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First M2M Sexual Encouter,what and how did it happen
Discussion - started by Avid, posted on 26-Aug-20 1:37PM

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Comment #539 by Wantsumofthis in response to Zorro ( view post )
Posted on 26-Jun-22 10:48PM
mine is growing too after that story... nice
Posted on 27-Jun-22 4:18PM
Hot story hard reading it
Posted on 3-Jul-22 6:54PM
Only had a couple of brief mm experiences but definitely want more but I'm struggling to find willing participants
Posted on 3-Jul-22 6:58PM
Always keen especially with a lady thrown in the mix
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:02PM
I fantasize about a bi mmf threesome
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:03PM
Sorry this is opals man friend by the way I manage her page and organize the fun
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:19PM
No worries doesn't change anything for me though always keen
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:24PM
Your cock looks amazing by the way
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:32PM
Thx very much appreciated
Comment #548 by Funtimes69 in response to opalskye ( view post )
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:57PM
Imagine the fun we have with a mmmf 😆
Comment #549 by opalskye in response to Funtimes69 ( view post )
Posted on 3-Jul-22 7:59PM
Mommy he'll yeh I can only imagine
Comment #550 by Funtimes69 in response to opalskye ( view post )
Posted on 3-Jul-22 8:03PM
We've been lucky enough to have that a couple of time, usually just a MMF plays
Comment #551 by Qwartzz in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Jul-22 6:00PM
Let me know what you think about escort service
Comment #552 by Newb1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Jul-22 11:45PM
My 1st time having another male/man wank my penis I was 13. I had gone to house sit with my brother our friend and his older uncle (who I later found out was gay). Us 3 boys got undressed in a room & went skinny dipping in the pool while uncle had stood watching us for a bit when I noticed he was gone, but I caught a glimpse of a shadow partly opening the blinds from another room over looking the pool watching us which had me thinking it was him but why would he be watching us hiding in the room. I continued saying nothing not sure if the other noticed. My bro and friend decided to get out after about mins of swimming calling uncle for a towel. I noticed the shadow from the room disappeared as he came out to give them their towels, as they ran inside he turned asking “if I was ready to get out too”. I hoped out standing butt naked in front of him and said “no not yet can I carry on swimming a little longer”, he smiled at me and said “of course you can, but only if you don't mind me staying to watch”, I instantly replied back to him “well of course you can watch after all that's what you were doing any way from the room aye”. I turned to dive back into the pool looking back before he answered as he took in the view of me bent over his eyes locked on my ass. In the pool I felt a strange tingling sensation I hadn't felt before, I pretended not to look but noticed him rubbing the front of his short brown stubby shorts. I got in/out a couple more times teasing him let him stare at me as he took in the sight of my naked yr old body. The sensation my body was feeling would've been clear to see when I finally got out to get dry. I knew my cock was semi-erect walking towards him his eyes were glued to my penis, he held the towel open for me as he wrapped his arms & towel around my body pulling me close to him. I asked if he could dry my back so I wouldn't get a chill, he softly pat dry down my back to my ass cheeks spreading them open to dry between my bum crack I bent over a little for him to have better access then not realizing he was paying special attention to the entrance of my tight virgin boy hole that felt different yet nice. My cock was getting harder so I took the towel thanking him for drying my back then went inside. After our showers and dinner we relaxed to watch movies. Me and my friend were sleeping in the bed with the uncle and my brother on a mattress on the floor. I couldn't sleep but closed my eyes anyway as I layed on my back, when I felt a hand slide onto my right thigh working it's way towards the inside of my crotch. Pretending to be asleep I knew it was uncle as he slipped in bed next to me rubbing my semi erection, not realizing he was naked. Feeling a bit scared and nervous I couldn't help how nice I was feeling and the tingling sensation that ran through my body came back it had me instantly hard. He pushed my pajama pants down enough to free my penis his hand taking hold of my cock. He was the st guy other than myself to wank my cock and I was enjoying it. He turned slightly towards me kissing my neck then face and cheek. He took my hand placed it on his own big erection moving my hand up & down as I touched a penis that wasn't mine for the st time. It didn't take long for me to blow my load all over myself and him. He got out of bed and I rolled over to go to sleep.
Comment #553 by curiousguy-5 in response to Newb1 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Jul-22 4:30AM
Thats hot !!! Did more happen ?
Comment #554 by Wantsumofthis in response to Newb1 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Jul-22 10:23AM
That's some story.... wondering how old was the uncle?
Comment #555 by Drainme in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jul-22 2:13PM
My first time was recent really curious about it really as have been playing with toys. Jumped on gloryshole and meet a guy at a park. I was nervous as hell. He sucked me off and I jacked him off while he rode me cock. Unfortunately it didn't last long the nerves got the better of me. Next time I'd like to ride someone.
Posted on 5-Jul-22 2:32PM
yes,i to wondered,...uncle bully comes to mimd.....
Posted on 5-Jul-22 2:54PM
Yes kinda what I was thinking...
Comment #558 by Link69 in response to Drainme ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 4:31AM
What's gloryshole?
Comment #559 by boxer64 in response to Link69 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 10:12AM
I think he meant glory hole. A hole where you put your dick through the hole and someone either wanks it. suck it or let you fuck them.
Comment #560 by curiousguy-5 in response to Link69 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 1:33PM
Its a website ....
Comment #561 by Newb1 in response to curiousguy-5 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 8:07PM
Not again that time but we did do more a few weeks later.
Comment #562 by Newb1 in response to Wantsumofthis ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 8:08PM
He was in his 30's
Comment #563 by Wantsumofthis in response to Newb1 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 9:46PM
Figga he might have been a tad older
Comment #564 by Kobe in response to Dirty ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jul-22 11:08PM
That's sounds perfect
Posted on 7-Jul-22 8:32AM
yup,.... uncle bully alright,...better hope Jake dont catch him....
Posted on 7-Jul-22 9:53AM
Comment #567 by Newb1 in response to domseka ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jul-22 3:57PM
😂😂😂 nah he wasn't an uncle Bully after seeing & reading my 1st ever tranny and gay porno mags I found at a family members, I started imagining what it was like to be fucked by another man thinking about all the possibilities of trying something with another male someone who knew what they were doing. I was curious and found exactly the right person to show me 😍
Comment #568 by Wantsumofthis in response to Newb1 ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jul-22 4:02PM
It's still a very good story...
Comment #569 by Newb1 in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jul-22 4:45PM
Comment #570 by Hamesh in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jul-22 11:29AM
I went to Centarian sauna in Auckland CBD early January this year..

I was feeling turned on and super horny… I was 3rd guy in there at 11:3 . I changed out of my clothes and wrapped a towel around my bottom half and walked around. Couldn’t see anyone around. So jumped into hot tub and relaxed. A few minutes later I heard someone in the showers, I jumped out and hit the showers to see whose in. I another Indian male, in his s in shorter and skinnier than me. He was ok looking. He finished up having his shower and walked off to the steam room.

So finished up with my shower I also walked into steam room. He was already gone. So thought dry myself down in the middle of the room little did I know I another male was lying down watching me. He call me over, I couldn’t see him as it was dark in there. I left that room in thinking he might want me. That same Indian guy was now in that hot tub, just chilling. I walked pass and had lap around to see if some other men to play with. So with nobody else around yet. I joined the Indian man in the hot tub. Asked if I could jump in too. He agreed and once I got it he had his legs spread out. His left leg was under my right thigh. His skin felt good in the water. My cock became rock hard. And we got closer and closer. Now we are playing with each other’s cocks and says let’s play in a room. We jump out dry ourselves down… I tell him I want to play something with the doors are open- I get turned on with thought of others watching..

We go to room with a sofa and big screen tv… we start both start playing with each other’s cocks, it progressed with him sitting down on the sofa and standing up in front of him getting wicked bj.

He turned his arse over to me to fuck. Unfortunately I paused and asked for condom. That room didn’t have any. We moved on to another room. This time I give him a bj and balls and all. He returned another bj back to me so I would be hard to fuck his arse. He was bent over this makeshift bed. Teased my cock around his arse area till it found its way in.. hmmm

It was good fit, we made great music him moaning and my balls hitting this arse.. I didn’t cum, I teased him a bit too. He enjoyed it… I pulled out and he blow me again, at the time I was hoping he was going to plough me too. He said he wasn’t a top. Regardless he blowed me and same time fingering my butt. Then he pushed my arse up and rimmed me… just heaven being rimmed.

As he rimming me I start to wank and came in no time.

We cleaned ourselves up and showered, he stayed on and had to go. Not bad all in mins
Comment #571 by Hamesh in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jul-22 11:31AM
So round 2!

So 6 days later I decided that I wanted another sexual urge again at Centarian.

So I parked around the corner from Centarian and made my way in. After getting in to the locker room, stripped down bare. Just a white towel wrapped around the bottom half, you walk down a towards the showers. This time I hear few more people around on my way to shower cubicle area.

I as turn on the shower the same Indian man from last time is having a show also. We greet with a hug and he already fondling my dick. My dick naturally goes hard and goes down on his knees. He starts giving me a bj in showers. He wet and it’s feels so good. I ask him to stop and I’ll catch up with him again after I cruise around,-in back of my mind I don’t want to blow just yet as I have seen what other men are around. He agrees, I have my shower and give body super scrub down. After drying down it’s time walk around the club and see if someone catches my eye.

All races and body types were there. I walked in to room with sofa and a Asian man getting blown by a daddy in his 50- s he was fully shaven and tidy. The asian man, possibly a Thai or Philippinno was in his late s or early s. He was calling me over to the sofa and we held hands..sitting beside each other as she still getting his bj. I got to admit he was very attractive for guy, fit and semi buff and not a piece hair on his body from his neck down. Wished I looked like him in my s. The daddy finally finished up and I got on my knees and started to give him a bj too. I enjoyed it and the attention of others watching and admiring what was happening. As I on my knees I flexed my legs out in hope someone could “gain entry” to my arse, nothing happened for a few minutes and then the same Indian guy got down on back and started to blown me again.. what a feeling.. we all got up after play decided to take this into private room.

Up the stairs we go and close the door. As we lock the door the the asian guy goes to me a want to fuck your arse. He slapps it like he owns it. At this stage the other Indian man is all bent over wanting my cock in his arse. Looks like I’m a sandwich in the middle. That climax died pretty quick, as I in pain taking his cock in, I finally reliased I’m not ready yet to be a bottom yet. So I get on the looking towards the asian dude. The Indian man started blowing me again as he is getting pounded in his arse. It’s just heaven mins later we finish up and the asian man leaves and I get speaking to the other Indian man, we think the asian dude was probably straight and he was restricted in what activities he would do. Regardless it was another hot session of play. The Indian male wanted me to play with him again and unfortunately I had to go as got a small window before I head back to work in the afternoon. We part ways and have quick shower and head back to locker and fit and tall male was getting changed too. Thank goodness dreams are free. Maybe another time…
Comment #572 by Dirty in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Jul-22 2:05AM
So I've already shared my first gay in counter,but this is my first public toilet experience,I had been at my friend's party on Saturday night and slept the nite at his,and no he wasn,t gay or bi,anyway I need to use the toilet on Sunday morning,but someone was in there,I was aware there was a public toilet across the road,so I went across the road and in to the cubicle sat on the toilet and began to read some of the graffiti on the walls,it's was quite a turn on reading some of the stuff written and I began to stroke myself,how I missed the glory hole I don,t know but I got a shock when this semi hard cock appeared through the glory hole,I reached over and put my hand around his knob and massaged his big head,he pulled back and his face appeared,he was a good looking older guy,he said come into my cubicle,so I got up flushed and opened the door,he opened the door and I went in and stood in front of him with my stiff young cock,he leaned forward and took me into his mouth,the sensation was amazing on he took my whole cock into his mouth and proceeded to work me good,I knew I wasn,t going to last long and as my orgasm approached he took me right up to the hilt and I started to cum so hard and of course he swallowed all my cum,and sucked me clean,he asked me if I wanted to come to his place and I told him I would have to get my car at my friend's place,I got back across the road told my friend I was going home and left,he was waiting up the road and I followed him back to his very flash house,we ended up in the shower,then off to his bedroom,we began to really get into it,and started with a 69,he had a big cock and I did my best to suck it,he had spread my cheeks and began to tongue my hole,this turned me on big time and I sucked on his big head,he stared to finger me and I was living it,as I had already been fucked quite a few times by my gay couple I'd meet hitching I was quite happy to roll off when he asked if I'd ever been fucked,I don,t think he expected me to be so keen,he put a pillow under my ass and began to tongue my hole so good,he then moved up to position himself,I pulled my legs right back so I was totally exposed to him,he reached across and got some lube out of his bedside cabinet and worked lube right up into my hole then lubed his cock,and slowly pushed into me,once he was into the slight pain subsided and he slowly began to fuck me,it felt amazing and he got a little faster and wanked my hard cock as he pumped into me,he looked me in the eyes and said ,I'm going to cum up you and mooaned as he began to come,I could feel his spurts inside of me and leaned dwn and kissed me hard,he stayed inside me for awhile,then sliped out,I was wanking hard and then came myself,we got together afew times after than but I began to get picked up all the time and went back to many men's places,as I never said no,and that's how I got started in public toilets and became the slut I am.
Comment #573 by Wantsumofthis in response to Dirty ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jul-22 9:00AM
Great story... fkn hot
Comment #574 by Robbie63 in response to Dirty ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jul-22 10:05AM
Comment #575 by Estev in response to Dirty ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jul-22 2:50PM
Comment #576 by intensexx in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-22 8:57PM
Ok who ever wants to practice sucking cock help yourself to Mine. Smooth beautiful balls and cock
Comment #577 by Here2play in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-22 9:56PM
Had a 3some with a couple on the premises that she wanted to watch us males play with one another.

I like pussy buy though what the hell. And im not one to disapoint and after a few beers I thought why not. We started with drinks. She could see i was visiblyvhard and asked to see. Not being shy i undressed and started jerking off. Her and him both came and sucked my dick. She then asked to watch us men play so we started by sucking each other's dick. First time id sucked a dick, didnt hate it!

Then she asked me to fuck him. He lubed up his ass and ibrolled on a joey. I fucked him from behind both standing. She worked her way under him and sucked his dick while I fucked him.

By this stage she was dripping wet and I was about to cum so I pulled out and we took turns fucking her. While he was fucking her I played withbhis balls. I then pulled his cock out and sucked it coved in her juices.

There was a third old lady there but he was well out of his depth and couldn't even get hard.

I finished in her first and he went second.

I'm still wanting to go second and enjoy another man's cum. Or to taste another man's cum from a freshly fucked pussy. Hopefully in time.
Comment #578 by Robbie63 in response to Here2play ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-22 8:52AM
Yummy experience.
Comment #579 by Skint007 in response to Here2play ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-22 12:11PM
Yes it's a fantasy of mine to taste another guys cum from a freshly fucked pussy
Comment #580 by Here2play in response to Skint007 ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-22 12:12PM
Just need a willing couple!
Comment #581 by Digambo in response to intensexx ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-22 5:38PM
No photos? 😂
Comment #582 by Trey213 in response to opalskye ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-22 6:40PM
Hi sexy
Comment #583 by Dirty in response to Here2play ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jul-22 1:40PM
Yes sounds like fun to me,I luv a 69 as I'm underneath watching his cock sliding in and out,then him pulling out and putting his cock in my mouth for a quick suck and clean,then back into her,maybe flick her clit with my tongue and feel his cock on my tongue as he fucks her,yes just alittle yum.
Comment #584 by Link69 in response to Hamesh ( view post )
Posted on 30-Jul-22 10:03AM
That's so hot
Comment #585 by FriendlyFinn in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-Jul-22 10:20AM
Met a lovely older man (63) online. He was married and lived in another town. Spent a year having phone sex!Then he finally managed a trip away.
He came to my place and we spent the afternoon with a few quiet beers and a mutual masturbation session that went on for hours. He finally came all over me, the carpet, couch and even the laptop which was 5 feet away .Such a hot afternoon. I want more!
Comment #586 by 01James in response to Dirty ( view post )
Posted on 30-Jul-22 1:32PM
I'd love to try that too....
Comment #587 by Newb1 in response to Newb1 ( view post )
Posted on 12-Aug-22 11:49PM
Yes early to mid 30s
Comment #588 by Newb1 in response to curiousguy-5 ( view post )
Posted on 12-Aug-22 11:58PM
Yes we did get together again a couple of more times after that weekend.

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