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Discussion - started by Laseredfeild, posted on 29-Jun-20 1:03PM
Why do some ppl list an event, then few days before due to happen they disappear off event page
If your not going to follow through with listed event then why bother listing ???
Any one else noticed this happening

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Comment #1 by Ayla in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jun-20 1:44PM
It's not a new thing. I've done events, but it was years ago under my old name. I've found a few reasons
1. People are time wasters with no intention of carry through/catfish.
2. They chicken out, usually a self confidence thing.
3. Something genuinely got in the way but they are too shit to let people know.
Comment #2 by mikesmithnz2019 in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jun-20 3:09PM
I organised a couple of events and cancelled them with a week or so to go...reasons were:
1. I was concerned for safety after receiving direct messages that I thought were inappropriate
2. I got abused for having criteria on the gathering
3. I had someone demand to stay in the hotel room if they came to the event.

I just decided both times it was too risky for me.

I was considering hosting at my house, but I will not do that in a million years given the way I was spoken to.
Posted on 29-Jun-20 5:51PM
Friend you took the right decision, look after yourself and the safety of others
Posted on 29-Jun-20 5:58PM
Totally agree
I host odd bi gay cd trans party, obviously I've been lucky with any mail I've had regarding the event ( yes host in our home ) & had no issues, if had issues those ppl would be blocked ....
Comment #5 by Robbie63 in response to Ayla ( view post )
Posted on 4-Jul-20 5:25PM
Yep agree.

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