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Panty wearing hubby
Discussion - started by Chubbylover, posted on 5-May-21 8:25AM
So recently I've started wearing bright pink lacy panties to work, for fun, just becuase I can and because i like the feel of them.

I make myself buy them at a store, the latest ones from bras and things, definitely got a knowing smile from the saleswoman. Getting caught in them sort of excites me, hasn't happened as far as I an aware yet.

Only thing is I have told my wife, she pretty vanilla. So I have to hide then and in my work laptop bag and get changed in and out of them at work. They definitely feel nice on my ass cheeks today.

I do wanna stop hiding it from her, but like I said really vanilla and not sure how it would go down.

Anyway, many others out there enjoy the feeling of a little lacy.

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Comment #1 by Jacksonwelly2020 in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-May-21 10:11AM
That's hot!
Comment #2 by Davidbutler in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-May-21 12:28PM
Some very high profile people in history liked to wear silk or lace panties - Winston Churchill comes Immediately to mind.

I thought my partner was vanilla until I gently approached one or two subjects, only to find it wasn’t the case - this after 20 years together! Opened a whole new world for both of us and far more honest. But it takes courage.
Comment #3 by Travelnz in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-May-21 2:21AM
Hi yes I love the feeling of panties against my skin and I understand what it is like to have a vanilla wife and although we are not together now I find that there are a lot of guys out there who are in the same situation
Comment #4 by Wannabeused in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-May-21 2:52AM
I cant think of wearing anything other than panties now. I love the snug feel, the sexy lace, the feel of them.stretched over my bum cheeks.

I've more than once told sales staff when they have commented on "my lucky lady" that they are actually for me. I doubt any of them believed me.

Being single for several years I don't have the concern of what my wife would think. In fact sometimes I think how humiliating it would be to have her catch me in heels, lingerie and on my knees somewhere like P&C getting multiple dicks
Comment #5 by ants68 in response to Wannabeused ( view post )
Posted on 7-May-21 7:20PM
you should come to the sauna just outside palmy

Comment #6 by Cd_katie in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-May-21 8:15PM
Ive been there.. many years ago, my wife was vanilla as well. Short story is... I told her, she couldn't accept t, separation...

Think long and hard before telling her. Is it just a panty fetish or would you like to dress more? Goodluck if you open up to her.

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