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Best Rimjob Positions
Discussion - started by Pleasergreaser, posted on 29-Jun-21 5:55PM
I’m having my ass eaten out in the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations for the best positions or ways to get the best feeling? Deeper the better

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Comment #1 by Brownsugah in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jun-21 7:08PM
I love getting rimmed as well.
The two best positions for me is you bend over doggy style and the person rimming u spreads your cheeks and dive in to eat.
The second position is to squat over and face fuck the person rimming u.
Both works really well and allows them to tongue fuck u deep.
Enjoy the experience
Comment #2 by NZuncut in response to Brownsugah ( view post )
Posted on 29-Jun-21 9:12PM
What Brownsugah said. Also laying on your back, legs up and holding your cheeks apart is a great way to have access!
Comment #3 by Laseredfeild in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Jul-21 6:35AM
My favourite is,Doggy with arse in air, the guy /girl can really get into it ....
Just turns me into a absolute whore .. ( if done right ) my man pussy opens ready for good pounding .....
Posted on 2-Jul-21 9:57AM
I love bending the receiver over the arm of a sofa- the cheeks of their arse open for great access and the height is just right for me the runner!!
I absolutely love rimming so if there is anyone in the Wellington area who loves to be eaten out and can host, then I am your man!!!
Posted on 2-Jul-21 9:58AM
That should have read rimmer not runner!!
Comment #6 by robbierabbit in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Jul-21 1:00PM
My partner and I both enjoy rimming. My favourite is when she gets on top in 69 or holding bedhead and sliding back and forth on my face. She rubs from her clit right back to her ass. She gets wet as hell and just moans. She's ready for a good pounding once she's done that
Posted on 2-Jul-21 1:09PM
That is sooo erotic!!!
Comment #8 by Browncockmagic in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Jul-21 2:38PM
A few years back meet someone off here in waikanae and the gent had a rim chair set up it was great.
A really low squat position and just enough room for him to slide his face under and really get in deep.
Such a hot and horny experience
Posted on 2-Jul-21 3:06PM
Yes, I went to the same guy and enjoyed his rim chair!! As the rimmer it was great being on my back eating out the guy on the chair.
Posted on 2-Jul-21 4:11PM
Oh yea what a great chair.
Poppers and him face deep in my ass for what felt like forever.
Lost contact with him 😢
Posted on 2-Jul-21 4:15PM
I can give the same experience minus the chair, if you are interested.
Posted on 2-Jul-21 6:34PM
Wish I was closer ...
Posted on 2-Jul-21 6:37PM
So do I!!
Posted on 2-Jul-21 8:12PM
I love being eaten, you love to eat, be like paradise ..
Posted on 2-Jul-21 9:34PM
Firstly I can recommend Harri as a great rimmer and all round great guy.
Secondly, I never got chance to visit the guy with the chair. Is he still around, anyone know?
Posted on 2-Jul-21 10:03PM
It’s a shame that you are currently not meeting people ☹️
Posted on 3-Jul-21 6:28AM
I'm busy as at work, so time is limited,
Re not meeting anyone, this may change ..
Comment #18 by Stevie in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Jul-21 11:18AM
I’ll be in Christchurch Thursday and Friday if anyone wanting to rim me xx
Comment #19 by danni in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Jul-21 11:38AM
Definatly doogy style for me to give and recieve
Posted on 5-Jul-21 1:21PM
Am always interested in that.
Swap take turns make an evening of it
Comment #21 by RogerRex in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Jul-21 3:39PM
legs rested on knees perched astride her face ,u can ride and she can dive or lick till her hearts content ,cock in between her titts if there vast enough to hug around the cock .grund those balls against her chin slide cock in between her tits and let that ass be amazed orgasm is up there with the top 5 beat plays of the week
Comment #22 by Pussylikkah in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Jul-21 9:37PM
I love the feeling of it happening on my back with them pinning my legs and cock wherever they want them but find that I do get distracted by their facials or expressions just coz I'm subconscious as fuck about my own body image/size. So I go for doggy by preference so I don't have to see them doing it, I'm the same way with getting fucked I prefer to be bottoming on all fours and blind to what they are doing just feeling it and enjoying it. I guess it gives me confidence against negative thaught patterns and helps me focus on being a good little bottom if it's their turn to be on top.
Comment #23 by Stevie in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Jul-21 5:01AM
I’m in Christchurch tonight looking for someone to rim my virgin ass xx

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