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Things you've wanted to try and haven't had the chance...
Discussion - started by Peripatetic, posted on 6-Mar-21 12:35AM
Hello again everybody.. Finding it hard to sleep so thought there's no better time than now to pose one of my ever odd questions. As the title suggests, things that you've wanted to try but haven't. Only fair if I share one of mine first... One of the things I'd like to tick off would have to be a mother daughter simultaneous action.

Hard to come across and unsure it ever will . More fantasy than fiction. Who knows though, that. 001% possibility could occur eh?

Let hear everyone else's😉

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Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:14PM
You are certainly living your dream life so good on you. Most people don't get to live out their fantasies, so you were fortunate your aunty caught you dressing up in her clothes and then took advantage of having you as a sub. Obviously she was well versed in the lifestyle by then so it's worked out very well for both of you
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:18PM
Well it was her secret lifestyle too she was very much longer like me and kept to herself we rarely see anyone except when shopping for supplies rest time live secluded life except friends who come to stay enjoying privacy and peaceful quiet
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:19PM
Her daughter died young of cancer my folks killed by drunk driver rest family overseas so I was protective of her and being kinky nothing she's not allowed to do and has fully enjoyed that to her liking our dirty secrets
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:26PM
seems many of us live 'secluded lives', I guess it's because finding a partner or girlfriend who is also D/s is like looking for a unicorn. As I've gotten older, it doesn't seem worth 'compromising' any more. Would rather be without, than only 'half'.
You are incredibly fortunate how things have unfolded for you, and sounds like you do have a chance to make it permanent.
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:30PM
So before you she led a loner's life, except for those she associated with in her lifestyle obviously. So with both of you being loners it suits you both to live such a secluded life.

Good that you have friends who come and stay. Does she still have contact with her previous subs?
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:37PM
She's only had one sub and it was her hubby and he cheated on her so she came to nz with us and yes we are happy leading quiet life with just her closest friends , I've made a very sexy wedding dress and asked her friends to help make arrangements so aunty can have all her wishes granted and celebrate by making every fantasy reality even the very naughty ones only we discuss nothing off limits to her as I want nothing else but please her
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:46PM
So who did you come to NZ with?
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:46PM
As her place is completely isolated and secluded aunty can do anything and knowing her secret fantasy I'm looking forward to her having it fulfilled at 45 she is very hot woman
Posted on 6-Oct-21 9:48PM
So she is younger than you????
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:08PM
No I'm 35 and having saved up to visit Thailand she has very smooth hair free sub with very large firm curves that are big enough I can't hide them worth every dollar had hair lasered off and eyebrows and eyeliner permanently tattooed and very interesting piercings she loves
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:36PM
wow, do you get reaction to the curves (public)? I am assuming you are not dressed in female/feminine clothes at work? But if the curves are hard to hide?
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:42PM
I spend most of my time dressed like girl although it's obvious I'm not curves do get lovely compliments as I wear very revealing outfits and some guys don't care and get deepthroated after chatting me up , itry best to look as FEM possible and whenever we go shopping wear sexiest outfits I can the woman we meet seem to enjoy how I look
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:45PM
I take my hat off to you, for making a choice and 'going for it', as long as both of you love what and where you are going.
Comment #256 by Give_n_Take in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:45PM
Well there's plenty of country blonde mothers with daughters down this way ... some of the mothers even have twin daughters !!

Just thought I'd throw that in as a option ... don't like to see desperate men not fulfil there bucket list.

Make sure you use Red Band gumboots for the Blue Band are for the bar

Have ya tried to order any from Amazon ??
Posted on 6-Oct-21 10:54PM
I would love a large group woman have me tied and huge selection toys I love being treated rough and my piercings would appeal to them
Posted on 7-Oct-21 9:20AM
Sloppy seconds and creampie cleanups get me rock hard
Posted on 8-Oct-21 8:53AM
On my bucket list.
Hope that I will get to try both of these.
Comment #260 by MadKiwiGuy in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Oct-21 9:07AM
Oh so many things I'd love to try...

One would be to meet a married lady wearing her exercise tights and panties, and while she is dressed she has me get my cock out and she strokes it until it's nice and hard as she rubs against me and kisses me. But before I cum she pulls her pants down a little and has me cum in her panties. She then pulls her pants back up, gives herself a little rub, me a kiss goodbye and she heads off home to hubby with her panties full of cum and a wee damp patch showing.

Later she texts to let me know if hubby noticed.
Comment #261 by Sex_is_Life in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Oct-21 10:40AM
Comment #262 by Dell777 in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Oct-21 5:08PM
Would like to be spit roasted
Comment #263 by 01James in response to Dell777 ( view post )
Posted on 9-Oct-21 7:45PM
yes, a MmF spitroast... hopefully one day
Comment #264 by Horlicks in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Oct-21 10:16AM
A blowjob from a trans, sisters, mother and daughter. I'm not greedy😆
Comment #265 by Chambord in response to Horlicks ( view post )
Posted on 11-Oct-21 10:24AM nice aye
Comment #266 by Dowanger in response to Horlicks ( view post )
Posted on 11-Oct-21 2:14PM
Hell yeah all of those make me hard
Comment #267 by MadKiwiGuy in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Oct-21 9:27AM
This discussion looks to have dried up a bit.

Talking about dried, or wet.
Imagine this...

Having a few drinks with a couple of mature and curvy ladies. They are wearing tight fitting light blue jeans that hug their bums and hips.

While having a laugh one lady has a wee accident and pees herself a little, leaving a visible wet patch on her jeans. With light jeans the damp patch really shows. The other lady comments on this and rather than trying to hide the little wet patch suggests that it would look better if she was soaked and proceeds to show us how much she could soak herself ... standing in front of us and she starts to piss herself while dressed.

But the two ladies then decide to remove their jeans and show me their wet panties, then rub themselves over my face so I get a taste and smell of those wet panties.

They then decide I need to compare.
The competition starts.
1: Panties - they ask which look best and smell best. Of course that needs some up close testing.
2: Pee - they want to know who's pee tastes the sweetest.
3: The look - they want an opinion of which pussy looks best
4: Taste test - then they decide that taste is a better sense to use and so they come and grind their pussies over me to get a good taste, and then they decide that I can taste their bum too, so they spread their cheeks and have me rim them to get a taste too.
: Feel is the nest sense they want to test, and so it's a tightness test. They lower themselves onto my cock and see how much they can squeeze their pussy's onto my cock. Then they both get onto their knees and have me enter their arses to see how tight their bums are as a comparison.

Of course there only be one winner.
The winner becomes the "boss" and the loser is her sub, to do whatever she is told.

Ands that's when they start to have real fun with me
Comment #268 by 01James in response to MadKiwiGuy ( view post )
Posted on 23-Oct-21 10:16PM
interesting fantasy...
would be rather interesting if it ever happened for you.
Comment #269 by Chambord in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Oct-21 9:13PM
Would love to slide in after someone filled her up.and also have a narwty girl squirt on my face.
Comment #270 by bbwbaby in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Oct-21 11:16PM
I want to meet up with a mature couple and have the husband teach me how to make his wife cum. Like he shows me and then we eat her out together. I don’t know how it would work but when I think about that fantasy, my pussy clenches 😩
Comment #271 by Kaiser in response to OldHabits ( view post )
Posted on 30-Oct-21 6:47AM
This is exactly my fantasy, I often look at pictures of trans lady’s, some of them have magnificent cocks! I wish there was a way to find one!
Comment #272 by 01James in response to Kaiser ( view post )
Posted on 30-Oct-21 11:42PM
Some of the Trans/Ladyboys you see online, are absolutely amazing looking, have to agree.
Comment #273 by Kotane in response to bbwbaby ( view post )
Posted on 31-Oct-21 6:49AM
Yes that sound interesting and fun that would be something I'd like to try 😀
Comment #274 by Down2fuck in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Dec-21 3:19AM
Ive always thought about suckn on a guys dick while i get my ass fucked .. and stop after I get creamed from the back and front bareback
Comment #275 by Down2fuck in response to chchswing ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 3:26AM
I dated this chick alot older she had a daughter 22 so long storie short I woke up and my cock was in her mouth I no I shouldn't but it was the best I've had I cum twice Wel while I was cleaning her older brother caught us and said il Tel if you don't suck mine too
Comment #276 by Down2fuck in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Dec-21 3:30AM
Is step daughter taboo I like my girlfriends daughter is it or is it not ok
Comment #277 by Down2fuck in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 3:58AM
I always watch shemale porn I've only tryd oral or cream pied by 2 of them mouth n ass then switch
Comment #278 by Popstar in response to Calypso122 ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 7:20AM
Damn girl get to work😜
Comment #279 by glen in response to Down2fuck ( view post )
Posted on 31-Dec-21 5:14PM
If you’re girlfriend is ok with it then go for it and no it’s not incest.
Posted on 31-Dec-21 5:35PM
nop.its fine, same as a sisterinlaw or brotherinlaw. its all good, if they want it, give to a go.
Comment #281 by Hot69boy in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Dec-21 11:15PM
I think I may have contact if you really want to try that..
Comment #282 by bootguy in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-Jan-22 12:24AM
I have had the opportunity in the past to have a trans girl in knee high boots squat over me in the bath and piss on me. Would love to have that happen again, especially with more than one trans girl. What I really want to try though is having such a girl spit on me, especially in my mouth, and call me a bitch and a faggot. Would also love to lick cum off her boots (not my own cum either!)
Comment #283 by 01James in response to Down2fuck ( view post )
Posted on 1-Jan-22 3:22AM
yeh similar to my 'want to try'. It was sort of on the cards a 'few' years ago, but situations change. She was working towards a MmF double teaming, with changing ends during... never happened, maybe never will at this rate.
Comment #284 by Secretkeeper in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jan-22 6:01PM
I have wanted to try anal and to blow a hung older guy but have never had the chance I'm so keen tho. I'm in napier .first time!!.come show me
. Please
Posted on 5-Jan-22 11:01PM
I'd love to show you but I'm to far away.
Posted on 6-Jan-22 12:06AM
Where are u ? Are u hung tho?
Posted on 6-Jan-22 10:57AM
I'm in Dunedin. reasonably. and you? PM me if you want
Comment #288 by Shaunwest121 in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jan-22 8:31PM
Pet play
Comment #289 by Down2fuck in response to Down2fuck ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jan-22 3:28AM
My daughter had a dress on one day she was j
Druck she snuck into my RM naked

Comment #290 by glen in response to Down2fuck ( view post )
Posted on 19-Jan-22 11:00AM
Comment #291 by Down2fuck in response to glen ( view post )
Posted on 20-Jan-22 5:08AM
I thought it was daughters bf grabbing my cock out and suckn it was the best BJ then pause a voice said taste my pussy???! Long storie short I did n it taste good
Comment #292 by Huglife in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Jan-22 6:15AM
Making a genuine connection with someone from NZP.....

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