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Discussion - started by Mazdaallday5, posted on 11-Sep-20 2:33AM
So ive just come out as transgender and really need to make some lgbt friends but also really need advice on how to and where to start transitioning

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Comment #1 by Whynotu in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Sep-20 11:47AM
Go to You tube and search for "The real Alex Bertie"..amazing young English transgender guy.Loads of videos giving advice...
Comment #2 by Nersayus in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Sep-20 5:15PM
First off, congratulations on taking the first step to loving your authentic life.

I think you cant go past in person, real life support especially to start with - build up your tolerance to asshats slowly! Are there any queer coffee groups or like in your area? I've always found the fet environment a pretty good place to be openly myself - maybe try some of those kind of events to meet people? Ive always found the in person events so much better, you only meet the genuine people that way and it reduces the risk of being dragged down rabbit holes.
While this place can be great for connecting with others and getting ideas be careful with support found online totally, keep a bag of salt handy. Lots of fantasy, twinned with sometimes marginal doses of reality.
Comment #3 by Kandi in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Sep-20 3:47PM
I suggest joining the trans groups on fb which ive found helpful & supportive also fet is a good way to meet other's like yourself, once you've joined the fb group they will be able to guide you where to get HRT from in your area, good luck enjoy the journey
Comment #4 by Mazdaallday5 in response to Kandi ( view post )
Posted on 13-Sep-20 2:25AM
Do you know any nz based ones?
Comment #5 by Kandi in response to Mazdaallday5 ( view post )
Posted on 13-Sep-20 5:01PM
Yes just type in trans groups in NZ then pick which one's suit you

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