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toliet cruising storys
Discussion - started by Good_vibes, posted on 3-Dec-19 5:27PM
Any one have any? Im keen but wouldnt know how to go about it :)

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Comment #1 by bioamaru in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Dec-19 5:53PM
Check for a safe one in your area and best times
Comment #2 by Good_vibes in response to bioamaru ( view post )
Posted on 3-Dec-19 6:33PM
Cool thanks
Comment #3 by Paknsavetrolley in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Dec-19 9:35PM
The thought of sexy times in a public shitter with airborne kaka germs, reaking of old piss and fuck knows what other funkiness splattered all over...... Just makes my vagina shrivel up into itself.

Or am I just prissy?
Posted on 3-Dec-19 9:52PM
i agree,i dont even like touching the toilet seat in public toilets,yukkkkk
Posted on 4-Dec-19 10:27PM
probably cleaned more often than your home toilet
Comment #6 by Cheekies in response to james_dn ( view post )
Posted on 5-Dec-19 7:04AM
Huge difference there, at least you know your germs linger around your shitter. Public shitters hahahaha a plethora of nasties and thats not just on and around the toilet
Comment #7 by domseka in response to Cheekies ( view post )
Posted on 5-Dec-19 8:25AM
indeed,and actually our toilet is cleaned most days,...
Posted on 6-Dec-19 5:48PM
You wouldnt be the only one to feel that way. Male public toilets are the worst. My as well have at it in a porta potty
Posted on 6-Dec-19 5:55PM
Nah, not prissy. Personal opinion. The filthiness of it appeals to me, having my delicious little lady working her magic in those conditions gets me going, and the public nature of it does it for her. She nearly dragged me into the public toilets at the square the other day but it was busy with tourists and we had to be somewhere. But the mere thought of handcuffing her to a rail and inviting guys in for her to... Relieve... Gets me hard quickly.

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