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First M2M Sexual Encouter,what and how did it happen
Discussion - started by Avid, posted on 26-Aug-20 1:37PM

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Posted on 29-Oct-21 10:21PM
MMMM sounds alot like one I had once in Hamilton
Posted on 29-Oct-21 11:02PM
That is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.

Many any years ago in Wellington in my early twenty’s a group of us were on the town, drinking and trying to score women but with the usual success…Nil.

We would end up at Liks on Vivian St and get horny watching the strippers, then that would lead to a knock shop…. On one very drunk night and I’m still not sure how it happened, I was in an elevator with a Tranny who was sucking me off in the middle of Wellington’s CBD. I remember thinking this chick is different somehow and I reached I to find her bludge, totally freaked out and bolted.

I wish I’d had the courage to go home with her and explore my early bi feelings. If it ever happened again it would be a very different ending!

Thanks again for sharing.
Posted on 29-Oct-21 11:36PM
Awesome, yes was a leap of faith but very happy i went with it.
Posted on 29-Oct-21 11:41PM
Awesome 👍
Comment #366 by Aucklandsub in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-Nov-21 4:01PM
I have yet to to experience mine and never thought I would however these stories really get me excited.
Posted on 1-Nov-21 7:07PM
Your going to love it when you do.
Posted on 3-Nov-21 10:23PM
That sounds amazing I'm hard reading that. I'd love to find a hot trans with nice tits and cock
Comment #369 by Harry231 in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Nov-21 8:47PM
I was around 12, there were few young guys playing. They convince me playing with them and take me to the corner. They were 4 of them. I say no to the suck on that occasion but they all fuck me one by one. I can’t even walk properly for few days. It was painful and few other guys also knows and want to fuck me.
Comment #370 by Chambord in response to Harry231 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Nov-21 10:38PM
I'm sorry. No good
Posted on 5-Nov-21 9:59AM
Doesn't sound like a good first experience to me
Comment #372 by Robbie63 in response to Harry231 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Nov-21 10:04AM
This is sad that they raped you.
Discovery of sex is supposed to be a
Nice thing to experience.
I hope that it hasn't put you off sex.
Comment #373 by Newhorizons in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Dec-21 9:18PM
Bit quite on the story front come on guys let’s ease some of the lockdown boredom
Comment #374 by Estev in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Dec-21 5:27PM
I was in my 30s newly single having neverbeen with a guy feeling horny and curious. The closest I had come to sucking cock as an adult was having erotic thoughts while slowly eatting a chocolate Memphis Meltdown icecream.

So I replied to a local profile on nzp. After some chat over a few days I agreed to meet at his place later that night. I spent all day nervous and hard, thinking about the encounter to come.

He was older than i had thought, in his 40s i guess some grey hairs on his chest but built well and there I was with an itch to scratch.

I was kind of unsure so he led me into his bedroom, candles already burning for the mood. I followed him in undressing and stood facing him as he rubbed his cock on mine. I became more comfortable as i told him i wanted to on his bed. He swallowed my cock and i found myself with a hard cock right there in my face. I rubbed it a few times before starting to lick and suck. I wanted to see if i could swallow him all and before long he was at the back of my throat, my nose pressed up on his pubes. I was suprised at how much goo this cause to run from my throat as I kept going with the juicy bj.

Meanwhile he is enjoying my dick in his mouth and it was feeling good, good, grrrreat, ugggh im gonna cum.... his mouth full of my hot juice, a swallow and he licks his lips. He rolls onto his back starts furiously jerking, me watching as he groans and cums all over his belly and bed.
To be honest it was all hot as hell but now I had cum and that changes things. He offered for me to use his shower and looking back it would have been good to have had a soapy rubdown but for me it was time to leave. I drove away feeling hot and suprised and still kinda curious...
Comment #375 by Tommiegreen in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 14-Dec-21 9:28PM
Awesome story thanks 😊
Comment #376 by Johnyrv in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 16-Dec-21 5:38PM
Haven't had an experience yet, but this seems like the best way to ease into it
Comment #377 by ktt0630 in response to Johnyrv ( view post )
Posted on 16-Dec-21 11:06PM
Go for it. So in the interests of story telling. This was by no means my first, but was may last M2M encounter ...

I was feeling horny on a saturday afternoon. You know how it is, cock is hard, looking online, looking at some porn, not much happening. I needed sex. Not much point in tinder in that situation, so go to grindr. Reactivate my account (I only use it for emergency right now sex), edit my profile and fingers crossed. I soon got a message some a guy only 3km away - excellent. I messaged that I was looking for right now - he was too. Not a time wasting browswer then. He could host. He gave me the vicinity and told me to message when nearby (a good tip to screen out time wasters). I put on only a pair or shorts and t shirt for easy stripping off. I messaged when near and he gave me the address - the garage door will be open, just walk in. I parked and walked into the garage. He invited me in. No small talk, we both knew what we wanted. Once inside I took off my shorts and my cock was already hard. He quickly stripped too and I walked up to him and took his cock in my hand, while I ran my other hand over his back, butt and legs. he was soon hard too. i drpped to my knees in front of him and took him into my mouth. I like to deep throat and forced it in until i gagged a little, but had all of him in me. i slurped away for a bit, then we swapped places. he was good and I had to gently ease him away to avoid cumming early. he had a towel on the floor so we lay down and caressed and played with each other for a bit. I sucked him a bit more and then he pulled me up and naturally my cock was close to his ass. "Do you want me to fuck you" I asked. "Yes" he replied. I went to get the condom in my shorts pocket, but he had one ready that he handed me. I slid it over my hard cock and then eased into him. He was obviously used to it as I slid in easily. His ass felt great around my cock though. I pumped firmly but not fast and quite soon his cock erupted with cum. I love it when that happens. I thought I would pull out and wank over him for the visual effect but he said he wanted me to cum in his throat so he sat up and swallowed me. fuck it was a good bj. he hardly breathed and took me deep the whole time until i literally came in his throat. fuck it was good. both of us had cum, and both were satisfied. I dressed, we hugged thanks, and I left.
Comment #378 by Dowanger in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 16-Dec-21 11:10PM
That's pretty hot
Comment #379 by Robbie63 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 16-Dec-21 11:12PM
Comment #380 by Estev in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 17-Dec-21 7:34AM
A hot encounter with two happy endings. Nice. Love that he came while you fucked him.
Comment #381 by Yowser in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 17-Dec-21 9:00AM
Bloody good show! Mutually satisfying plus a hug to finish. Well done
Comment #382 by sidsback in response to Yowser ( view post )
Posted on 17-Dec-21 9:03AM
Can't not do the hug
comment #383 was clobbered
Comment #384 by Robbie63 in response to Tinny ( view post )
Posted on 22-Dec-21 10:58AM
Nice...good that you are positive after your experience.
Comment #385 by Paully4fun in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Dec-21 6:36PM
Married for 10 years and went to a gay sauna,, got into a spa across from a guy,, he swam over and his hard cock was prodding my hole. He just pushed it in and thrust for about 2 minutes and came in me
Comment #386 by master in response to Paully4fun ( view post )
Posted on 29-Dec-21 6:47PM
Comment #387 by Shaunwest121 in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-Dec-21 10:56AM
Hey bro I'm a doctor wearing sexy and training and I'm looking for someone to come over but my door from me and f*** mask so I come I want sissygasm can anyone in this room give me please p.m. me I have my own flat to private now I'll drain your bulls to their fucken empty
Comment #388 by nzguy30 in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Dec-21 12:35PM
My first one must been around 20 years ago. Was at the bar, and being young and horney (horney part hasn't changed ) I was trying to take a female home. This guy started talking to me, and was pretty much straight up. Gave me his number and said if I didn't have any success, would I go home with him for some fun.

Needless to say, I didn't have luck that night and went back to his place. We sucked either other off then took turns fucking each other. Was amazing.

Since then I have been having fun with both genders. I love my women, but also love cock now!
Comment #389 by wmz in response to Shaunwest121 ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 5:41PM
i don't believe a real dr. wrote that
Comment #390 by Estev in response to nzguy30 ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 10:48PM
Hot story. Sounds like a good time.
Comment #391 by Estev in response to wmz ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 10:49PM
Maybe a Dr high on his own supply 😉😜
Comment #392 by ChchMatt45 in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 1-Jan-22 8:26AM
I’ve just re-read this entire thread from start to finish. Have to admit I was so turned on by the stories I jerked off twice!

Thanks everyone for sharing your story. Great to know there are others like me.
Comment #393 by nzguy30 in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 1-Jan-22 2:28PM
It was
Posted on 1-Jan-22 3:16PM
not my first but still new.
was 19 or so just had an argument with my gf at the time she stormed off one way i went the other way.
unknowen to me a young trans girl must've overheard our spat and was slowly following behind me on my walk.
i noticed and kinda made my way into wellington highschool and waited, feeling she was not far behind.
was hard waiting not sure what was next, as she came round the corner she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock.
i was feeling such a rush in my body it was amazing.
she stood up put a condom on and bent over and held the rail.
in all honesty i think me fucking her was all done and dusted in a few minutes.she did tell me before i come that she wanted to swollow my load, so proceded to turn her around take the condom off and blow my load in her mouth.
what happened next was WOW...she stood up and tounge kissed me with a mouth full of my cum.
some memories you never forget
Posted on 1-Jan-22 9:10PM
Very yummy"".
Comment #396 by mic64u in response to josie2 ( view post )
Posted on 13-Jan-22 5:50PM
you have a nice hole as well would,nt mind fucking you my self
Comment #397 by Ben10 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 13-Jan-22 9:25PM
that was super hot. made my cock superhard!
Comment #398 by Fun2Have in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Jan-22 9:04AM
Never had an experience, but keen to explore... great stories... definitely made me hard
Posted on 14-Jan-22 11:08AM
Yeah it's always exciting especially the first time
Posted on 14-Jan-22 11:43AM
I hope so, I want it to be a great experience to want more
Posted on 14-Jan-22 11:45AM
Oh m8 ur gonna luv it🤙🏿
Posted on 14-Jan-22 11:49AM
I'm sure will mate!! Exciting times ahead
Posted on 14-Jan-22 12:01PM
Posted on 15-Jan-22 9:40AM
After sending this message, a guy reached out and we met yesterday. I battled to get hard due to the nerves. We watched some porn, and he stroked me... eventually I stroked him and with that, I started to get hard. I came so nicely, and then he came shortly afterwards. While stroking him, I thought what it would be like to suck his cock, but felt it wasn't the right time. Nice experience
Comment #405 by sidsback in response to Fun2Have ( view post )
Posted on 15-Jan-22 9:52AM
Wonderful. It's so nice I remember that nervy feeling still get that on occasion.
Comment #406 by Fun2Have in response to sidsback ( view post )
Posted on 15-Jan-22 9:56AM
I hope it goes away, I'd want to be more relaxed and more excited, as its kinda embarrassing not being hard for him
Posted on 15-Jan-22 1:46PM
Yeah it can take sum time but you will get there... the nerves will turn to excitement and then away you go.
Comment #408 by Estev in response to Fun2Have ( view post )
Posted on 15-Jan-22 2:44PM
Let us know how you next experience goes.
My second time was more relaxed. With a guy from Columbia i had been chatting w on grindr. He came to mine, arriving as an all blacks game was finishing which was good cause it gave us a little time to sit on the sofa and relax together. The game finished and he pulled me close, reaching into my shorts and started to kiss me. Id not kissed a guy before but I went with it. He had soft full lips and i liked it. The feeling of having another guys cock in my hand was hot as fuck and i could tell he was really turmed on too. After kissing and stroking our cocks on the couch i took him to my bed and started sucking him, but what he really wanted was to suck me so we swapped places and he got to work all over my cock and balls with his soft lips and tounge. I came in his mouth and he came on his belly. I rubbed the cum all over his belly with my hand. Afterwards he stayed and we chatted before he left. I kinda wish i would have invited him back a second time and we coukd have gone further than what he called'just foreplay' haha
Comment #409 by Fun2Have in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 15-Jan-22 2:50PM
Oh wow... what a sexy story, thanks for sharing. It definitely turned me on. I would love to experience a man sucking my cock and swallowing all my cum
Comment #410 by Wantsumofthis in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 16-Jan-22 11:50AM
Nice one... very hot
Posted on 16-Jan-22 7:25PM

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