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Oamaru T gurl looking
Journal - started by Evettefrost, posted on 21-Jul-21 7:58AM
Hi all , Oamaruvian Trans woman local here.
Looking for a social group or a clique of interesting peeps that enjoy tunes and drinks, shooting the breeze and having a laugh that wouldn't mind having an arty quirky transwoman getting amongst it. I love Oamaru , but having some social interactions would be freaking fabulous.
I'm not necessarily implying hook up but just hanging out.
Thanks 😊

Phase two I'm also seeking any local couples ,single cis women interested in some t gurl fun ,transwomen or femme cross dresser for fun times, if any of you are hiding out there in Oamaru's nooks and crannys, check out my profile and if I'm up your alley ( excuse the pun) then don't be shy Holla at me.

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Comment #1 by Dowanger in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-21 2:23PM
Hi you sound like fun look hot ya wanna come to Nelson
Comment #2 by robbierabbit in response to Dowanger ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-21 9:58AM
Not hot enough for you to go to Oamaru
Posted on 24-Jul-21 12:34PM
I love Oamaru just want to find a circle of friends to hangout with
Posted on 24-Jul-21 12:34PM
Bit to far away for me hun
Posted on 24-Jul-21 6:22PM
Oamaru is an amazing town and she's another reason to visit.
Posted on 24-Jul-21 6:27PM
My previous comment was referring to Dowanger who thought she was hot and that she should travel to Nelson. I was saying if Dowager thought she was hot he should travel to her.
Yes, I agree with she. She is one of Oamarus attractions
Posted on 24-Jul-21 6:32PM
I know what you are saying, some attractions are worth traveling to
Comment #8 by Dowanger in response to robbierabbit ( view post )
Posted on 24-Jul-21 10:13PM
Definitely hot enough robbierabbit but lifes just a bit busy at the moment for me to be lucky enough to get away anywhere. Thanks for your concern anyway.
Posted on 25-Jul-21 6:36PM
Awwwwww thank you for your lovely compliment hun 😊🌹💋 foot note - only visit me if your a couple, trans or a gurly CD 👍😉👌
Posted on 25-Jul-21 6:38PM
This attraction can travel for the right people too. 😊👌
Posted on 25-Jul-21 6:40PM
Nelson folks would struggle with Oamaru's winter Temps.
Posted on 25-Jul-21 8:10PM
True haha we're in Methven and it's ski season, should see the loopies freezing here
I'm sure you would make it a hot time
Posted on 26-Jul-21 1:20AM
Methven is gorgeous thus time of year crazy ski bunnies everywhere 😊👍 I guess that's why the brown and blue pub run out of jagermeister this time of year 😂.
Is that a personal invite to join you both in your spa pool drinking vino? 😉😂
Posted on 26-Jul-21 4:35AM
If you are up this way and it's a weekend why not
We're too busy during the week but there's a spa out door's if you want
Comment #15 by Howdy in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Jul-21 5:02PM
I wouldn't mind ttaveling down to Oamaru for a few drinks. Depends if I'm welcome.
Comment #16 by Jade001 in response to Evettefrost ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jul-21 6:08PM
Shame your not ih chch
Comment #17 by Evettefrost in response to Jade001 ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jul-21 6:49PM
I do plan on coming up in the very near future hun 😘
Comment #18 by Jade001 in response to Evettefrost ( view post )
Posted on 27-Jul-21 7:00PM
I hope so hun

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