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Interesting story's that lead to sex
Discussion - started by Stoner, posted on 24-Nov-19 8:04AM
I was in Dunedin visiting a friend never been there of her mates visited I was talking about sex and lack of it .she was like I'll fuck ya next thing I'm in a car off to strange house and banging her on the lounge this day I carnt remember her name the place I went .

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Comment #1 by MsWhippie30 in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Nov-19 8:47AM
House sitting for a friend, the house was on a farm in the middle of nowhere, felt a little scared so called a mate to come round and keep me company. Sitting outside laughing and smoking, freakout at cow sounds, went for a look, turned around and he kissed me. Ended up fucking on the grass outside under the stars.
Comment #2 by southernman_nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Jan-20 10:21AM
Pulled up in a taxi outside a nightclub right on closing, saw this beautiful redhead waiting for a cab, asked her where we were going, she hopped in and without a word started passionately kissing, went back to hers, wild animalistic fucking in a single bed. The only words she spoke were telling the cab driver her address.
Posted on 11-Jan-20 10:54AM
That's awesome mate. She obviously knew what she wanted
Comment #4 by Facilitation01 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Jan-20 12:22PM
Having a break between bands during first day of the 1979 Reading rock festival, and a young girl tripped while walking through the crowd and landed square in my lap. Was lust at first sight for both of us and we spent the next two days and nights together before heading home to opposite ends of the country

Coincidentally, the song playing when she landed on me was Teenage Wasteland
Posted on 11-Jan-20 1:45PM
Hahaha great story
Posted on 11-Jan-20 1:45PM
Gotta love them redheads mate
Comment #7 by Karmasutra2007 in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Jan-20 1:02AM
What a turn on
Comment #8 by domseka in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jan-20 7:02PM
when i first purchased my house,the owner next door came over to introduce herself,..i think she knew i was perving at her big boobs while we chatted,..haha,.. after a few days she invited me over for so happened we were both solo parents( back then),..her son was staying with the father,..i suggested we go over to my house for a few drinks,...1 thing led to another and we ended up fucking hard out,..this lasted a few months but she ended up in another relationship and moved.
Comment #9 by DownOnTheUpside in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jan-20 10:11PM
Waiting outside for a pizza I had ordered at a party at my sister's place... Her friend who was an absolute ass to me asked if I wanted to sit in her car as it started to rain... Got the best bj I've ever had... Pizza arrived I just threw cash out the window and he watched for a bit before I blew my load in her mouth... Went back inside and she was a bitch again to me
Comment #10 by augustperve in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jan-20 11:08AM
Went to lady's house who I was seeing at the time for dinner. She's in the kitchen prepping dinner and casually mentions that she had invited a female friend over as well.
Friend arrives and a few wines later, said female friend it between my legs giving me a very long slow BJ whilst dinner was being cooked in the kitchen.
We all paused for dinner and lady says that she wants to watch me fucking her friend while she plays with herself.
A few orgasms for all of us later ended an out of the blue evening of a lot of fun which started again in the morning when said lady said she wanted to experience a facial. Female friend assisted by providing me with another long slow BJ to assist till I was ready to finish all over said lady's face.
All in all a very fun weekend was had.

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