in order to be useful!
Lets be discussion or question is silly or taboo. This group is to learn off others experiences and hopefully for everyone to have fulfilling and satisfying anal experiences whether you are straight, gay, bi, trans, pan or whatever colour of the rainbow you are x

Rules of this group

- If you're not willing to participate in discussion then no real point being here
- Use your manners
- Respect everyones comments whether you agree or not
- Be open and honest
- Dont be an idiot
- Share your experiences openly
- Remember some members will be new to anal play and others will be very experienced, please respect everyones level of play

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