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Little Blues
Discussion - started by DarkNight, posted on 6-Sep-20 2:33AM
Love the way those little blue pills give one such a massive sustaining erection.
But..... the fucking headache that comes with it,is not so nice!

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Comment #1 by Horniharri in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Sep-20 8:51AM
Anyone know where you can get some little blue pills without a prescription or answering a million questions at the pharmacy?
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:27AM
You too shy to go to Dr or chemist ..
My Dr dosnt have an issue I use & happy to write out script
The look on ladies face at chemist is priceless when she hands over script, I just give her cheeky wink & wonder off
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:32AM
Thats called owning it
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:35AM
It's priceless....
I'm not embarrassed to use ...just part of life ( due to health issue) yet ya get "the look"
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:38AM
Exactly and confidence if youre getting the stares and you wink at the woman whose giving it to you. Proves youre doing you so ultimately who cares right?
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:42AM
Totally !👌👌
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:42AM
Interesting, but still doesn’t get me my little blues!
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:43AM
So you are asking someone to commit a serious offence just to save you some embarrassment. Priceless
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:53AM
Wow, that was a quantum leap from a general enquiry to allegations of illegality to a judgement about supposed embarrassment. Not only is it making some huge assumptions but it is hugely judgmental. Not cool
Comment #10 by Goldie in response to robbierabbit ( view post )
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:55AM
Old guy I used to have coffee with at the local cafe, Cecil (the old ram 🐏 off footrot flats ) love in the pensioner flats , had 3 old girls , he was bedding. Didn’t need blue pills , but got them anyway and sold them. 5 $ each
Comment #11 by Laseredfeild in response to Goldie ( view post )
Posted on 6-Sep-20 10:21AM
Even with script still cost me $10 per pill
Posted on 6-Sep-20 10:25AM
The commentary I responded to was acknowledging how I respected and loved the way he owned it when the ladies would pass judgement on by looking at him in a certain way.

If you need said blue pills maybe you could visit your gp and get a script too. Good luck 👍
Comment #13 by cant in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Sep-20 5:48PM
Thought you were discussing penguins from the title,
Posted on 6-Sep-20 9:44PM
Chemist Warehouse. Vedafil. Made in Australia. Viagra generic. 10 pills for $25, so only $ - each for mg. Can cut in half. Works well. So $ - a fuck.
Posted on 6-Sep-20 10:22PM
Wow heaps cheaper, script required ?
Posted on 6-Sep-20 10:59PM
No script. But pharmacist asks a few questions and takes blood pressure. In private room. That is one-off cost of $25, I recall
Posted on 7-Sep-20 6:11AM
Nearest from here is Wellington .....
Can prescribe online may be ,will see
Comment #18 by medic in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Sep-20 7:53AM
4 for $30 At chemist 😃
Comment #19 by putao in response to Horniharri ( view post )
Posted on 7-Sep-20 11:29AM
If you are traveling up in Asia, especially India (but obviously not this year!!!) you can get them from chemist - no script, and about $1 a tablet. They might be clones but are same colour, same shape etc ... work well and no nasty side effects...
Comment #20 by cray in response to hyo987mjhcxs ( view post )
Posted on 8-Sep-20 7:53PM
One off cost for a 12 month period I believe.. Then same again. ?
Comment #21 by Isyaready in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Sep-20 8:54PM
Wait until you’re going to the doctors for something else then ask him to add say 10 or 20 mg viagra-substitute tablets to the prescription. Then cut the tablets in half (cheaper than buying mg tablets. When able to travel overseas, then SE Asia or pacific islands can get the tablets even cheaper. When I was in Samoa I would buy - of them - the lady pharmacist would always come over to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. I said no, all the Samoan ladies keep me busy. She couldn’t help but smile - so too did the other pretty assistants. Good times....nah, great times 😀
Comment #22 by Isyaready in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Sep-20 8:56PM
Sorry that should read 10 or 20 mg tablets
Comment #23 by Isyaready in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Sep-20 8:58PM
Bloody phone doesn’t like writing one hundred mg tablets. Then where I say cut them in half because they are cheaper than 2x fifty mg tablets.
Comment #24 by LilyBlack in response to Isyaready ( view post )
Posted on 9-Sep-20 7:32AM
FYI. NZP Only allows Four numbers in a Post! Lily x
Comment #25 by hotntasty in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Sep-20 11:29AM
Mate you need a check up... for sure
Comment #26 by DarkNight in response to hotntasty ( view post )
Posted on 9-Sep-20 11:58PM
Posted on 11-Sep-20 11:20PM
If you're getting a headache after taking the pills, could be that is a bad reaction that may be caused by some underlying condition. Best to check with a professional if you are having adverse effects.
Posted on 11-Sep-20 11:55PM
Chemistwarehouse the blue pills much cheaper they are all genuine to.
If you go to the doctor and get other medications get the blue pill put on that perscription just the one fee the script.
Reason for script is your blood pressure and heart rythem.
They will let you have them till 75yrs old.
Posted on 12-Sep-20 6:08AM
High BP , is my issue, on tablets for this
My pills all prescribed by my Dr,
Posted on 12-Sep-20 7:40PM
Yes. I am on pills for bp and I can have viagra,avigra,silvasta,
My doctor said if my bp go's to high then be no blue pills.
I don't us them much as don't always work.
Comment #31 by hotntasty in response to DarkNight ( view post )
Posted on 15-Sep-20 4:00PM
underlying condition....
Comment #32 by Robbie63 in response to hotntasty ( view post )
Posted on 15-Sep-20 7:45PM
Yep underlaying problem.
Stopped working my cock did 24 yrs ago when my wife broke my heart.
Sex not everything. I do enjoy manual stimulation of others and watching.
May with right guy have nice rear work out.
Comment #33 by Handsomeharry in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Sep-20 7:57PM
How good!

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