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Looking for Gloryholes in CHCh
Discussion - started by Bigbeauty007, posted on 1-Aug-19 5:55PM
Anyone know of spots around Chch? Went to one on Auck and now addicted to finding one here ;)

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Posted on 18-May-20 5:22PM
I’m going to burnside prn at 7pm to try my luck ☺️
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Posted on 18-May-20 6:51PM
I may pop by to have a wee look see .
Posted on 18-May-20 7:47PM
Dam it I knew I should of checked earlier
Posted on 18-May-20 7:54PM
I’m stil here
Posted on 18-May-20 7:59PM
Getting me cock sucked my another young dude in the men’s toilets ☺️
Posted on 18-May-20 8:13PM
Wish i could watch... Guess i missed out :(
Posted on 18-May-20 8:20PM
Oh man,I've been called into work and reading this,not cool.
Posted on 26-May-20 8:33PM
If the weather is ok on Saturday I will be at the park in the afternoon
Comment #178 by GloryHoleNZ in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-May-20 1:15PM
Hello everyone.....

I will be setting up a glory hole in a private, discrete residence for some naughty fun!

How does it work?

Location is shared after a short message exchange, the front door will be off the latch. Walk in, see the glory hole, put your cock through and receive a warm wet bj, till you blow your big messy load......then leave! No strings, no drama.

There is to be no talking between us and no looking through the hole....this is a blow and go release service.

Preference is for big cocks and trimmed pubes. Anyone who can blow a huge load is a bonus! Clean and hygienic is a must, and this offer is for anyone of medium to slim build.

I will need to see a picture of your cock, as I like to see what I am putting in my mouth!

If there are any curious women who would like to join in, or simply watch, then please feel free to message!
Comment #179 by Alex99 in response to GloryHoleNZ ( view post )
Posted on 30-May-20 10:40PM
Sounds good.
Comment #180 by Mcav in response to Ijustwantfun ( view post )
Posted on 4-Jun-20 7:12PM
Sorry just noticed you responded to me. Yes of course! Am back in chch next week
Posted on 5-Jun-20 11:57AM
Just wondering if your home glory hole will be a hole in thin plywood or other hard materials, or is it going to be just a soft drop sheet or something?

I find pressing up against a hard wall is so much better feeling.
Posted on 5-Jun-20 12:01PM
It is a hard wall but will not take body weight. 4 thick pieces of cardboard the full length of a door frame.
Posted on 5-Jun-20 12:06PM

Maybe you should think about a full sheet of ply 12mm to 14mm thick

Can pick up a damaged piece or a cover sheet very cheaply if you look around.

Just not sure if you should tell them what you’re using it for 🤭
Posted on 5-Jun-20 12:07PM
Cardboard is easy to break down and not permanant. I operate out of air bnb for total discretion
Posted on 5-Jun-20 12:11PM
Haha ok cool

Can you post some photos of the setup?

Also have you had any lady’s join you in the fun.

I’m keen for a go 😜
Posted on 5-Jun-20 12:14PM
message me
Posted on 17-Jun-20 3:07PM
Any one at or been back to burnside park lately?
Comment #188 by Gerryanderson in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Jun-20 9:20AM
There's one in Auckland?
Comment #189 by Edwin in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Jun-20 11:10AM
Looking for one on the north shore anyone?
Comment #190 by Chchhungm4nsa in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jun-20 5:45AM
Going to head burnside park now see if any early morning cock keen to pump my arse
Posted on 28-Jun-20 8:38PM
I'm going to be at the park Wednesday if it ain't raining.
Comment #192 by Chchbooblover in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Jul-20 5:50PM
Any places to go tonight around chch?
Comment #193 by Chchbooblover in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Jul-20 4:55PM
Anyone going out tonight?
Posted on 8-Jul-20 5:58PM
Be a bit cold out there to get one's cock out tonight!
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Posted on 13-Jul-20 11:29PM
id b keen to learn of cple places i could go b exciting ....n hot
Posted on 20-Jul-20 11:21AM
Will message you
Comment #198 by Keen in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Jul-20 11:25AM
Would love find one could use
Comment #199 by Dirtyfucker in response to Keen ( view post )
Posted on 1-Aug-20 6:30PM
Any gay/bi guys cruising the park toilets tonight?

Or any m/f couples into some dogging..?

Or just any ladies wanna play in public?
Posted on 1-Aug-20 7:04PM
I want to take a viagra and lick and fuck some sloppy pussy in dark smelly public toilets tonight..!!

Comment #201 by Mclovinit in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Aug-20 9:23PM
Kwik kiwi , will be there tomorrow Friday morning 😵
Posted on 6-Aug-20 9:25PM
Is it still open then? I stopped by before lockdown and they had the bathrooms all locked up and blocked.
Comment #203 by Jeymar in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Aug-20 10:03PM
Free in Christchurch tonight..who keen to roam?
Comment #204 by doi573 in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Aug-20 3:11AM
We're in Auckland?
Comment #205 by Curious03 in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Aug-20 4:35AM
Live near burnside park, if someone literally anyone wants to suck dick hmu. Miss getting my cock sucked. Misses don't do it enough... need the soul sucked out of me. Female or not. Just want to have dick sucked haha. Also heard males are better... curious
comment #206 was clobbered
Posted on 8-Aug-20 2:31PM
Where, oh where??
Comment #208 by Curious03 in response to Mcav ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 4:42PM
I'll try to find an excuse to be out of the house
Posted on 16-Aug-20 8:51PM
Yes still going
Comment #210 by Keen in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Aug-20 3:29PM
Has any one found any good public ones
Comment #211 by TrashBag in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Sep-20 4:40AM
Does anyone know of a gloryhole near Ric/Fendalton. In desperate need of a dick to suck.
Comment #212 by Tommstarr in response to TrashBag ( view post )
Posted on 10-Sep-20 5:43AM
Message me x
Posted on 16-Sep-20 9:58AM
So menny people won't to suck cock .I know I do .so let's start one .hues in.
Comment #214 by eight in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Sep-20 2:24PM
cum up to welly we need your talent
Posted on 16-Sep-20 3:01PM
Love to but I am looking to start a gloryhole in tauranga so i can swollow cum
Posted on 26-Sep-20 8:48AM
Where in Burnside Park is this illustrious Glory hole?
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Comment #218 by Caleb in response to Smoothshaft ( view post )
Posted on 17-Nov-20 9:44PM
Hagley ave toilets by the netball courts i been and got my dick sucked

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