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has this site gone gay
Discussion - started by lordlovetruncheon, posted on 28-Jul-20 10:14PM
there no judgement here it’s just that all the vast majority of discussions are from gay men to other gay men. a fine topic but i may be in the wrong place. i’m wondering if the sites target market is now for man on man action or is it a prison sex thing due to the lack of women?

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Posted on 31-Jul-20 7:58AM
I'm 64 kg! I'm Really Obese! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 7:50AM
The point was made... you say no judgementbut you were specifically detailed in whom you were targeting
Posted on 31-Jul-20 7:57AM
I have my own Target Market Cheekie! But I'm Flexible! Naughty Lily x
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:00AM
Interesting, what question do you think i was asking?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:12AM
is that a typo? 64kg is obese for a 10 year old but for an adult that is incredibly underweight. How many calories are you eating per day?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:23AM
Not a Typo! I Feminised my Body! But I'm Fit and Healthy! I don't Count Calories! I just Eat Well! I Eat all Sorts of Things! Like Milkshakes! Lily x
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:23AM
Youre phishing to bicker I'm not interested in byting.
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:28AM
What is your fitness regime? It must be quite exceptional? Someone can correct me on this but i think 2000 calories equates to a kg body mass in a sedentary person, the average person that is.
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:29AM
sorry just reread 2000c = kg
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:31AM
it just doesn’t want me to type eighty five kilograms :)
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:36AM
I was a gym bunny! Taking a break right now! Was three hours twice a week! My physical age is 15 years younger than my biological Age! That's Fact! I'm just Fit! Not All Bad! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:38AM
what style of training were you doing? 3 hours twice a week is a new one to me but it sounds interesting.. Do you feel the cold quite a bit?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:42AM
All sorts! Crosstrainer! Weights! RPM cycling! Everybody feels the Cold in Wellington! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:46AM
after 3 hours of that twice per week i’m surprised you could finish the workout. That’s heck of a marathon. Why such a long workout and only twice per week?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:56AM
I did what worked for Me! I achieved my goal to feminise my Body! Simple as That! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 8:59AM
I think it would work for anyone and the effort must be incredible. what is your body fat percentage?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:03AM
Body Fat less than 10%! Do I look Unhealthy! No! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:05AM
no comment on healthy or not healthy that’s for you I just think you’ve hit onto something. Do you perform intermittent fasting?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:08AM
No fasting! But I don't eat huge meals! And I eat Healthy! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:11AM
do you count macros and limit sugar and insulin spikes?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:16AM
Nothing like That! I'm very Normal! I don't give a lot of thought to the intricacies of it All! I just like my Femme Body! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:26AM
do you do cheat days?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 9:30AM
I treat myself Occasionally! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 1:55PM
in any case my dear lily, I suspect you are not mcdonald’s most profitable customer. How much weight did you drop to get to 67kg by the way?
Posted on 31-Jul-20 3:14PM
I am McDonalds least profitable Customer!
I used to weigh roughly 78kg. Now I'm 64kg!
That's over two stone in the old measures! Lily
Posted on 31-Jul-20 3:32PM
That’s a lot! I got to 10% body fat once and i have to say it was the most miserable experience of my life so I doff my hat to you. It’s weird why I did this to myself given I like the curves, bumps and folds on women.
Comment #47 by Topsexycock4sissy in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Aug-20 7:12AM
Straight sex is fucking lame
Posted on 8-Aug-20 7:54AM
Hehe they seem to enjoy it tho but yes gay sex all the way for me thank
Posted on 8-Aug-20 8:06AM
yeah ok contradiction that lameness is how you got here errrm
Posted on 8-Aug-20 8:23AM
You don't know that for sure
Posted on 8-Aug-20 8:44AM
Someone birthed you and genetically it was a female... come on youre old enough to know how it happens right.. I mean when someone says straight sex is fucking lame... its kinda how it happen straight sex and all.
Comment #52 by ajsone in response to Cheekies ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 8:47AM
so true
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:02AM
I’m no scientist but perhaps the foetus could gestate in a box?
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:01AM
Test tube
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:02AM
Anyway thanks for the biology lesson. Personally I believe cum belongs in mouths
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:03AM
like i said I’m no scientist. Perhaps tupperware has something?
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:13AM
Damn so rite mister hmmm
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:31AM
Like you needed it! Although putting something down because of your distain doesnt make your preference superior, it takes all sorts to make the world go round.
Posted on 8-Aug-20 9:37AM
Don't worry, I'm sure penises will always find vaginas even in our ever changing bizarre sexual world
Posted on 8-Aug-20 10:20AM
that said i understand that a foetus can be implanted in a mans bowel to gestate these days. Incredible!
Posted on 8-Aug-20 10:24AM
Did anyone else's mind go straight to Arnold Swarzeneger in junior when they read that?
Posted on 8-Aug-20 10:28AM
however imagine what finding about that does to the kids self esteem further down the line? Also does an epidural work during the birthing and what happens if it’s a breech? Does the father get offered to be down the business end to witness the miracle of life?
Posted on 8-Aug-20 12:46PM
So that's why I've always been a swallower
Comment #64 by DarkNight in response to Calypso122 ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 3:41PM
During my long years, that unfortunately is something I have never had the pleasure of.... my partner swallowing.
Posted on 8-Aug-20 3:58PM
try smearing your nob in honey. Top tip!
Posted on 8-Aug-20 4:00PM
creamed or manuka?
Posted on 8-Aug-20 4:24PM
runny. you could try holding her nose as well that might help
Comment #68 by Calypso122 in response to DarkNight ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 6:36PM
Oh that's a shame but quite common I've heard I've just always done it no questions asked
Comment #69 by LilyBlack in response to Calypso122 ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 6:53PM
It's Hard to Ask Questions with a Mouthful of Jizz! Lily x
Comment #70 by Calypso122 in response to LilyBlack ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-20 7:23PM

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