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  1. Discussion by Matty started 05-Dec-2021. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    So I've been wondering and thinking about what it's like to eat your own creampie from a lovely lady. Has anyone done this, what was it like? What was her reaction? How did it make you feel?
  2. Discussion by Hungrysextoy started 01-Oct-2021. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    I'm not shocked by anything as long as rule no 1 it doesn't involve kids. I would like to see us adults be free to share our kinkiest ideas and wishes and not be judged for them kink is fun and shoul...
  3. Discussion by Peripatetic started 06-Mar-2021. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    Hello again everybody.. Finding it hard to sleep so thought there's no better time than now to pose one of my ever odd questions. As the title suggests, things that you've wanted to try but haven't. O...
  4. Discussion by Unikorny started 25-Aug-2022. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    I squirted a few times when I was younger but as I've aged I find it's happening much easier and more frequently. This is an amazing orgasm, very different from a clitoral orgasm though. The one thing...
  5. Discussion by radish started 23-Jun-2014. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    I've heard that the Petone Peaches and Cream adult shop in Jackson St has a adult movie theatre, couches and a randy clientele who act out their own adult moves. Has anyone taken advantage of the oppo...
  6. Discussion by palmyguy started 22-Jan-2015. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    You should all know how it works,  Simply type in the first word that springs to your mind when you read the word directly above in the last post of this thread. Keep your post to just a word or a ...
  7. Discussion by Here4play started 14-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 27-Nov-2022
    Thinking of building a gloryhole somewhere publicish in chch who would be interested in this?
  8. Discussion by Seakingnsa started 15-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 26-Nov-2022
    What is the biggest age difference you have been with mine is 23 years
  9. Discussion by Romantic72 started 14-Jun-2021. Latest comment posted on 26-Nov-2022
    Is there a group that is involved with sensual massage with a happy ending, giving and receiving- having the thrill of someone touching all of your body and taking you to the limit.
  10. Discussion by Binder56 started 15-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Nov-2022
    Does anyone know how to change the camera view on a Samsung S9 phone when camming on NZP?
  11. Discussion by Whynot1 started 11-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Nov-2022
    Are there any swingers clubs in Wellington?
  12. Discussion by Misstyz started 14-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 24-Nov-2022
    Hi NZP. I’m wanting to go dogging for the first time, but I’m a solo F so not sure if it’s realistic to get interest. Also, I know the location is at Petone river mouth, but how exactly do I g...
  13. Discussion by The_Cunning_Linguist started 23-Sep-2014. Latest comment posted on 23-Nov-2022
    What NZ celebrity would be top of your bucket list? janika ter ellen for more, only because Angela D'Audney passed away
  14. Discussion by Eldon started 22-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 22-Nov-2022
    Hi any one off to beach hop this week ? Want to meet up or anything like that. Heading down Friday morning.
  15. Discussion by anythingoutdoors started 25-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 22-Nov-2022
    Does anybody ever have fun at public rest stops?
  16. Discussion by tiffany started 25-Aug-2022. Latest comment posted on 19-Nov-2022
    I'm from out of town. Can anyone tell me the address of DVX New Lynn and the best time to go there? What are the facilities, can I take wine or buy it there? Tiffany
  17. Discussion by jax12 started 01-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 19-Nov-2022
    Are You?
  18. Discussion by nzpersonals started 19-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 19-Nov-2022
    Hi everyone, Recently, a couple of members have reported: Seeing whole page goes grey and a box comes up with Title and with 'close' & 'submit'" buttons. I've not seen this happen personally, ...
  19. Discussion by Darkcrim started 18-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 18-Nov-2022
    Is this a gay website for men only? And are there any females on here that are younger then 70 years old? Im curious
  20. Discussion by Hamish started 20-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 17-Nov-2022
    Interested to hear if there's others out there that love wearing lycra gym tights out in public?
  21. Discussion by GreedyGirls started 15-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 15-Nov-2022
    Hello gentlemen, Greedy Girls is proud to host another event.....*although it is with a heavy heart that this will be our last event for the foreseeable future in New Zealand due to relocating over...
  22. Discussion by AwesomeAngela started 07-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 12-Nov-2022
    Name 2 favourite things you like to do to or with a woman.. Be honest please.
  23. Discussion by Landis started 12-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 12-Nov-2022
    Where abouts in palmy do guys meet
  24. Discussion by Slimguy123 started 16-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 11-Nov-2022
    Curious to see how many older guys are into younger? I personally am 23 and have fantasized so much about mature cock (40+) , always wanted an older guy to have his way with me
  25. Discussion by Pornloverkinky started 30-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Nov-2022
    Any one no why it be so hard to find older gay to wacth porn with only done this when I was younger they all ways offer porn and when wacth use that to find out what I'd do for me this was like a date...
  26. Discussion by Jackrabbit271 started 27-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 05-Nov-2022
    Anyone gone longer than 3 months without sex? How long is too long
  27. Discussion by Grinner74 started 03-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 03-Nov-2022
    Anyone heading to Denarau Island this November. Hit me up if you're there around 8 - 14 Nov.
  28. Discussion by DownOnTheUpside started 02-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 02-Nov-2022
    are you still around?
  29. Discussion by Freshmeat1984 started 02-Nov-2022. Latest comment posted on 02-Nov-2022
    Hi there in Nelson anyone know where to get a private massage a good one with a happy ending?
  30. Discussion by Hey started 21-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Oct-2022
    What is better for pegging, a dildo or a real penis?
  31. Discussion by Lovetongue started 25-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Oct-2022
    Happy Diwali to one and all 😊
  32. Discussion by Lookingforfuntimes started 12-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 23-Oct-2022
    Hi there...need some advice please? Can anyone tell me why when I get intimate I loose erection and find it hard to cum but when I self satisfy I have no issues either way? It's not a one off either...
  33. Discussion by Jacketjackitzzzzz started 13-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 20-Oct-2022
    Has anyone got any info on places in Dunedin where I can go for a nice wank, or have a bit of nude fun?
  34. Discussion by Funpls started 11-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 16-Oct-2022
    Hi all any motor bike riders out there keen for a catch up and rides about Otago
  35. Discussion by Seph started 13-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 14-Oct-2022
    Where did they all go
  36. Discussion by Tonygoodtime started 12-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 13-Oct-2022
    Hi all who’s into this and would like to find out more about this in NZ. What groups etc Looking for a female sub Thanks
  37. Discussion by Hiss23 started 13-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 13-Oct-2022
    Hi, anyone know any good outcall sensual massage with happy ending in Palmerston North?
  38. Discussion by Wellyfun started 12-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 12-Oct-2022
    I’ve been chatting with someone recently about a perfect house and in particular the virtues of a house with a Library and dungeon, oh and near the beach too. So if you have two rooms then which doe...
  39. Discussion by Wellyfun started 06-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 08-Oct-2022
    Hi all, I’m interested in peoples thoughts or preferences on this site about one off sexual encounters vs ongoing and building and blossoming sexual relationships Ive generally found that se...
  40. Discussion by Unikorny started 27-Aug-2022. Latest comment posted on 07-Oct-2022
    So, I'm looking for friends, some dancing laughs and who knows what else. Sounds like crickets here! Where is all the fun happening?
  41. Discussion by Deviantman started 05-Feb-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Oct-2022
    What is better. Thick and average or long and thin
  42. Discussion by Browncouple started 05-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Oct-2022
    Wife is definitely keen to try in the wellington area on that Saturday night any ideas
  43. Discussion by penny started 25-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 06-Oct-2022
    I absolutly love wearing 5" fine heela
  44. Discussion by boots started 02-Oct-2022. Latest comment posted on 02-Oct-2022
    Ok a couple I play with now and again like me being in control which suits me fine as I just do what I do. So now I'm wondering what's the best bull or top experience? Anyone interested in sharing?
  45. Discussion by merksmith started 18-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 27-Sep-2022
    Your experience? Have you been successful in hooking up with your (perceived) straight same sex friend? How did you do it? Alternatively, have you tried and failed? What happened?
  46. Discussion by Cheekies started 30-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 26-Sep-2022
    Name the last 5 songs that you've heard today. Here are mine Roni - Bobby Brown Shook me all night long - ACDC Silent Lucidity - Queensryche Shallow - Lady Gaga Coming in from the cold - Bob M...
  47. Discussion by Liyanaaaron started 14-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 26-Sep-2022
    Hey guys just looking at some feedback on the back room they have they can anyone help us out or even dogging areas in welly
  48. Discussion by merksmith started 11-Jul-2022. Latest comment posted on 21-Sep-2022
    Got something in my head... has anyone here done CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) for a group of women? Did you enjoy it? How did it come about? Did they enjoy it? What happened? How old was everyone?
  49. Discussion by Robbie63 started 21-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 21-Sep-2022
    Lady's what do you prefer.... A/ sucking a cock. B/ giving a hand job. Give your reasons either way.
  50. Discussion by Lookingforfuntimes started 18-Sep-2022. Latest comment posted on 20-Sep-2022
    Hey there. Looking for other interests whilst in Wellington for a couple of nights.. I'm in Wellington working and go to either calendar girls or the other strippers down the road but looking for som...
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