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Do you Prefer sleeping with people Older or Younger than yourself ?
Discussion - started by MasterSargeant, posted on 8-Mar-20 12:54PM
Just curious to see if people have a age preference and why? Or do you just fuck anything that moves.

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Comment #24 by comeplaywithme in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Mar-20 2:59PM
I don't mind sleeping with women 10 yrs older or younger than me.

The younger ones don't want to most of the time disappointing the missing out.

Not many women from Nelson on here interested.
Comment #25 by Mclovinit in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Mar-20 9:55PM
Older most of the time but a confident younger lady’s always a nice
Comment #26 by maybethistime in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Mar-20 12:52AM
Younger, gotta love that stamina
Comment #27 by Mtoplay in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Mar-20 1:13PM
older women are awesome
Posted on 12-Mar-20 1:32PM
Oh yes gotta love most younger mens stamina they put a lot of older men to shame in more ways then one
Comment #29 by KinkyMinx in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Mar-20 10:39PM
Definitely dont fuck anything that moves. It's an interesting question to ponder. I 100% prefer men younger then me (not too young though) or few years older. They are usually in better shape, are keen to explore more, have stamina and we have more common interests. I find the older you get the more you hear people say 'age is just a number'! Very rarely hear younger people say that. Also the ratio of F/M on sites is greatly outnumbered by men so most men become less fussy with age not being an issue so much.
Anyway just my opinions, I'm sure some will disagree and that's ok too.

Dont mind too much on age of woman.
Also have a lot of approaches by younger men who prefer older women.

Comment #30 by Namder in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-20 7:45AM
I have a gf/fb that is 17 years younger than me and she appreciates the slowed down style and attention that being older brings to our lovemaking. With us older guys it's not all about the end game - we take our time and definitely prove that nice guys finish last.
Just hooked up with a 30 year old - half my age - and though we haven't slept together yet, she's looking forward to being treated as something other than a cum dump. Kissing, cuddling, lots of foreplay, culminating in slow, sensual lovemaking, or hard and fast fucking - whatever and however it plays out.
As for stamina, I don't have an issue with that and to date have had no complaints. If you look after yourself - and I'm not saying my body is a temple - the rest takes care of itself. And if need be, there are "supplements" out there to help out.
In short, younger is better for me - and although I don't have women beating a track to my door - I do okay. And in my experience a lot of younger women are looking for an older guy because they're sick of the wam, bam, thank you maám attitude of a lot of their peers.
Posted on 13-Mar-20 10:13AM
To both Kinkyminx and Namber...
Extremely good comments, very well put and appreciated.

I like you Namber, have no issues with stamina either, as you say...if you take care of yourself, it looks after itself.
Posted on 13-Mar-20 10:27AM
And to all those doubters out there about the effectiveness of this and other sites, both women were met online.
The key thing when contacting women on sites like this, is be respectful and real.
Women already think we all think with our dicks!
Okay we outnumber them by a huge ratio so you need to demonstrate or give them a reason to answer your message or inquiry.
Taking a scattergun approach and hoping you hit something ain't gonna work.
Pique their interest, note their likes, dislikes and interests.
Stand out from the crowd.
Don't just front and ask if they want to fuck - almost always guaranteed to get you either blocked or at the very least, ignored.
Here endeth the lesson
Comment #33 by MadKiwiGuy in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-20 10:37AM
Depends on the day.

Generally prefer ladies around my age (45-55yrs) but do enjoy younger and older from time to time.
It's probably more an attitude thing...

Main problem with younger ladies is they can be a bit precious about themselves and their bodies. Some think they are so sexy because they have nice slim bodies, but they lack the real feminine look and feel.

My preference is a lady that has curves ... like hips, a bum that's larger than mine and tits that go with gravity.

More mature ladies tend to be okay with their bodies and not self conscious. They also seem to really enjoy sex and can be a bit "dirtier" than the younger ones.

I have not been with any ladies over -years yet.
Something that is on my bucket list.

Just my ten cents worth.
Posted on 13-Mar-20 10:40AM
And a very good lesson it was indeed.
Agree with you 100% sir.
Reading profiles carefully, taking note, being respectful and having manners goes a long way...not only in the swinging world but the world in general.
Comment #35 by Namder in response to MadKiwiGuy ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 10:54AM
I agree - younger women are very fixated on body image.
Those with curves can be very self conscious and even deprecating.
They need the reassurance from their male partners - or prospective partners - that what they have is fine and to be appreciated for what they are and bring.
Sometimes, despite their youth, and exposure to what is a very sexualised world these days they are in fact naive from a sexual perspective. So taking time to put them at ease, showing your appreciation of their body, and giving a good all round performance will do wonders for not only their esteem, but also their expression of their sexuality. The 30 year old lady I referred to above tells me she doesn't even know what she likes because no one has ever asked or shown her anything any different other than the "here's my cock - let's do it" kind of thing.
Invest some time and show some kindness and consideration - the payoff will be huge
Comment #36 by chchswing in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-20 11:12AM
This thread has really developed with some great comments now coming in.
Comment #37 by Namder in response to chchswing ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 11:18AM
I have taken the discussion off on a bit of a tangent but I think it's all relatively pertinent
Posted on 13-Mar-20 11:27AM
It's not really off tangent as the header does have the word "why" in it so I think it is all relevant to the topic.
Great comments and insight.
Comment #39 by MadKiwiGuy in response to Namder ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 11:46AM
Totally agree - maybe I'm not the norm, but I always find something in a lady that turns me on.

I can see a lady walking down the street with a big bum in jeans or a visible nipple pushing through a ladies top and I get turned on.
Comment #40 by Namder in response to MadKiwiGuy ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 11:54AM
I hear you - 100%.
Women in general are an anatomical wonder - and some of them don't even know how hot they are. Even dressed down, they smolder sexuality.
It's our duty almost to admire them, and I'm not ashamed to say that I almost enjoy them knowing I'm checking out whatever it is they have going on.
It's like a demonstration of appreciation.
Comment #41 by chchswing in response to Namder ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 3:09PM
I don't think you have taken the discussion away from the original post and I do find it very thank you for that.
Comment #42 by chchswing in response to Namder ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 3:17PM
Again I concur exactly with your comments hear. I love running my eye over an attractive woman and don't mind if she picks up on it. I believe women are to be admired and I think most appreciate the fact that you do admire them...BUT not perv at them to make them feel uncomfortable.

Yesterday I parked my car at the supermarket and as I was walking away from my car I sensed someone looking at me and it was an older woman and when she saw that I noticed, she just gave me a smile and drove away. It's definitely a two way's just that women are more covert when they look...
Comment #43 by Namder in response to chchswing ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-20 4:05PM
Exactly - sometimes just fleeting eye contact is all that's required.Just hold their gaze for a second.Maybe a small knowing smile.
Especially older women - they are generally appreciative of you admiring them because it confirms that they still have what it takes to turn heads.

Posted on 13-Mar-20 4:38PM
Have noticed this myself at the supermarket from time to time. It gives you a slightly warm glow to know that someone has noticed you in that way. I do think that it does go for both genders..that fleeting feel good moment even if it is just for a moment.Must admit that I am also guilty of looking at women and giving them an appreciating smile without I hope being creepy about it.
Comment #45 by Kinkymanaux in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Mar-20 9:26PM
I prefer people that are not shy and knows what they want to do hot and naughty people are the best doesn't matter what age really
Comment #46 by ktt0630 in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Mar-20 11:23PM
I don't rule anything out as long as legal, but have found that mutual attraction tends to follow a bracket around your own age. Also as I have got older, attitudes, dress styles and general expectations have changed considerably too. I quite like to be able to have a conversation with someone afterwards ...
Comment #47 by flossie1nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Mar-20 2:16PM
Definitely younger. Tried older or around my own age and just didnt click. Not that I will dismiss someone based on age but I tend to get on better with younger guys (casual and relationship) Guess I'm just immature for my age
Posted on 19-Mar-20 4:55PM
Yeah I agree I prefer the 20-40 agegroup. Not into relationships anymore. Trying the polyamorous lifestyle atm.
Comment #49 by gypsyswingers in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:25PM
my wife of 13 years is 10 years older than me wouldn't change that for the world but we swing with people younger than me most of the time
Comment #50 by DeviantQueen in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Mar-20 5:59PM
I always had two hard rules concerning this. Would never be with anyone shorter or younger. My wife is under 5' and ten years younger. Moral of the story .. rules go out the window when emotion and lust come into the mix. For the record, not one regret at breaking my own rules
Posted on 19-Mar-20 6:37PM
We've been with people our own age give it take up to 10 years but a great time was had with someone half our age
Posted on 19-Mar-20 7:35PM
we love fun with older or younger but not half my age yet i would go to jail
Posted on 20-Mar-20 4:36AM
My mistress at the time I got sprung by the wife was 32 yrs younger than me .
How does that saying go
You're only as old as the woman you're feeling.
Comment #54 by Kinkymanaux in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Mar-20 10:21AM
My Wife is 15 years younger than me I do love that she has so much energy when it comes to having great hot sex but she has said that a me being older is better than younger because of my sexual experience and I'm open and not shy
Comment #55 by taffsucks in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 9:11AM
nersayus, broaden your age limit.....some of us have a few more years experience that you may like....i've just tried to mail you and "i don't meet your criteria
you might be missing out you know
Comment #56 by taffsucks in response to Calypso122 ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 9:16AM
agreed, younger men have the stamina, but I find if you make your playmates first orgasm an earth shattering one then usually its a case of "no, not yet" when you go back for the second, so stamina has nothing to do with it....its all about experience and knowing how to please your playmate.
Just my thought
Comment #57 by massagenz in response to taffsucks ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 9:40AM
some older men have plenty of stamina
Posted on 26-Mar-20 10:13AM
I've got my hand up to that hehe
Comment #59 by taffsucks in response to massagenz ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 10:20AM
true, but I was referring to you don't need it if what you do totally satisfies your playmate.

I’ll be honest when I was young it was all about me….(shamed to say it now, but I was young dumb and full of cum)….once I’d had my fun that was more or less it for me

As I’ve grown older, wiser () I have come to appreciate it’s all about my playmate and you don’t need physical stamina for fingering, talking dirty, sensual massage or tongue work…..yet the results are much better than just bashing away. IMHO.
Comment #60 by massagenz in response to taffsucks ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 10:35AM
well I learnt at a young age ladies first
Comment #61 by Nersayus in response to taffsucks ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 11:26AM
Thanks but I'm good with my very broad restrictions. I already have a 30 year age range, its wide enough for me to feel I'm not missing too much.
Comment #62 by taffsucks in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 1:04PM
oh well, (sad face), fair enough, you're a woman who knows her mind......I'll just get my coat...(shuffles off into the distance)
Comment #63 by Knot2shy in response to kiwivoy69 ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 2:34PM
Gee I have to say that I'm the same but up to my age and 18 is pushing it. If I was confronted with the situation I have two questions I ask myself. You can get some that are very mature so cant say I wouldn't but I can say you can get some 18 yr olds that are still girls and I definitely wouldn't. So that's my answer to my moral limits and I'm ok with that. I would be interested in other people's thoughts.
Comment #64 by Knot2shy in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Mar-20 2:46PM
Actually don't get me started. Nothing wrong with older women there just picky because the can and are more cautious because some arshole has treated them like shit in the past. For me it's just bad form from the guys side of things.
Comment #65 by kiwivoy69 in response to Knot2shy ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 3:00PM
That's very true... I always meet for a coffee or a drink to assess whether they could or I should pursue anything with them...
Comment #66 by Knot2shy in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Mar-20 3:11PM
To be fair I've not been up to much lately. Good news and bad news. I did actually have an outrageously good time but for every highlight there was a lot more things that didnt pan out. Personally if I'm not attracted I dont go there even if its handed to me on a plate but if I am attracted I'm as greedy as what I think the lady would be happy with. Bit of a fine line that one but haven't. If shes not having a good time then neither am I and most women I've meet love it when you take it to the line. Most is maybe not the right word. Can we have a vote please ladies. This is normally the direction I end up in but I'd like to think diverse definitely dom but respectful at the same time. Has to be true but has to be seriously approved and the more suttle the better.
Comment #67 by GoodBoy56 in response to taffsucks ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-20 9:49PM
Totally agree
Comment #68 by Tattooed in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Mar-20 4:30AM
I have no real preference for older or younger for me it is more about if they enjoy what they are doing.
For example you can have a young woman who is drop-dead gorgeous but she is just a starfish in bed and that is boring as.
Yet an older plain looking woman could be an absolute firecracker and a lot more enjoyable
Comment #69 by rural_wangas in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Apr-20 9:44AM
L prefers younger guys. I go for a pulse.
Posted on 2-Apr-20 1:30PM
a pulse is a good start id say
Comment #71 by freebird in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Apr-20 12:10AM
Definitely older gents, nothing against younger men but am attracted to age, experience and learning ❤ I find the wisdom men gain through life very attractive 😊
Comment #72 by taffsucks in response to freebird ( view post )
Posted on 4-Apr-20 7:25AM
hooray for Freebrid and her wisdom
Posted on 4-Apr-20 11:05AM
Yay...a lady who knows who knows where to look for a good gets better with age.

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