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Discussion - started by lustforlife, posted on 15-May-21 8:52PM
Who is your favorite Musician, alive or dead, what did they play..??

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Posted on 20-May-21 9:44PM
Man, Animal was based on Keith, hence the eyebrows.. an Old School Big Band Jazz cat called Ronnie Verell drummed for Animal on the Muppet Show.. I saw Buddy Rich go toe to toe with Animal on tv .. never forget that.. it's on YouTube..
Posted on 20-May-21 9:46PM
Yes seen Chad from red hot chilli peppers do same. Did you know Chevy chase was the drummer of steely Dan just before they became steely Dan. Left as thought make more money doing movies
Posted on 20-May-21 9:49PM
Out of Keith moon Ian pace Phil Collins John Bonham who was the better drummer
Posted on 20-May-21 9:50PM
Ian Kilmister.. Rickenbacker 4001 Series Bass.. < unique sound.. have you heard that bass solo in "Stay Clean..??" Tasty...
Posted on 20-May-21 9:50PM
No but definately will
Posted on 20-May-21 10:04PM
Depends on rudiments, the guitar chords of the drumkit.. rudiments are the equivalent.. Ian Paice, followed by Bonzo, Keith was tasty too, but people don't hear his chops, so much.. what about Peter Ginger Baker..?? That guy... and let's not forget John "Mitch" Mitchell... come on, you fans, let's chat..!!!!
Posted on 20-May-21 10:12PM
Yeah! He had a bass sound like no other,perfect for motorhead
Posted on 20-May-21 10:23PM
I'm more a sax man as played plus resonator slide blues. My big man is Clearance Clemens east st band. An absolute legion. My guitar was gold tone beard signature
Posted on 20-May-21 10:28PM
Yes, he played alot of open string ring on that bass.. gave it a very fat sound.. check his style by others on YouTube man, very good..
Posted on 20-May-21 10:42PM
Oh, forgot to say, Ian and Phil are left handed drummers.. no big deal, but easy for them..!! the drummer from "Presidents of the USA.." and an Irish cat called Rod D'Ath.(Rory Gallagher Blues Band) play about face all together..

Posted on 21-May-21 8:01AM
For my money it’s Phil but it’s only a perception as I’m not as into the music of the others
The only true way to judge any of these would be get them to all play the same piece of music
Even then everyone hears something different depending on age so there really is no true right
Posted on 21-May-21 8:03AM
Hey hun. There is no correct answer, it's like asking is Ford the superior to Holden. It's all personal preference.
Posted on 21-May-21 9:45PM
Hey, no judgement here... It's all about talking, who likes what, and why.. it's good as someone can mention someone else, people can look them up, and maybe dig that too..
Posted on 21-May-21 10:09PM
Just watched a DVD, Black Sabbath, live in 1970.. Behind the wall of Sleep.. great live track, Geezer has his Fender Jazz bass, Tony has his SG Gibson, Bill has his Ludwig kit..and Ozzy just yells into a microphone 🎤
Posted on 21-May-21 10:14PM
The is it Exactly. Music is for sharing
Posted on 21-May-21 10:19PM
And enjoying too... Sometimes I hear something, and the hairs on my arms stand up.. it's called Musical Frishion.. it's a real thing, Google it man.. no shit.
Posted on 21-May-21 10:35PM
I know about that and that happened to me first time herd Beth Hart singing I'd rather go blind
Posted on 21-May-21 10:43PM
Dude, that's happened to me since I was 9.. heard Gary Glitters track "Rock and Roll" part 2... And that was it for me.. "What's that godawfull noise..??" It was Rock...
Posted on 21-May-21 11:07PM
Man I am watching some really early Nirvana.. no Dave Grohl, it's Chad Channing, and I'm certain it's Pat Smear on second guitar.. I see Curt is playing a Fender Mustang, left handed.. it's a DVD..
Posted on 21-May-21 11:11PM
Have you seen or herd van Greta fleet
Posted on 21-May-21 11:18PM
Yes, I have... I thought.."Huh..?? A Zeppy track I haven't heard before..?? " I hated them.. but then I dug it.. beautiful tuned drums, just like John Bonhams Vistalite kit.. Greta Van Fleet...
Posted on 22-May-21 12:22AM
All good
Just raising the point

An for the record Ford shits all over Holden
Posted on 22-May-21 12:31AM
Haha..!! Off the subject tho.. a car is a car.. had both.. best was a Chrysler Valient Station Wagon..a VJ...
Posted on 22-May-21 1:09AM
Pmsrol, I'm listening to playing for change
Posted on 22-May-21 1:13AM
Do you play anything, as in an instrument..?? If not, what would you play, and why...???
Posted on 22-May-21 1:23AM
I had and played a Paul beard gold tone resonator guitar also played the trumpet. Unfortunately after having highspeed motorcycle crash. Can't play any.
Front tyre blew at 120 km hr as was entering a corner.highsided 5 mtrs up, cartwheeled mtrs and landed on pile of concrete lamp posts. Nearly ripped left thumb off fracture back in places, fractured all ribs front left front right and in total in back. Punchered both lungs fractured both shoulder blades left collar bone right elbow. Fracture skull pelvis left fibia tibia . When ambos turned up I herd statis helicopter on standby specialist paramedic required. When he got there told me just going to give you pain relief. Came to days later. Was in icu wks mths in hospital.
Posted on 22-May-21 1:27AM
Oohhh... A Resonator guitar.. like a Dobro...?? sorry about the crash man, glad you are still here..
Posted on 22-May-21 1:31AM
I'm a battler and don't give up. Google Paul beard gold tone. I played blues and used a shock glass for slide. YouTube Justin Johnston as that the still of music I played. Did busking and used to go to the pub Friday nights and sit in corner and play.
Posted on 22-May-21 1:44AM
Jimmy Page/ Rory Gallagher are my favorite slide/players...blues cats with a broken neck glass slide...
Posted on 22-May-21 2:25AM
Hey did you block me or did I delete message as can't find it
Posted on 22-May-21 4:58PM
No, I wouldn't block someone unless they were cheeky, or being Contrary..
Posted on 22-May-21 5:01PM
did think you would
Posted on 22-May-21 5:11PM
I just love my music and if I'm really down I put on my glam rock from 70s Suzi q sweet and so on
Posted on 22-May-21 5:16PM
Man Suzi Quattro was a cool bass player.. CCR even wrote a song to her... Well, John Foggarty did..
Posted on 22-May-21 5:19PM
Yes and the song can the can is bout her ole man. She was a hells angels mole and they got her started
Posted on 22-May-21 5:25PM
Joan Jett was a good guitarist too.. she was very passionate about girls playing, but got beaten down alot.. she was right tho.. girls can do anything..
Posted on 22-May-21 5:25PM
Posted on 22-May-21 5:34PM
She inspired a lot of chicks to go for it.. but I have a Big Band Jazz DVD here from the '30's.. all girl band, unheard of then .!! I had a gf a few years ago, her and her brothers had a gigging band here in Chch.. she was a hard out Metal guitarist and wanted to get an all chick band going.. no takers.. Bananarama, The Bangles, The Corrs.. oh they had a boy in the mix
Posted on 25-May-21 7:30PM
Buddy Rich... The one and only... Big Band Jazz drummer.. he was called "Traps, the Drum Wonder.." in the 20's, was just a toddler.. That guy is a freak when it comes to drumming.. a kid tap dancer.. so was Sammy Davis JNR, a drummer too.. him, Buddy, and Gene Krupa used to have fun drum battles on tv.. Jerry Lewis would crack jokes, but get in there as well.. Buddy blew everyone away.. everyone..
Posted on 4-Jun-21 9:44PM
Ok... Very Quiet here, music fans.. how about Van Halen..?? Eddie Van cut the cheese for guitarists like, Randy Rhodes, Jake E Lee, and Yngwie Malmsteen.. oh and brother Alex Van is a great drummer.. tight and offbeat.. and let's not forget David Lee Roth.. great voice, and great showman.. an entertainer.. Van Halen..
Posted on 6-Jun-21 6:20PM
Have you looked at group Greta van fleet.
Posted on 6-Jun-21 6:46PM
Yes I have... I may have mentioned them already... I didn't like them to start with as they were Zeppelin clones... They are, but I like that younger cats like them, which means that style lives on..
Posted on 6-Jun-21 6:52PM
Oh, and I love the drum sound, as what's his name is using the new Ludwig Vistalite kits that are now back in production.. Unique sound if tuned right..
Posted on 6-Jun-21 9:07PM
Hey, anyone out there ever tried, or can play, a Theramin..??
Posted on 7-Jun-21 7:36PM
But that's like Silverchair.. Nirvana clones, but the were 12/13 when they got going, great band.. :- I have a concert on VHS.. great sound.. they are abit like Supergroove.. awesome band, highschool music legends..
Comment #67 by Mozzuckks in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Jun-21 7:58PM
Any The Beth's fans here? I think they're truly the best music I've heard from the past 10 to 15 years.
Posted on 8-Jun-21 8:21PM
Hmmm, no... What's their style..??
Posted on 9-Jun-21 11:18AM
Indie Pop Rock. It's a female lead vocalist, the "beth" of the beths, and all the guys do backing vocals in these pretty intricate and precise harmonies. Their Guitarist, Johnathan Pierce(Pearce?) Does most of the production stuff for them too as they record in his studio.
Posted on 9-Jun-21 8:56PM
Oh... Nah I wouldn't know their stuff.. I'm not into Vocals.. all good, but not for me.. I'm more into Musicians.. Donna Summer had a nice voice, and Jim.. more into band stuff, minus a singer..
Posted on 12-Jun-21 8:20PM
Lovely..!! Just watched my All Girl Big Band Jazz DVD from the 30's, 40's.. Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears.. Rita Rio and her Mistresses of Rhythm.. and The International Sweethearts of Rhythm.. really good solo artists.. them girls go...!!

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