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First M2M Sexual Encouter,what and how did it happen
Discussion - started by Avid, posted on 26-Aug-20 1:37PM

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Comment #184 by Simcav8 in response to pepsimax39 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Apr-21 6:16PM
Nice narwty boy
Comment #185 by OldHabits in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Apr-21 5:56PM
I used to dress up with my mate in his sisters underwear and eventually that led to sucking each others cocks dressed like girls. I still love it!
Comment #186 by Simcav8 in response to OldHabits ( view post )
Posted on 24-Apr-21 7:00PM
Posted on 24-Apr-21 7:07PM
Great start, anymore to the story
Posted on 24-Apr-21 7:10PM
I've written the whole thing out but I don't know where to post it. It's quite long but not REALLY long and a bit incriminating.
Comment #189 by Seymour in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Apr-21 8:44PM
My first male to male was when I was In my late teens My neighbor uses to take me swimming In those days we all wearied tight fitting speedos...I remember him unpeeling my speedos and pulling back my foreskin and eating my cock...First time I had ever cum...
Comment #190 by IIwantitall in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Apr-21 9:36PM

Richard a friend of the family is babysitting me when somehow the topic of sex and babies came up.

Richard asks if I know how babies are made and I answer by having sex.

Yes he says but do you know how its actually made.

No I confess.

Would you like to know how?

Ok I answer and to my shock he stands and walks over to me standing in front of me and unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock.

His cock is soft but it still the biggest cock I have ever seen. Pointing to his cock he starts telling me how a guy plants a seed inside a woman with his cock.

Feeling awkward having his cock in front of me I blurt so what seed are you talking about?

When your cock gets excited it produces a liquid and this is the seed. I wcan show you what the seed looks like if you want.

Not exactly understanding I say ok.

Ian starts carassing his hand up and down his shaft while explaining to produce the seed he needs to rub his cock.

Ian continues to stroke his cock while watch in astonishment as his cock starts to grow bigger and bigger until his full 14 inches is in front of me.

I watch for the next five minutes and I'm soon wondering how long this will take when Ian says normally the woman would play with my cock....the idea of a woman playing with my cock sends a tingle through my balls.

Ian stops stroking and reaches over and grabs my hand and places it on his hard you try rubbing your hand up and will be able to feel it pulsing.

I'm a bit unsure but curious enough to start rubbing his cock to see what he meant by pulsing. Ian moans and says keep going this will help me produce the seed.

A few minutes later Richard says you are doing a great job but this will take to long but if you were to kiss the shaft it would help me produce the seed.

I stop rubbing his cock and mutter you want me to kiss your cock?

Its only skin...its no different to kissing the back of your hand.....Richard grabs his cock lifting it so its only an inch from my face.....go on it wont hurt...I just want to show you my seed.

I decide I would be better to get it over and done with so I lean down to kiss him half way along his shaft...Richard watches with anticapation as I lean closer to his cock and as soon as my lips kiss his cock it twitches wildly ....see that wasnt bad says Richard was it.

I guess so.

Can you kiss my balls and then continue to kiss moving along my shaft.

I dunno

Come on it will only take a minute and then you will get to see the seed.

I move down to his balls and slowly start moving up his shaft kissing as Ian moans mmmm touch my shaft with your tongue....I gently poke it out and Ian starts moving his cock along my tongue making him horny as fuck and continues to moan ohh yeah thats so good I can feel my seed building. Ian slides his cock further along my tongue and then pulls his cock away from my tongue and says can you open your mouth and poke your tongue out.

As soon as I do he pushes the tip of his cock into my mouth while wrapping his hands around the back of my head stopping me from moving away...suck it like a ly pop.

Looking up at him Ian stares at me and his voie becomes more forceful as he says come on you little slut as he forces his cock further into my mouth. Incredibly I find the more he forces himself onto me the more I like it. I soon find myself sucking and licking his cock eagerly when he suddenly pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts wanking it comes you little slut as he starts to slap his cock against my checks when suddenly his cock spews come all over my face. He tells me to open my mouth and he pushes his come covered cock into my mouth telling me to lick it clean.....doing as I'm told he tells me I'm a good little cock sucking bitch whos going to continue to suck my cock anytime I want you and he was right

Comment #191 by Newb1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Apr-21 9:26AM
I was about 12yrs old a small slim fit young lad with a plump round bum. I had learnt about sex from my older girl cousin's and had seen a couple of R18 porn movies that my uncle had hidden in his room. I often masturbated in bed as I would have thoughts of the naked women, but for some reason I was more excited by the men and the size of their big cocks on the front and back cover of the video tapes. One night we had a sleep over at my friend's house who lived with his mother older sister and a tall med built not fat or overly chubby with blue eyes blonde hair in his mid to late 's uncle. He would often wear a pair of really short brown stubbie shorts. My friend and his uncle returned with our movies,as we got ready to set up the lounge for us to all sleep in once we finished having dinner. We headed upstairs to get the mattresses and blankets as we set everything up. I was the last of us to go to sleep when what felt like only a few seconds from closing my eyes, my blanket was lifted and then a feeling of another body laying beside me, not realising it was my friend's naked uncle. Lifting my head to see my eyes opened slightly, I shifted to make room then turned towards him as I began to rub my cock as I would usually do, trying to ensure he couldn't feel me, but little did I know from all the shuffling around, he was also playing with his penis. Pretending to still be asleep I slipped my head under the blanket and got to see he was naked and watch him wank his huge cut cock. I tossed a bit as I could feel my penis getting hard. I felt his left hand brush up against my now stiff cock using the tips of his fingers to gently caresse the head of my smaller uncut cock I pushed up against his hand then moved in for a closer view. He turned to face his erection at me our stiffs now touching he grabbed me by my hips pushing me closer to him. Excited and horny as hell with what was happening and the fact that I was enjoying every minute of it. I started to gyrate grinding moving my hips softly and slowly along with him, my friends uncle lifted the blanket to slide under more with me. I decided to make my move, curious about what it was like to be with another man. I wrapped my arms around over his bare bum our faces aligned I gave him a little peck kissing his rough chapped lips our bodies pushing harder up against eachother we both couldn't hold back as we locked lips our tongue's wrestling with one another flicking inside our mouths he took hold of mine sucking on it as if it was a cock making me want more. He turned to lay on his back he lifted me up guiding me to lay on top of him. I turned to make sure no one else was awake or could see what we were doing once the coast was clear I whispered softly into his ear if I can recall right “ I'm so horny right now and I want you to be my first”, then I stood out of the blanket pajamas bulging showing my erection uncle followed me then grabbed me by the hand to lead me to the hall way closing the lounge door. Standing behind him I took hold of his penis unable to get a full grip I tugged on it whilst pumping against his bare ass then stopped to move back as I pulled my shirt off I motioned for him to come to me as we made our way into the kitchen. I bent over the the table as the power of his throbbing hard cock pressed up between my ass cheeks he bent over to kiss the back of my neck then pulled my pj pants off. He then gave me my first ever anal rimming lost in lust I felt his rough wet tongue buried deep in my bum hole. He stopped so I could get to taste my own ass as we pashed away he then layed down onto his stomach spitting on his hand he rubbed in between his butt crack as I moved to lay on top of him he guided me into his hole as I slowly pushed my dick inside until it was all the way in allowing me to pound away. My first time ever having M M bareback gay anal sex. We continued to have sex with eachother for a while right up until we moved to another area.
Comment #192 by Andyadams in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Apr-21 2:01PM
Me and a childhood friend used to hide while playing in one of the rooms and play with each other. We used to get hard but never cummed. Used to get naked and talk dirty.
We had a sleepover once when we were but older and i sort of forgot about the past. I was still a virgin. I had started to masturbate.
While sleeping i opened my eyes from sleep to find my face was right next to his. Probably half an inch between us, we were so close to a kiss, we both moved a little and our legs touched.
I got so horny and hard. We both acted like we both dont know whats going on and we are sleeping.
He moved and put his hand on my dick.

I had such a sensation through my body that i never felt again.
I cummed .. without doing anything really ( Virgin things ) haaha

I felt nervous and ashamed after ... i turned around and never made any move for the rest of the night.

We never had another sleepover because their family moved away few days after Nd we aren’t in touch anymore
I still think about it .. and wish we meet again and things fall into place again.
Comment #193 by Cougarcub in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Apr-21 2:27PM
I was 16, I joined a adult sex site claiming to be 18 looking for a woman to take my virginity. A local guy started messaging me and I found myself getting turned turned on by what he was saying to me. I arranged to meet him multiple times and bottled it everytime. Then one night I made it to his house and was about to ride past on my miles but he heard it and came to the door. So I pulled up and followed him inside. He took me upstairs into his room and put his hand down my pants on to my already hard cock. He then kissed me and his stubble against my smooth face turned me on even more. He stripped me down naked and sucked my cock. He then got naked and asked me to suck his cock, I was super nervous but I did it. To my surprise he came inside my mouth. I swallowed every drop. He then sucked my cock and I came in his mouth. I've tried to recreate that same feeling I got that night but never have. I had an affair with him for a while which included him dressing me up in his wife's clothes and taking my virginity.
Comment #194 by domseka in response to IIwantitall ( view post )
Posted on 25-Apr-21 7:17PM
Comment #195 by jayfun in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Apr-21 7:35PM
First time was after talking to a guy on a dating website a couple years ago we chatted for a bit and eventually ended up meeting at his place, after a bit of a awkward chat we ended up in the lounge just chatting away. He put on some porn and we watched that for a bit u til I said geez I need to adjust myself he said it would be easier if I just took them off so did next thing he was sliding his hand up and down my shaft while I just stared at the tv. Before I knew it he was kneeling before me and bobbing up and down on my shaft. We quickly retired to the bedroom and carried on ended up kissing and he started to blow me again, he was ok with me just receiving, after a bit of that we talked about doing anything else. I joking said well should we try anal. I was saying it jokingly but before I had thought about it he was on all fours ready to go. So I proceeded to try for the first time. It was great very tight but fun just did it slowly but came very quickly. We have caught up a few times not at his house, but more out and about and just when he and I have time.
Comment #196 by Newhorizons in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Apr-21 6:09PM
Some really hot stories on here how about we add first 3 somes or best encounters
Comment #197 by jayfun in response to Newhorizons ( view post )
Posted on 28-Apr-21 6:14PM
No 3sum yet but potentially open to offers 😂
Comment #198 by Newhorizons in response to jayfun ( view post )
Posted on 28-Apr-21 6:19PM
Tell us your first haven’t seen it on here
Comment #199 by Newhorizons in response to jayfun ( view post )
Posted on 28-Apr-21 6:20PM
Cancel that just seen it 😂😂😂
Posted on 28-Apr-21 8:20PM
Love that wish i can find me a fwb to do all the kinky things
Posted on 28-Apr-21 8:38PM
God yes id love to be that guy with you
Comment #202 by Havinfun in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-Apr-21 1:57PM
Love reading all these
Practically cum in my pants
Comment #203 by Robbie63 in response to Havinfun ( view post )
Posted on 30-Apr-21 2:00PM
How was your first time?
Comment #204 by Dniice in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-May-21 12:30PM
Happened only last year...Was high on Tina and accidentally downloaded the wrong porn flick..I wanted a MMF one but got a Bi MMF one. Well when the guys started kissing each other and sucking each others cocks i found myself soooo turned on for the first time in my life!!! Well of course i was in denial but when it happened again a few weeks later i started to try and accept and understand what was happening. It took me 6 months before i had the courage to actually hook up with a guy. So i went online and found someone and it was just really really hot!!! I was actually stunned at how good it was. Needless to say i have done it more than once and now accept that i am at least Bi, well when i'm high anyway...!!
Comment #205 by Robbie63 in response to Dniice ( view post )
Posted on 1-May-21 1:12PM
Comment #206 by merksmith in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-May-21 1:30PM
I don't think I was seduced... I was 19 and just out of first year at Uni. I've always thought about cock but not acted on it. Was staying with a friend and after a few drinks we were chilling out. To this day I'm not sure how his cock ended up in my mouth. Lovely and I would like to repeat with him but unfortunately he didn't see it that way. Haven't seen him since...
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Comment #208 by Yowser in response to Seymour ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jun-21 5:14PM
Comment #209 by sissy_nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jun-21 10:46AM
i remember i was in the UK when i was about 18 - i was really slim and fit then but had no idea how to meet guys, one day i worked up the courage to goto a gay sauna in portsmouth.
it was real small with a few old guys and i will always remember the nerves when i went in and was watched as i changed into a towel....
it took me quite a while to work up the courage to wander round and meet the gaze of some men. but no one i really liked until ... a man about 55 came in - classic gay daddy with muscles, a cool mo and real strong dark eyes. but the most amazing thing was his massive, cut cock and big balls. i was so smitten and embarrassed i couldnt take my eyes off it and him. so everything was pretty natural as he came over and i dropped to my knees and did what felt natural. and after a bit he motioned me up and we went to a room - he must have known it was my first time as i remember very clearly him telling me that he was going to fuck me inside. and wow - he sure did
Comment #210 by up4playtime in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jun-21 9:26AM
First time was a man I met on here. I had never been with a man and had been curious. He hosted and he was such gentleman, we sat talked about what to expect, had a drink and he started feeling my cock, but this time I was already rock hard my cock was throbbing. He lowered my pants and started sucking my cock. After a while he asked if I wanted to try anal and he bought out dildo. He was fucking my ass nice and slow, it was a weird feeling, my cock was aching from being hard. He was impressed that I had taken the whole dildo and swore I had done it before but I hadn't, we both ended up in a 69 until I exploded my load in his mouth. Then it was his turn, it was a blur at this stage, but he shot his load all over his stomach and I cleaned up tasting his sweet load for the first time, he was so patient with me, since then I have been looking for that. It is harder now that I'm in a relationship, but still think about it :)
Comment #211 by sprintcar in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jun-21 12:40PM
My first time was painful once relaxed up was a nice sensation till i found out about rush
Comment #212 by sprintcar in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jun-21 12:57PM
The thing thats hard is finding someone that has own place so you can take your time and relax up
Posted on 13-Jun-21 2:01PM
So true
Comment #214 by Yowser in response to sprintcar ( view post )
Posted on 13-Jun-21 7:10PM
For sure!
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Comment #216 by 247pleasure in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Jul-21 10:29AM
I was about 15 and was mowing lawns for a guy for pocket money one day after I finished I went 2 aske for payment I didn't really know what was happening at the time but he was in shorts and a singlet and said you look hot invited me in 4 a drink of water there was another guy there sitting in the lounge with no top on and nxt thing u know I had water tired down the front of me and he said I u want u can take of yr clothes dry so I decided and then begain my st mmm freesome one of the best sexual moments I've ever had
Posted on 19-Jul-21 11:42AM
Comment #218 by Whynotu in response to Yowser ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jul-21 9:36PM
Definitely an advantage having your own place. I live alone, can host..for that reason I get a lot of complaints..!!
Comment #219 by Seymour in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Jul-21 9:49PM
Around 12 I had my first M2M My babysitter molested me in my bedroom he sucked me had his dick out I was young never understood...My first M2M was at Menfriends . drove up from Ashburton only had cycle shorts on I cum in my pants on the way up in anticipation of having my first legitimate M M...first person I meet was a beautiful Trans Maori sucked me dry then we fucked......
Posted on 19-Jul-21 10:04PM
That's hot
Comment #221 by Robbie63 in response to Seymour ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jul-21 10:16PM
Comment #222 by Dell777 in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-21 9:27AM
I was about 12 - 13 and was staying over at a friends place during a party my parents were attending
I was sleeping in his room on the floor. When we went to bed he asked if a wanted to top and tail, I never had a problem with this and said yes.
When I sat up he said “you have your under pants on, why don’t you sleep without them” I thought why not and I took them off
Later I felt his leg rubbing on my leg and touching my cock, he jumped up and said let’s wank… I was shocked I never did this on my own let alone with a guy… but he reached over grabbed my cock and started to run me
I got so hard he wanked me and told me to do the same to him and I did
Just so nice can still remember this years later
Posted on 23-Jul-21 9:29AM
Comment #224 by Newhorizons in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-21 11:30AM
Loving the hot first time story’s if only we could go back in time
Comment #225 by Robbie63 in response to Dell777 ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-21 12:42PM
Posted on 23-Jul-21 12:43PM
The best time of our lives".
Comment #227 by Dell777 in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-21 3:26PM
It has brought back some memories
Another time I used to play with a younger boy, I was around 13
He would lay on my bed naked if I let him read my comics, he would read away as I wanked myself silly looking at his very lovely bum
Comment #228 by Newhorizons in response to Dell777 ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-21 3:29PM
That is hot I’ve had a similar experience at that age but it was if I let him ride my motorbike
Comment #229 by Dell777 in response to Newhorizons ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-21 3:31PM
He asked me once if I wanted to suck his cock, I said no… always regretted that

Comment #230 by Newhorizons in response to Dell777 ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-21 3:33PM
Yeah would of been a def go my first experience was with two guys when I was drunk man my cock was dripping like a leaking tap while one was inside me the other in my mouth yummy yummy
Comment #231 by Dell777 in response to Newhorizons ( view post )
Posted on 23-Jul-21 3:35PM
Never done that, would very much like to
Comment #232 by NzSkrael in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jul-21 2:43AM
my first adult (18+) M2M experience was when me and a mat were on hot gossip in wellington, we managed to invite this cute wee lass over to our place, and she wouldn't let us fuck her unless she sucked both of us off at the same time, it was at that point I knew I was at the very least bi. having her suck my dick and rub it against my mates hard cock was something else, we fucked her, DP. and i helped guide him in a few times, its progressed from there obviously. But thats still ery powerful memories
Comment #233 by up4playtime in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jul-21 3:24PM
I am loving these hot experiences.

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