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Things you've wanted to try and haven't had the chance...
Discussion - started by Peripatetic, posted on 6-Mar-21 12:35AM
Hello again everybody.. Finding it hard to sleep so thought there's no better time than now to pose one of my ever odd questions. As the title suggests, things that you've wanted to try but haven't. Only fair if I share one of mine first... One of the things I'd like to tick off would have to be a mother daughter simultaneous action.

Hard to come across and unsure it ever will . More fantasy than fiction. Who knows though, that. 001% possibility could occur eh?

Let hear everyone else'sπŸ˜‰

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Comment #553 by Rickyg85 in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 16-Nov-22 1:06PM
Not being sensitive at all, merely backing up my statement
Posted on 16-Nov-22 1:32PM
She did have at the end indicating a joke. Bit of sarcasm. JeezπŸ˜‚
Posted on 16-Nov-22 1:35PM
Ok boys, I won't be sarcastic anymore. Thanks so much for alerting me to it.
Posted on 16-Nov-22 1:44PM
I got your sarcasm just fine
Comment #557 by Hot69boy in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 16-Nov-22 9:17PM
Oh no you keep doing what you doing girl..your profile is hot..your pics are hot and your msgs are hotter..
Comment #558 by Estev in response to Hot69boy ( view post )
Posted on 16-Nov-22 9:54PM
Ill jump in on the Unikorny appreciation here...Smart, sexy AND horny... thats the goldielocks zone right there 😘
Comment #559 by Hot69boy in response to Estev ( view post )
Posted on 16-Nov-22 9:57PM
To rite aye..
Comment #560 by Lana69 in response to Misstyz ( view post )
Posted on 22-Nov-22 5:14AM
Same! Bi MMF is something I'd love to experience
Comment #561 by smurfn6969 in response to Lana69 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Nov-22 6:07AM
There’s a lot of guys would like a Bi MMF fuck but many won’t admit to wanting it
Posted on 22-Nov-22 6:35AM
I used to be one. But not any more. Bi mmf’s are hot.
Posted on 22-Nov-22 9:40AM
Damn right they are Hot n Sexy ASF mmmm
Posted on 22-Nov-22 9:59AM
You like seeing 2 guys sharing each other and yourself
Posted on 22-Nov-22 10:06AM
Mmmmmmmm yummy 🀀🀀🀀 yes please who wouldn't x Bi mmf's are Hot n Sexy ASF...
Posted on 22-Nov-22 10:08AM
Oh yes that sounds hot as fuck and with you Sarah that would be exciting
Posted on 23-Nov-22 3:31PM
Yeah it would be so awesome if a guy can use my dick to fuck the girl in a way. Where he is fucking me while im fucking her at the same time.
Comment #568 by Thatotherguy in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Nov-22 12:23AM
Ive always wanted to join in a dvp
Posted on 24-Nov-22 9:37AM
Excuse me for being naive.....what's a dvp?
Posted on 24-Nov-22 9:46AM
Double Vagina Penetration
Posted on 24-Nov-22 9:49AM
Oh! Geez I've learnt some shit since I got here πŸ˜† I'd fucken love that too but I suspect it would be quite awkward to execute properly?
Posted on 24-Nov-22 9:51AM
How bout tape a dildo to a cock and hey prestoπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
Posted on 24-Nov-22 9:56AM
I love how a man's brain can work when it comes to sex πŸ˜†
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:02AM
😜or just couple dildos together. See if ya like it.
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:03AM
It’s a bit of a curse having sex on the brain all the time
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:10AM
I've done a couple of dildos but nothing beats a warm blooded cock, so two would be sensational, I've loved dp the couple of times I've tried. But I've never had a guy eat creampie!!! And I was just reading that thread and now THAT'S what I want to try 🀀
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:13AM
Mmmm I would gladly then feed you. πŸ˜‰
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:21AM
I thought it was supposed to be eaten by the guy? I don't want it, I've been swallowing cum forever 🀣
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:23AM
Ok ok. πŸ˜‚
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:54AM
That's what I creampie is Master when the Guy cums in My sweet pussy then you eat it out mmmmmmm hence Creampie yummy 🀀🀀🀀 yes please X
Posted on 24-Nov-22 10:58AM
Nothing wrong with sharing though. Sharing is caring πŸ˜‚
Posted on 24-Nov-22 11:03AM
Damn right it definitely is Sharing is Caring Mmmm Care 🐻 Bear...
Posted on 24-Nov-22 11:04AM
Posted on 24-Nov-22 12:53PM
Acting like you dont know wat dvp is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜™
comment #585 was clobbered
Posted on 24-Nov-22 1:00PM
I’m friends with her .. but thanks for your cool comment .. you still pretending you don’t charge for your services πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Comment #587 by smurfn6969 in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 24-Nov-22 1:45PM
Mmmm yes I’d eat a cream pie , my cum or another guys, just get the mix of sexual juices
Comment #588 by Pacman303 in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 24-Nov-22 8:00PM
Its something I've wanted to try but have had ex's tell me they didn't want me to do it! They thought it was gross, even though I'd eaten them before, and they'd swallowed my cum.
Go figure!
Posted on 25-Nov-22 2:45AM
I didn't! Seriously πŸ˜‚
Posted on 25-Nov-22 10:02AM
It can be difficult, unless the cocks are lonngggg. but feels good. from a males perspective, a cock rubbing against each other, insode the woman. cumming over each other is hot. and makes for nice cream pie desert
Posted on 27-Nov-22 12:22PM
i loved that in past but these days only a receiver and love being fucked while she teases and humiliates me
Posted on 27-Nov-22 12:24PM
especially when u know she says that all u good for is cleaning pussy and licking pussy his cock the works
Comment #593 by toejoe in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 22-Dec-22 9:49AM
I would gladly eat a pussy after it's been fucked and cum in, whether it be my cum or someone else's
Comment #594 by smurfn6969 in response to toejoe ( view post )
Posted on 22-Dec-22 10:15AM
It’s great tasting the combined sex juices
Posted on 22-Dec-22 10:17AM
Your definitely right there, The combined juices are great tasting
Comment #596 by toejoe in response to smurfn6969 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Dec-22 10:21AM
Yeah for sure and it seems to start things rolling again
Comment #597 by cumluvva in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Dec-22 2:25PM
Hi I had a husband and wife
Comment #598 by mouse1983 in response to cumluvva ( view post )
Posted on 29-Dec-22 9:47PM
Same here. Its really fun. Didnt get to explore as much as i wanted but was still fun though
comment #599 was clobbered
Comment #600 by cumluvva in response to Lana69 ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-22 10:23AM
Me too
Posted on 31-Dec-22 11:03AM
MMF is most enjoyable, lota sucking options, and the lady gets lots of attention. at both ends, DP etc etc.
would love another, been a while
Posted on 31-Dec-22 12:37PM
Had a mmf with a couple last week which included dp and cream pie to finish off very tasty

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