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First M2M Sexual Encouter,what and how did it happen
Discussion - started by Avid, posted on 26-Aug-20 1:37PM

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Comment #46 by curiousguy-5 in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Sep-20 10:01PM
*ten to twelve.
Comment #47 by KiakahaNZ in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Sep-20 3:57PM
Going through a long dry spell, in my late 20's. My online profile mentioned I was open minded. As a result was often contacted by married guys offering no strings bj's from their hotel. But it never really been interested me - well it did, but not enough.

But then I heard from this one guy and for some odd reason I just felt comfortable. Went to his hotel and he sucked me off. I felt a little odd about it after but soon shook it off.

He contacted me a couple of weeks later. I wasn't going to go but like I said it was a dry spell and the bj wasn't bad so I went back. He sucked me off again but there was a bit more chatting. Asked me if I was interested in giving it a go myself and I admitted I was curious but would probably only do it for say 30 seconds or do just to say I'd done it. He said that didn't bother him, but I passed.

He contacted me a third time. I got my bj and this time with his raging hard on almost in my face asked if I wanted to give it a go. So I did. Not only did I do it longer than sec. to my surprise I finished him off.

Have done it a couple of times since.
Comment #48 by Isyaready in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Sep-20 3:31PM
It was at pnc Petone about two years ago. I was in a booth watching DVD with door open. This guy came and stood close wanking. He had a lovely cut one and I was almost teasing him putting my face closer and closer. He then grabbed my head, I opened my mouth and he squirted a gallon of the stuff in. It was so warm and tasty. Loved sucking cock ever since - but only nice cut cocks. This is making me horny so if you are cut, clean, not fat, and can host in Lower Hutt, message me
Posted on 10-Sep-20 3:34PM
Big cut cocks are the best
Comment #50 by Laseredfeild in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Sep-20 7:08PM
Was 15 , perving @ porn with neighbours son up in hay shed thing led to another
Posted on 11-Sep-20 12:26AM
Finally my missus admitted to liking idea of kinky gay guy or couple with him bi so she can watch me give a bj wish I knew anyone in new Plymouth especially if they have a toy fetish she wants to watch couple use any large toys on me and make me deepthroat him then deepthroat her wearing long rubber cock she's keen on my enjoying the feeling of gagging on long rubber cock getting shoved deeper and deeper
Posted on 11-Sep-20 6:33AM
Omg you are soo lucky to have wife wanting to do
Mine knows I'm bi etc, but dose not wanna watch it join in
Posted on 11-Sep-20 7:05AM
Buy her strap on and ask to give her bjs
Posted on 11-Sep-20 7:06AM
Not a chance , been down that track &wasn't gonna happen ...
Posted on 11-Sep-20 8:11AM
What a pity, waste of chance to share intamacy pity your not near np I love cock in mouth and have long thick deepthroat toy I want someone to use
Posted on 11-Sep-20 9:48AM
no experiznce 35 drunk at a bbq 4 guys skinny dipping
and 2 guys left andas i got out of the water the oly guy left said let me give you a Bj thought why not try
As soon as i had blown a load he said now you have to let me cun in you butt and bebt me over my car bonnet
and shoved hos cock into my unlubed ass as hard as he could , The pain was emenence and put me off MMsex for another years
t I met a gent and in general discussions sex and bi sex came up and i told him of my only experiance
to which he replyed he would like to show me how to relax and be rimmed, after about miniutes with my cock about to explode he said i think you are ready and that changed my sex life

Comment #57 by Randomguy996 in response to john123 ( view post )
Posted on 11-Sep-20 10:48AM
Definitely have to be eaten and lubed then pounded full of cum yummy
Comment #58 by Biandkeen in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Sep-20 11:34AM
At 13 my neighbour of the same age used to come and stay, one night we played strip poker, I ended up naked first, he asked if I had ever cum. I said not yet. So we started to masturbate our selves, he had such a big brown cock. I loved the look of it, I watched him cum.
From then on we would masturbate any chance we had, then we started to wank each other, then I just had to taste it, so then it was blowjobs. At the park at the tennis court, my room, wherever and whenever we could.
Then I let him fuck me. Oh wow, that was so good, we spent a good year and a half, sharing each other and exploring,
My love for cock would never change.
Still get so hard thinking of it.
Posted on 11-Sep-20 12:01PM
Mate that’s hot as sent you a freind request
Posted on 11-Sep-20 5:24PM
Yes pity not closer
Posted on 11-Sep-20 5:30PM
Shame she's not into watching, so hot to have a partner watch
Posted on 11-Sep-20 5:49PM
I bet it is ,
I'm fortunate enough to have been with a bi cpl &she was happy as to join in ....
& Gf likes to watch m/m
Posted on 11-Sep-20 5:56PM
It's really great when all are involved
Posted on 11-Sep-20 6:10PM
Yes it is, can be extremely enjoyable
Posted on 11-Sep-20 6:44PM
I'm guessing you are my dear that is very hot someone is very lucky to have you
Comment #66 by Newshy69 in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Sep-20 7:28PM
Love this topic so hot reading everyones stories.
Comment #67 by Robbie63 in response to Biandkeen ( view post )
Posted on 22-Sep-20 2:57AM
Beautiful way to learn about you cock feelings and fucking.
Comment #68 by Randomguy996 in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Sep-20 3:05PM
Must be more people willing to share there first experiences
Comment #69 by thundercat in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Sep-20 7:23PM
I was 16 and started getting high and watching gay porn and was curious about it until I was 19 until I met a guy on here.he picked me up and took me to his house we started watching porn but the urge to suck his cock was too strong so I sucked him and he sucked me until I came.then he ate me out and sucked me until I was hard again and came in his mouth again.loved it
Comment #70 by Robbie63 in response to thundercat ( view post )
Posted on 22-Sep-20 8:11PM
Comment #71 by Down2fuck in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Sep-20 11:13AM
Well I was drunk and asleep then I felt someone rubbing my cock it felt nice then pulled my boxers down and dam it was the best blowjob ever So at that point I thought it was this chick that wanted to hook up well long stories short as I gcumtin there mouth I lookd up and noticed this guy at that point I was curious so returned the favor
Comment #72 by Robbie63 in response to Down2fuck ( view post )
Posted on 23-Sep-20 12:28PM
That's a great story.
Comment #73 by MrDaddy in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Sep-20 1:56AM
I was 13 years old. I grew up in a cul de sac and there were several boys and girls my age . There was 3-4 guys and two girls the same age as me. Those aged my age had younger brothers or sisters probably to months younger ,
We all had grown up in this street from when we were infants and of course we played a lot together . One of the games we played was kind of like hide and seek and when one was caught you were required to stand against an corrugated iron fence until all were caught . Some how the game evolved quite quickly when one of the girls wanted to change it to when you were caught you had to stand at the fence and would be guarded by me so as not to escape. Everyone thought that was a good idea, she was a bit of a hotty so all the boys agreed and the other girl was all good. So the hotty girl was captured first and stood against the fence under my guard but she kept threatening to run off. I had a great idea and that was to pick some like whippy grass that I could use to whip her legs if she did not obey and stay at the fence. So she was whipped a few times and that made her stay . The second girl who was a pretty little maori girl was captured and she was also put under my guard . She was behaving but the hotty started to play up again so she got whipped again several times and now had pretty thin red stripes across the front and back of her upper legs . For some reason the Maori girl started moving away from the fence and so she was whipped as well. Soon both girls were being whipped and it was fun. I still remember to this day my cock getting hard in my pants while whipping these girls. Next capture was the younger brother of the hotty. He was a petite quite effiminant boy who was a bit adventurous, for example he was the first to steal his mothers cigarettes and start smoking and show all of us how he smoked , he enjoyed the attention. Anyway hottys little brother saw the girls legs and he was warned what would happen if he moved away from the fence . He did and he was whipped and again the girls were. Eventually the game pretty much just ended up all the kids on the fence being whipped by me and that young virgin cock of mine was in a permanent hard state. I had shorts on and no doubt my cock bulge could be seen but i didnt know if any of the others noticed it although I did push it and rub it through my shorts when I could without any others seeing because it felt great.

At the finish of the game the hotty, and the Maori girl and I ended up going to the dollshouse at the hotties place. We had played you show me yours and Ill show you mine in the dollshouse previously but none of us had touched each other , only looked . This time when it was show me yours and Ill show you mine it was not a boys soft cock , it was a big hard on cock which got the attention of the two girls. That lead to both of them touching it to feel what it was like and the Maori girl started stroking it . The hotty would join in also but the girls never made me cum. I cant remember why we stopped but we did and we left the dollshouse .

The next day we played catchies and whipping again. This time it was hotties younger bother who was always getting caught first and of course whipped, and yes that year old cock was hard and busting again.

And the end of the game the two girls and I went to the dollshouse again but after a short time hotty was worried we would be caught by either her younger brother or her mother so Maori girl went home and hotty told me she would get us some soda stream drink and left to go inside their house . So I was still hard in the dollhouse on my own. Until hottys younger brother turned up dressed in his mothers clothes, with one of her wigs on and with lipstick quite crudely applied . He told me his sister had told him about our dollshouse play yesterday and he thought if he dressed like a girl he could play also. He told me his sister had told him my cock was huge and he would show me his if i would show him mine. He lifted his dress, and I could see he had his mothers panties on and pulled his little cock out which wasnt that tiny as it was semi hard . I pulled my cock out and he with plenty of drama said wow can I touch it like the girls did . I told him he could . He touched it differently than the girls did, he knew how to touch and hold a cock and it wasnt long before he was stroking it.
He was down on his knees before me as a pretty young sissy all dressed up as a girl steering at my cock like nothing else in the world mattered. I could feel some sort of a power I had over him and i was enjoying watching this sissy all dressed up playing with my cock. I told him to kiss my cock. He looked up and looked frightened, I loved that look. I dont know where it came from but I told him to kiss it or he will be whipped again. He started kissing the head of my cock, and some lipstick transferred from his lips onto the head of my cock. i loved it and told him his lipstick was staining my cock. We both laughed. He said he would lick it off and eventually his licks turned into taking my cock into his mouth . Looking down at him dressed with my cock in his mouth with him in my control was undoubtedly what I knew was to be one of my greatest pleasures in my life to be and is to this day. The two of us took turns stroking my cock until I shot a load onto the floor but a nice string of cum landed on his wrist. He looked at me and i looked at him. Both knowing but not saying or doing. I told him taste it, lick it up and he did. We promised to not tell anyone , his older sister never came back with the soda stream that day but the hotty , the Maori girl and my sissy spent alot of time playing in the dollshouse, and the most adventurous and horniest was my sissy who only played in the dollshouse dressed. His parents came to know he was dressing and 'playing' with the girls and I in the dollshouse but they had no idea he was in fact a sissy slut, well that we knew anyway.

Comment #74 by MrDaddy in response to MrDaddy ( view post )
Posted on 24-Sep-20 7:02AM
* Those aged my age had younger brothers or sisters probably 12 to 18 months younger.
Comment #75 by LilyBlack in response to MrDaddy ( view post )
Posted on 24-Sep-20 7:19AM
FYI. NZP only allow four numbers per comment, after that it automatically deletes. Write the numbers like twelve, eighteen etc. Lilyx
Comment #76 by MrDaddy in response to LilyBlack ( view post )
Posted on 24-Sep-20 7:53AM
Thx Lily that is why my numbers would have dropped off.
Comment #77 by curiousguy-5 in response to MrDaddy ( view post )
Posted on 24-Sep-20 10:28AM
Great story wish I lived in your cul de sac growing up !!!
Comment #78 by nudefun in response to MrDaddy ( view post )
Posted on 24-Sep-20 12:02PM
Great story cool
Comment #79 by SneakyFunEastAkl in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Sep-20 3:56PM
I get really hard hot and horny thinking about m2m, but too scared to explore, perhaps a hot mmf session is a good start?
Posted on 25-Sep-20 4:02PM
We play with bi couples and get the best of both worlds.
Comment #81 by MrDaddy in response to curiousguy-5 ( view post )
Posted on 25-Sep-20 4:41PM
Thx. On reflection it was a pretťy cool bunch of kids . All perverts now no doubt hahaha
Comment #82 by MrDaddy in response to nudefun ( view post )
Posted on 25-Sep-20 4:42PM
Comment #83 by Robbie63 in response to MrDaddy ( view post )
Posted on 25-Sep-20 5:16PM
It's best to have good first time
Memory's of first sexual experiences.
That helps you to build up to be a good sexual person
Much better than bad memory's that scare you and life becomes a horrible battle.
Posted on 25-Sep-20 6:08PM
Was about 20yrs ago my wife screwed around on me and I went into Auckland and rang a guy from the herald personals and meet up at his place. I was so fucking nervous and I had only played with my ex-wife small vibrator. He was very cool relaxed me with a massage and when we both got naked wow he was quite big, 8" but he took his time and knew my arse was a vergin and gave it a good licking, I was surprised that he got it inside, was a bit painful but nice all the same I ended up jerking him off and he let me fuck him and cum inside.
Comment #85 by Patymc in response to Funhole ( view post )
Posted on 26-Sep-20 1:02AM
I was 15 I was stealing and wearing my step sisters undies and g strings , wanking of playing with my butthole one day she came home early and caught me trying to put her g string back . I confessed everything to her ,she seemed turned on but told me to go away . A few weeks later on a long weekend the our family had gone away ( we both had things To do that weekend ) she had a friend over Clearly a gay guy They both were drinking after a few hours They made me have a drink with them . Ma step sister pulled out her friends cock and told me to suck it because If i I did not she wouldn’t ’t let me wear her g strings no more . I really wanted to suck cock anyway so now was my chance , I tried not to look to eager but I got right on my Knees and rammed his cock in my mouth taking it as far as I could on the 1th go ma step sister was amazed by it she laughed called me a bitch but I keeped sucking his cock looking up at both of them from time to time till he said he was going to come my step sister held my head down till he stoped coming by then I had already swallowed all of it to my horny surprise .
Comment #86 by Robbie63 in response to Patymc ( view post )
Posted on 26-Sep-20 1:24AM
Comment #87 by MrDaddy in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 26-Sep-20 4:15PM
I believe that to be very true.
Comment #88 by Mikeforfun in response to Isyaready ( view post )
Posted on 27-Sep-20 6:00PM
Wow. Have you been back to the private rooms ?
Posted on 27-Sep-20 6:08PM
I know the feeling. Would love to sex.
Comment #90 by delmar7 in response to Mikeforfun ( view post )
Posted on 27-Sep-20 8:47PM
You will love it once you try it
Comment #91 by ChchMatt45 in response to Patymc ( view post )
Posted on 27-Sep-20 9:49PM
Great and very horny first time!
Comment #92 by Randomguy996 in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Sep-20 3:46PM
Some very hot first times how do they compare to now ???
Posted on 28-Sep-20 3:51PM
Hi, first time sex is the best ever as you feel all the different feelings well up into one.
Very special indeed.
Even years later meeting a stranger can feel much the same way.
Posted on 28-Sep-20 3:56PM
Yes indeed the thrill of a strangers hands all over my naked and willing body is a hard feeling to beat !!!
Posted on 28-Sep-20 3:58PM

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