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First M2M Sexual Encouter,what and how did it happen
Discussion - started by Avid, posted on 26-Aug-20 1:37PM

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Comment #122 by Dowanger in response to Hamish ( view post )
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:20PM
Awsome experience thanks for sharing. I bet the lucky girl loved that big Cock
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:23PM
Cool story I'd like to hear more
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:43PM
Thats a great experience something I wish I could have had that young. I have sucked a few strangers Cocks at the beach which I have really enjoyed. Pussy is my favourite still for sure. You have an awsome looking Cock I'd love to Watch you sliding it in and out of a hot wet pussy and have me suck her juice off it before sliding back in. When your ready to unload I'd like to watch you jerk off into our mouths. Yum now I have a hardon
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:49PM
It's funny how everyone has there preferences and all cocks are different .Big uncut Cocks are my favourite but have blown both and enjoyed them
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:50PM
Tell us more
Comment #127 by Dowanger in response to Biandkeen ( view post )
Posted on 5-Nov-20 10:57PM
Well that's a rather hot story lucky you. I bet he enjoyed sucking your yummy cock
Comment #128 by Jscro in response to Dowanger ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 2:18AM
When I was about nine or even younger a friend if the families older son (around sixteen maybe older) walked into the bathroom when I just stepped out of the shower, I think I was semi hard and really embarrassed and tried to hide my little boy cock with a towel, he kept wanting to see, which I didn't want, he pulled the towel away and kept trying to grab it and started rubbing with just a couple of fingers.
I kept pulling away because it was weird but I remember it felt nice.
I said something like we will get in trouble.
He told me to be quite then and asked if I had cum before, I said what do you mean and he said be quiet and I'll show you.
He he kept playing with my tiny cock and after what was probably another minute, I started to twitch and kept jerking back as it tickled a bit and then I came. He said don't tell anyone and we can do it again and walked out like nothing happened.
As the next few years went by when ever we were at a catering we would find a reason to get away and he would jerk me off again.
By the time I was a teenager my cock was getting bigger I asked to see his as he was a man now around twenty.
He said ok and get it out, I couldn't believe how much bigger it was and started playing with it.
I kept rubbing it but nothing happened and he said if you sick it I will cum.
I didn't know what he meant and thought it was weird and tasted strange so kept stopping but he kept telling me it will happen soon. Eventually he came in my mouth, but I spat it out in the sink.
That was the end of our experience as our families grew older and stopped getting together.
When I was around 30 I found an add for a male massage so answered it and turned up to a guy on a hot day wearing just shorts.
Laying on the table he was very good at it and worked out alot of knots in my shoulders and legs.
He climbed into and straddled me and oiled and rubbed my cheeks then worked his way up my back pushing hard, as he got higher his body got lower til I felt something, his semi hard cock rubbed on my arse and I freaked out,I couldn't believe he had taken his shorts off. He stopped and relaxed me and said don't worry it's not going in anywhere, I agreed and let him continue.
As he rubbed my back his cock kept sliding between my cheeks and between my legs and embarrassingly I came, and tried to run away, he told me to lay their and relax, we weren't even half way through the massage.

Who wants to hear more?
Comment #129 by digger62 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 2:23AM
Yes tell us more getting nice and hard
Comment #130 by Robbie63 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 2:26AM
Comment #131 by Jscro in response to digger62 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 2:59AM
Ok chapter two.

He continues the massage standing beside me moving around the table.
Eventually asking me to turn over, rubbing my arms and legs, beautiful head and face massage while we chatted and I explained that I'm sorry I've not done this before, he reassured me that it's perfectly normal and don't worry, then asked if he could rub my cock, I said I doubt I can again but he assured me he can make it work. So he proceeded to slowly oil and rub my soft cock and massage it back to life, using both hand he got me from soft to hard and cum in about five minutes, I've never felt anything so amazing and quickly freaked out and tried to run away again. He held me down and said relax, gave me a glass of water. After a few minutes of talking and telling him I was ashamed to be there and enjoying it, he said not to be ashamed it is an experience and nothing to be ashamed and he liked watching me cum.
He started touching me again, he wanted to get one last lot out.
He tried but I was to embarrassed so had to leave.
I checked the time and I was at least half an hour late leaving
For the next few weeks I was very conflicted I didn't want to be gay, I love women, but h made me cum so hard and knew just the right way to touch me.
It took me a few months to get the guts to call again and book in.
This time answering the door in shorts and a tee shirt.
As we walked into the massage room I started undressing, this time he stayed in the room, chatting and took his own clothes off, I was ok with this, nothing I haven't seen before in a shower room at the pools.
I climbed on the table he started rubbing me again from shoulders on down, my arms and back.
Then as he shoots at my waist where my hands were, he what I am sure purposesfully has his cock brush my hand back and forth, so I thought oh well I'm here and started rubbing it slowly, then he would move down out of reach then back, he would rub oil on my bare arse and work the sciatic nerves which I love so I would always grab his cock at that point and keep him there a little longer, eventually he would climb on to and rub my legs, up my buttocks and oil them up well, running his fingers between my checks and between my legs and tickle my balls but as he rubbed up and down my back with his very long cock gliding between my freshly oiled toned plumb cheeks I would cum from the nervousness and the nice way it felt, once again embarrassed I would try to run away.
Once again he calmed me and continued the massage explaining it's ok your not doing anything wrong, eventually gently holding my hard cock in his hands, this is the part I looked forward to, as he gently rubbed my cock I held his awkwardly stroking it, muck bigger than mine even though mine is a reasonable size.
As I came all over my chest and he cleaned me up I then gathered my possessions and left hoping not to be seen.

But wait there is more if you like
Comment #132 by Robbie63 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:04AM
Comment #133 by digger62 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:18AM
Nice just keep it cumming
Comment #134 by Dowanger in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:25AM
That's hot
Comment #135 by Jscro in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:28AM
The next time, was much the same, a wonderfully skilled massage, I could enjoy his large cock in my hand and see it so close to my face when I turned my head, I'm getting much better at stroking it, I can last much longer with it sliding between my wet buttocks everytime, but still I cum and get all shy.
But this time while he rubbed my cock, his fingers are sliding between my legs and gently a finger slides into me, just a little at a time, it feels amazing but very tight and again I cum.

This time he starts massaging me again and as I relax from my shame he asks if I liked that.
I do but I shouldn't, it's not right.
While he massages my shoulders and chest his cock is rubbing my head and I start to get slightly hard, he rubs lube on me again and starts rubbing my cock then lubes my bum again and gently fingers me and very slowly rubs my rock hard cock, as he finds the prostate he massages it gently, as I became close again he would release my cock and continue fingering me untill I came, this time it was different, I just came but my cock isn't sensitive to touch like it usually is, I'm still hard and horny, he continues fingering me with two fingers now as liquid continues to squirt out of my pulsing cock for several minutes then grabs my cock again and finishes me as it sprays up extremely high and all over his hand and my cock.

The next time was much the same and I last longer every time, soon I can have his cock rub on my arse without cuming, I've enjoyed fingers in there,he is up to three now and I know what he is doing but I'm not ready.
This time while I'm rubbing his cock and before he works on mine I ask can I please try yours I want to see if I can suck it all.
We swapped places I put a condom on him and proceeded to do what I thought was right, he instructed me all the way as I slowly took every inch into my mouth, I like the feeling of his knob popping in and out of my throat, the whole time he has a finger in my arse and eventually he cums. He finished me off and I came.
Over the years I get less embarrassed by playing with men but I know I'm not attracted to them, I just love looking at a nice cock and making them cum, I haven't had the opportunity much to continue it but when I do it's scary but fun, I'm able to stop and have a chat.

I have one last part to the story its a good bit.
Do you want it
Comment #136 by Dowanger in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:29AM
I'm getting hard carry on
Comment #137 by Robbie63 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:33AM
Comment #138 by Jscro in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:41AM
Ok, brace your selves
Comment #139 by curiousguy-5 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:51AM
Very hot πŸ”₯
Posted on 6-Nov-20 3:54AM
So is your Cock
Comment #141 by Jscro in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 4:03AM
Maybe a year later I moved back to canterbury and started thinking about it all the time, I'm sleeping with alot of women at this stage, and loving it but it's all the same, nothing gives me that rush like a new person for the first time.
I saw an add for a pre-op trans.
I contacted her, we had a chat and agreed to meet, at her hotel.
I arrived very cautious, and nervous, and shy.
She said have a shower and relax, I did and it helped, she was very beautiful, asian, very tight jeans that requires help to remove, knee high boots, and a tight white top showing the curves of her large perfectly round fake breasts, but perfectly proportioned.
As I helped her nervously out of her tight clothing exposing her body and eligent lingerie I get my first feel of fake breasts and amazingly they feel real, and look delightful.
I'm so nervous I'm shaking, she puts on some high heels and massages me to relax, as I get turned on we start exploring each other, her penis is smaller than mine but beautiful like she is, we stoke each other for a while until she gets me up and bends me over the bed and slowly enters me with the perfect sized cock, she fucks we for some time, and I'm loving it, it's my first time but thankful that my gay massage friend has helped get me ready, I've been preparing myself at home too.
After a while she wanted me so she lay on the bed and I climbed inside her slowly feeding in and out while I rub her hard cock.
She came closely followed by myself which was done all over her beautiful body, we cuddled for a while then I left and never saw her again.

I hope you enjoyed
Comment #142 by Dowanger in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 4:12AM
That would be awsome
Comment #143 by Robbie63 in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 4:13AM
Very nice indeed"
I sure would love an experence like that.
Comment #144 by Jscro in response to Dowanger ( view post )
Posted on 6-Nov-20 4:15AM
Yip it was, to be fair I would rather she kept going on me till I came, but I guess I was taking to long, but she was so sweet with me, and made me feel like she cared, which meant a lot (even if it's fake)
I would be it again but far too expensive now,
Comment #145 by Yowser in response to hornyfor ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:03PM
Nice work!
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:04PM
Comment #147 by Yowser in response to Scream50 ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:07PM
Comment #148 by Yowser in response to Free ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:08PM
Comment #149 by Yowser in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:11PM
More, more
Comment #150 by Yowser in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:14PM
More, more..
Comment #151 by Yowser in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:16PM
Yes please
Comment #152 by Yowser in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 8-Nov-20 3:18PM
Comment #153 by Biandkeen in response to Dowanger ( view post )
Posted on 10-Nov-20 12:44PM
His was bigger and thicker, I miss playing with it.
Comment #154 by Yowser in response to Free ( view post )
Posted on 10-Nov-20 1:48PM
Sorry you had those disappointing times!
Comment #155 by Randomguy996 in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Nov-20 5:22PM
Any older guys in Auckland into role play ???
Comment #156 by Tommiegreen in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Nov-20 11:53PM
Wow some very hot stories made me hard reading though them all i hope there is more to cum. Bear with me im not good at writing but here goes....
When i was a young teenager maby 11 or 12 i lived on a small farm. One of my best mates was allways coming over he loved my place we allways had a good time. I was avrage build and my mate was much bigger foot and soild when he was he was a big boy. we had a massive pile of hay bails at my place so we decided to make a castle out of them. it was more like a small hut about meters square with old car bonnets for a roof. when we where finished we where playing inside when he said lets play show each other our cocks. so i thought ok why not. so we pulled them out and started stroking them. I didn't have a massive cock but it was not small maby or so inches and i loved to masterbate. Well when i saw his cock wow it was huge and thick. i instantly went rock hard this thing was giant about maby inches and very thick with a nice hood of forskin. I asked if i could touch it i had never seen any thing like it. and his replie was you can suck it if you want. and i will suck yours i leaned over and started kissing the end of his now rock hard cock i started sticking my toung inside his forskin and rolling it around his head before starting taking it deeper and deeper he was moaning with pleasure. it was a rush the tast was amazing the excitement was rushing through my whole body. at this stage he had maneuvered around so he could have access and and now started slowly licking down my shaft then taking my now pulsing cock deep in his mouth the feeling was amazing we just keeped sucking each other off for hours moaning with exitment taking brakes as to not make shue not to cum and ruin the mood. eventually it was all to much tensed and came in his mouth hevjust keeped gently sucking and right then his cock pulsed and swelled up he pushed it deep down my throat and his cum blased away in my mouth huge gushes of hot sticky cum it tastd so strange but so good we both just keeped on sucking till we both went soft. it was the beast time of my life. We called it playing hay hut we keeped playing for every possible time we could for months and when the hut was gone we would stay over at each others place and play and experiment into late hours of the morning we did it not all the time but when ever he had a chance for a few years. still gets me rock hard to this day when i smell hay or even just think about it. We didn't realy no about anal back then but i wish we had. we tryed it a few times but never realy got it in ether of us with no lube it was saw so we stuck to the sucking and hand jobs but ing was our best thing. when we where about he moved away down south and i got a girlfriend and moved on from that part of my life. I ended up married to her we are still together and love each other very much ...but i just cant stop thinking about those mouth watering times and the amazing tast of cock i really want a cock in my mouth again i cant stand this craving any more 🀀 i hope this was not to painful to read though and i hope to find another friend like that soon. thanks for taking the time to read this i now have to go masterbate coz i have pre cum from my own story 😊
Comment #157 by Yowser in response to Tommiegreen ( view post )
Posted on 11-Nov-20 8:05AM
comment #158 was clobbered
Comment #159 by Yowser in response to Tamed4U ( view post )
Posted on 11-Nov-20 9:22AM
Thanks for sharing!
Comment #160 by Nakedfunfan in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Nov-20 5:29PM
How about the knowledge that the first experience was a pedophile criminal only found out 8 years after the fact.
Pretty depressing out when I was only 18 years old.
comment #161 was clobbered
Comment #162 by Tommiegreen in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Nov-20 9:03PM
Sorry what dose this comment has been clobberd mean? Just read a good one then it was gone
Posted on 12-Nov-20 10:30PM
Hi, that was a bad experence for you.
Everyone's first experence should be by curiosity and not force or pressure.
It's good you shared your experience"
Comment #164 by bbwbaby in response to Jscro ( view post )
Posted on 13-Nov-20 3:50AM
Not being on my high horse, but babe that is not a sexy story, that’s abuse 😭
Comment #165 by Browncockmagic in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Nov-20 10:42AM
Was 15 super horny kid found a trans porn DVD that I wanked to most nights.
Curiosity got the best of me and found a classified ad at the back of Dominion post call the guy a German back packer about 30 and set up a meet.
Super nervous I turned up to his motel n Cambridge Terrence he was drinking Ng and smoking a lil pot which I didn't mind.
He made me feel comfortable and offered me some amyl his cock was so bid I gaged multiple times but he took his time.
He then began to suck me of while I rimmed him.
My god it was so exhilarating I came twice to his once.
He asked if I want to fuck him but I declined as was first time with cock in my mouth.
And yea since then lik a dabble in some hot man fun.
Cheers for reading bit rushed sorry
Posted on 13-Nov-20 11:36AM
Comment #167 by Jscro in response to bbwbaby ( view post )
Posted on 16-Nov-20 5:33PM
It does come across that way in the story but I was fine with it, yes I was nervous but didn't feel forced at all
comment #168 was clobbered
Comment #169 by Yowser in response to Southernman ( view post )
Posted on 17-Nov-20 2:18PM
Depends if it was concentual?
Posted on 17-Nov-20 2:40PM
Hi, it didn't all ways mean it's abuse or rape.
Quite often it is curiosity that is acted on infull agreement.
Abuse is something that the victim has no control over. Like a father grooming his son or daughter then makes the move first it's rape abuse but moves into use for the perpetrated own desires.,mom,uncles,Aunty's,chu rch leaders,teachers, and people having control of others.
Not all first time sex experences are like this.
The word abuse is too widely used these days .
My first ever sex experience with my school friend at age twelve was awesome.
He showed me how to ejaculate and told me what the white stuff was for.
We loved doing this until he went to a boarding school.
In those times we never had sex education at school. Other boys got to experence it with girls at that time.
Don't be afraid to try new things as long as the other person is agreeable.
Never force sex onto anyone who says no.
Remember in my youth years we had no laws to protect us like you have today. Been gay or bi in those days was illegal and many went to jail.
We could not go to the cops and complain about our fathers thrashing us or rapeing us. Today you can".
When the laws changed I helped put my exfather'n'law in jail for abuse of his 4daughters and 2sons.which started when they we 2yrs onward.
This was not kids been curious it was outright abuse and rape.

Comment #171 by Yowser in response to Robbie63 ( view post )
Posted on 17-Nov-20 3:43PM
Well said!

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