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any nzmca member's in here ?
Discussion - started by gypsyswingers, posted on 7-Jan-20 4:24PM
just wanting a show of hands to see how many are out there

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Posted on 15-Mar-20 7:33PM
been there already won't be back there until october
Posted on 15-Mar-20 7:55PM
See yous in October maybe??
Posted on 15-Mar-20 7:59PM
Posted on 16-Mar-20 4:13PM
In Blenheim today, heading across to wellington on Wednesday then up to New Plymouth. any takers?
Comment #98 by Johnolongone in response to chuckee ( view post )
Posted on 18-Mar-20 12:07AM
Comment #99 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Mar-20 4:34PM
well thanks to this virus going around all the traveling gypsy groups have been shut down no more fair's for the rest of the season and no more income for us
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:02PM
I bet you feel safer, sell online?? Would that work? Our markets are closing too.
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:09PM
everything is going to close time to go back to work
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:16PM
You can see in people?s faces the concern. I?ve just got back to the beach house. Stocked up for a month, taking my grandson out of school tomorrow. Got a lock for my gate, it?s so quiet here as it is. Even to scared to pull my panties down n get into it. It?s what are we getting into? what do you make??
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:19PM
we don't make or sell anything we are the readers
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:22PM
Gosh that?s interesting. Yeah I spose in times like this it makes me realise I should/could have had a nest egg. But how aye.
Posted on 19-Mar-20 7:52PM
we always have a plan bee
Posted on 19-Mar-20 8:43PM
Lucky you, the state the whole world is in at the moment we all should need one of those!
Posted on 29-Mar-20 6:11AM

What’s everyone up to?

Anyone living in their vans full time still?

Posted on 29-Mar-20 5:37PM
yip we do all 5 of us
Posted on 29-Mar-20 6:04PM
Where are you parked up?

I’ve been parked up for almost 7 weeks now because of accident and on crutches and broken arm also. just getting to the point where I could probably drive and hit the road but Jacida has grounded me for another 4 or so .
I’m parked up a friends driveway and using bathroom in his sleep out.

Keep safe guys and let’s get rid of this ugly thing.

Posted on 31-Mar-20 7:46AM
we staying with family in Ashburton had to make a mad dash home from Invercargill the day before lock down
Comment #111 by WHK in response to gypsyswingers ( view post )
Posted on 31-Mar-20 2:39PM
Well at least you made it home for the lock down. I wonder how many stupid ones are still trying to travel around
Comment #112 by taffsucks in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-Apr-20 11:36AM
NZMCA electrical inspector for all your electrical warrants - NZP peeps get special service
Look me up, i'm the only one in manawhenua.
stay safe out there and live life like it's the only one you'll have...oh hang on it is the only one you'll ever have!!!! so live it!!!
Comment #113 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Apr-20 9:01AM
just checking in how are we all doing hope the ones in there tiny homes are going well
Comment #114 by WHK in response to gypsyswingers ( view post )
Posted on 8-Apr-20 12:38PM
Doing ok. Not in the caravan tho. How are you both getting on at your families place
Comment #115 by cumnere in response to WHK ( view post )
Posted on 8-Apr-20 1:21PM
I?m out in my crib, at long beach, fully stocked for winter, let it snow, I?m loving it but I sure miss rooting and seeing spunk! God we take stuff for granted! Ahh the feeling of skin in skin. Xx
Posted on 8-Apr-20 2:27PM
must be hard for the single people who live alone i'm sure there will be some good get together's down the track
Posted on 8-Apr-20 2:30PM
Hell yes!!
Comment #118 by Adventurist in response to cumnere ( view post )
Posted on 8-Apr-20 2:48PM
I certainly hopes so nothing doing here apart from I am enjoying the break from work,
Posted on 8-Apr-20 6:48PM
I had no hot cock and cum for over 8 weeks now. 😫😫😫

Been parked up mates drive in my bus on crutches for 8 and still another 6 weeks to go 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

Good thing is that I can drive now so looking forward getting back to level 2.

I think we are very lucky to be in New Zealand right now.
Look at New York, about double nz population but + deaths per day.
Posted on 8-Apr-20 8:44PM
i think new zealand is the best country to be in through this our government is doing its best
Posted on 8-Apr-20 9:34PM
However I wish every one would stick to the fkn rules! My neigbour has his mother pop in from time to time, he goes to stay with his girlfriend at the weekends and she pops in for "whatever" from time to time too! Unfortunately I still have to rely on him to do my shopping for me !!!!
Comment #122 by WHK in response to cumnere ( view post )
Posted on 9-Apr-20 4:07PM
Yeah lots of people missing out on that lovely skin on skin contact. But hopefully not too much longer till the flood gates will open
Comment #123 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Apr-20 2:02PM
so was thinking after all this lockdown stuff is over we want to take our bus out for a run somewhere maybe a beach for a night have a bbq and drinks anyone keen to come along we got time to sort it out
Posted on 10-Apr-20 4:06PM
Wow cool trip, it?s hard when there?s no parking out here. My campers up north parked up 6 months in whangaparoa ... I miss picking up a hitchhiker and getting him off. I even miss a man in his house bus parked being rude, that?s fun, last fun meet was Aramoana New Year?s Eve with some single horny need g t get off ... ahhh getting in his bus and the doors locked compulsory clothes off. Ahhh good old days!
Posted on 10-Apr-20 5:45PM
sounds like a trip to your place is in order
Posted on 19-Apr-20 8:23PM
yep I'm keen
Comment #127 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-May-20 8:50AM
almost time to dust off the motorhome and see if she firers up be good to take her for a run around the block
Posted on 3-May-20 9:40AM
So I’m hearing that domestic tourism could be on under level2

Is that what us motorhomers are?

Domestic tourists?

Can’t wait, fingers crossed
Posted on 3-May-20 11:07AM
i'm not sure we just got itchy feet to travel not worried about meeting people at this stage still keeping our bubble in one piece
Posted on 3-May-20 11:59AM
Please keep us posted on your travels.
Let us know if any hassles from the cops.
I’m hanging out to get out because been parked up for about 12 weeks now because of bad leg injury but can drive sweet as now.
Have fun 😀
Comment #131 by cumnere in response to Dirtyfucker ( view post )
Posted on 3-May-20 12:11PM
Yeah the min this is over I’m off on a rootn road trip. West coast, to Picton and back to west coast n home. Needs an “airing” bad
Posted on 10-May-20 3:25AM
It's sure is a bugger this virus19.
The ones who spread it sure stuffed up people's lives all over the world.
Main thing is you are alive.
Comment #133 by cumnere in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 11-May-20 2:17PM
Egsactly!! Plus god help the first cock that gets into me, I’m not going to last
Comment #134 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-May-20 8:29AM
road trip this weekend not far but going to the beach sounds nice for a start
Comment #135 by WHK in response to gypsyswingers ( view post )
Posted on 15-May-20 5:28PM
Yeah but will be good to get out in it. Looking forward to getting the caravan out
Comment #136 by Dirtyfucker in response to WHK ( view post )
Posted on 17-May-20 5:10PM
Anyone seen many freedom campers out and about?

I’ve seen a few motorhomes on the road but not many camping around Christchurch. Only one Maui van in lyttelton and myself in Daimond Harbour

Comment #137 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 17-May-20 5:56PM
we were at wakanui beach yesterday we had the only motor home there
Posted on 17-May-20 6:10PM

Can’t believe how quiet it is..!!

Come on people...get out and have some fun..!!

Or have we all forgotten how to leave home and relax after the boss lady grounded us all...😄🤣😋
Comment #139 by cumnere in response to Dirtyfucker ( view post )
Posted on 17-May-20 8:39PM
Yes she did do a good job aye!
Comment #140 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-May-20 8:05PM
any one keen to head out this weekend with there motor home/caravan and stay at a beach ? in Ashburton
Comment #141 by Gerryanderson in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-May-20 7:48PM
Joining soon as I get my caravan
Posted on 21-May-20 1:40AM
where do you guys hang out on beach in Ashburton?

i normally stay at the rest stop/isite when passing through.

could be keen to check out beach area and catch up.
Comment #143 by Azz in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-May-20 6:17AM

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