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  1. Discussion by palmyguy started 22-Jan-2015. Latest comment posted on 17-Aug-2022
    You should all know how it works,  Simply type in the first word that springs to your mind when you read the word directly above in the last post of this thread. Keep your post to just a word or a ...
  2. Discussion by Peripatetic started 06-Mar-2021. Latest comment posted on 17-Aug-2022
    Hello again everybody.. Finding it hard to sleep so thought there's no better time than now to pose one of my ever odd questions. As the title suggests, things that you've wanted to try but haven't. O...
  3. Discussion by anythingoutdoors started 25-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2022
    Does anybody ever have fun at public rest stops?
  4. Discussion by Hungrysextoy started 01-Oct-2021. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2022
    I'm not shocked by anything as long as rule no 1 it doesn't involve kids. I would like to see us adults be free to share our kinkiest ideas and wishes and not be judged for them kink is fun and shoul...
  5. Discussion by Avid started 26-Aug-2020. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2022
  6. Discussion by radish started 23-Jun-2014. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2022
    I've heard that the Petone Peaches and Cream adult shop in Jackson St has a adult movie theatre, couches and a randy clientele who act out their own adult moves. Has anyone taken advantage of the oppo...
  7. Discussion by Here4play started 14-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 14-Aug-2022
    Thinking of building a gloryhole somewhere publicish in chch who would be interested in this?
  8. Discussion by merksmith started 11-Jul-2022. Latest comment posted on 10-Aug-2022
    Got something in my head... has anyone here done CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) for a group of women? Did you enjoy it? How did it come about? Did they enjoy it? What happened? How old was everyone?
  9. Discussion by Hung4you started 09-Aug-2022. Latest comment posted on 09-Aug-2022
    I'm into all sort love mmm mm mmmf group fun. Partyandplay all nighters no limits fisting toys role-playing open book looking more into similar male or female and like here ur kinks
  10. Discussion by NaughtyNanny started 10-Dec-2020. Latest comment posted on 09-Aug-2022
    I've heard of the adult theatre out the back of peaches and cream on k road but have never been. Can someone please tell me more about what happens, what is acceptable or not allowed and how much it i...
  11. Discussion by Seakingnsa started 15-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 09-Aug-2022
    What is the biggest age difference you have been with mine is 23 years
  12. Discussion by Spider-Man started 29-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 09-Aug-2022
    Hello So where in Dunedin would a single male find older couples for threesums
  13. Discussion by Funtimetraveling started 09-Aug-2022. Latest comment posted on 09-Aug-2022
    Hello just checking if anyone is heading from Tauranga towards Napier Tues 9/8/22 any one heading that way please holla if you have a spare seat
  14. Discussion by Playtimeppl started 31-Jul-2020. Latest comment posted on 08-Aug-2022
    How many of u guys out there love to wear female's panties
  15. Discussion by Jackrabbit271 started 27-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 03-Aug-2022
    Anyone gone longer than 3 months without sex? How long is too long
  16. Discussion by youngcock28 started 28-Jul-2022. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2022
    Hey coming to beervana on the 20th looking for some clubs or bars anyone up for some fun pm me or comment dont be ahy
  17. Discussion by Imagemewithyou started 16-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2022
    Have you tried eating your own cream pie out of your partner once you have finished? Do you enjoy doing this?
  18. Discussion by Devo started 19-Jul-2022. Latest comment posted on 20-Jul-2022
    Im wondering if there are any reliable Gang Bang men ,
  19. Discussion by The_Cunning_Linguist started 23-Sep-2014. Latest comment posted on 20-Jul-2022
    What NZ celebrity would be top of your bucket list? janika ter ellen for more, only because Angela D'Audney passed away
  20. Discussion by Fraser58 started 16-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 17-Jul-2022
    Interested to hear from anyone who has suggestions of ladys....or.....ladys who would possibly offer to showcase their skills ( happy to pay accordingly of course) Chasing the elusive porn blowjo...
  21. Discussion by Unidentified started 09-Jul-2022. Latest comment posted on 12-Jul-2022
    Hi people, my flatmate has told me 2mins 5.15pm friday night that she has to help her family out and move them back in her home which has now put me into an urgent spot and now looking for a room to r...
  22. Discussion by jax12 started 01-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 10-Jul-2022
    Are You?
  23. Discussion by Diyguy started 17-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Jul-2022
    I'm going to be honest, I love it when my Mrs slips a finger up the back passage! Not gonna lie, it feels incredible!!! I even request a 2nd or 3rd finger, I don't want to sound weird, but I enjoy t...
  24. Discussion by sprintcar started 26-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 28-Jun-2022
    Why cant it be added onto profiles if you can host or not saving a lot of messages
  25. Discussion by cumluvva started 28-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 28-Jun-2022
    Has anybody been to the naturists club in KatiKati and what does one expect
  26. Discussion by Browncouple started 30-Apr-2022. Latest comment posted on 26-Jun-2022
    Hi team Just needing an opinion for those experienced in threesomes husband and wife what steps did you take to make the threesome happen? My wife and I want to do it but just need some guidance
  27. Discussion by Hannable started 26-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 26-Jun-2022
    There are times when I would like to message a person about some subject or other only to find CONTACT PROTECTIION why join a site like NZP then stop taking messages from others
  28. Discussion by timyoung11 started 23-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Jun-2022
    Looking for some recommendations for motels offering day rates in Auckland- preferably West or North
  29. Discussion by GreedyGirls started 06-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 24-Jun-2022
    Hi all, Our Gang Bang event is fast coming up this Saturday in Christchurch! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a group of fun keen guys, to use and abuse 3 hot girls f...
  30. Discussion by randomsteve1 started 14-Jan-2020. Latest comment posted on 20-Jun-2022
    Is anyone else into rimming? I always do it when playing with ladies but it’s very rare that it is reciprocated. I get that people have concerns about health and cleanliness but if you are fresh...
  31. Discussion by Jacketjackitzzzzz started 13-Jan-2022. Latest comment posted on 17-Jun-2022
    Has anyone got any info on places in Dunedin where I can go for a nice wank, or have a bit of nude fun?
  32. Announcement by nzpersonals started 15-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 15-Jun-2022
    All glitches that we detected have been fixed. Further enhancements added. The "Chat with anyone" feature now allows you to give access to male, female, etc. Anyone who is not ticked won't have ac...
  33. Discussion by Whynot1 started 11-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 14-Jun-2022
    Are there any swingers clubs in Wellington?
  34. Discussion by dominantteacher started 11-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 13-Jun-2022
    Hi, Would anyone know of a room or motel that rents by the hour please. Thank you.
  35. Discussion by Gman69 started 11-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 11-Jun-2022
    Is there any glory holes in Whangarei
  36. Discussion by Zeal666 started 11-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 11-Jun-2022
    Whats happening in invercargill tonight
  37. Discussion by arakam5 started 06-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 08-Jun-2022
    I've never worked out what the difference between Red and Pink is, I know trans is purple, men are blue and couples are yellow, but don't know why the female usernames come in two different colours?
  38. Discussion by Iloveitall started 26-Mar-2022. Latest comment posted on 06-Jun-2022
    Anyone else here recently recovered from the vid?
  39. Discussion by DeviantQueen started 31-May-2022. Latest comment posted on 04-Jun-2022
    I am fairly transparent on my profile. Why do males still try to send me pictures of their 'best friend'? I can see why so many females are put off from staying here when they join up. Can any one g...
  40. Discussion by himANDher started 03-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 03-Jun-2022
    Hello folks We are off for what looks like a wet evening in Ohakune tonight on route to Wellington for the long weekend. Any recommendations on what to do or where to go? Thanks
  41. Discussion by 0penb00k started 01-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 01-Jun-2022
    Hey heading to Melbourne anyone know of good spots to meet like minded people?
  42. Discussion by darstardly-deeds started 29-May-2022. Latest comment posted on 01-Jun-2022
    Am going to be visiting tauranga wondering if any of the sex shops have a movie room there or is there any local gay bars
  43. Discussion by Cheekies started 01-May-2022. Latest comment posted on 31-May-2022
    I've been pondering, if you could create a disclaimer for someone you intend on having sexy time with what would yours say? Come share your thoughts. Mine would go like this: If you haven't shower...
  44. Discussion by Lucymynxx started 17-May-2022. Latest comment posted on 30-May-2022
    As a transgender woman I find it difficult to find my main jam cis woman who are into me . Are you out there ?
  45. Discussion by insearchoftaboo started 30-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 30-May-2022
    have you given a massage ( genuine massage with no intent of sex) that led to spontaneous urge and uncontrolled sex ?
  46. Discussion by shyguy2021 started 12-Dec-2021. Latest comment posted on 28-May-2022
    Hi everyone. What is the easiest and most discreet way to get Viagra? I'm in Wellington, for what it's worth.
  47. Discussion by dylan-69 started 23-Mar-2022. Latest comment posted on 26-May-2022
    Hey Guys and Gals. I’m in Wellington for the night and stuck on what to do for fun. Any ideas? Always horny with a hunger fir anything 😁 let me know your ideas 🥰
  48. Discussion by Pacman_NZ started 11-Jan-2020. Latest comment posted on 20-May-2022
    HI all! Has anyone been to the Wingate Club? Just want to get an idea of what the place is like, as in, pushy guys? Nice facilities? You get the drift. Never been and trying to decide if I should ch...
  49. Discussion by penny started 14-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 20-May-2022
    Then if im a guy looking for a genuine male female relationship
  50. Discussion by Deviantman started 05-Feb-2022. Latest comment posted on 17-May-2022
    What is better. Thick and average or long and thin
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