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Real transgenders
Discussion - started by Naughtyman15, posted on 1-Feb-23 4:51PM
Are there any real transgenders out there that like to play? Not talking about cross dressing.

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Comment #1 by StilettoVixen in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Feb-23 8:16AM
Pardon my ignorance, but I'm not sure how that question is relevant to someone who's only interested in hearing from women and couples.
Posted on 3-Feb-23 3:27AM
Is there something wrong in asking a question? For me it's about the female side of appearance. Just can't get my thinking around kissing another man
Posted on 3-Feb-23 8:06PM
Absolutely nothing wrong with with asking a question if you intend to be educated by the answers you get back. Bear in mind, you may not always like the answers you receive.

Transgender women present themselves as female because they identify as being female. Crossdressing is usually (but not always) done out of a sexual fetish/ desire to wear women's clothes. But then, isn't crossdressing still appearing as female?

I'm guessing this subject is somewhat bothering for you based on the fact that you created a topic forum about it in this sites Discussions. So, to answer your question: Yes. There are plenty of real transgenders out there who like to play.
Comment #4 by HRH-Tara in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-23 8:58PM
Totally agree SV
I'm a cross dresser
I'm wondering if
Naughty mans question should have been what is it like to kiss a mam
I say give it a go
It doesn't matter what gender it may be
Good on you for trying to help out
Oh and you look gorgeous
Comment #5 by nickk in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-23 11:08PM
Considering all genders are fake(man made , or god made . if you believe that ) but really at some point in time humans came up with genders or did god or whomever was here . Could go very deep with this ) what is real what is man made and why wasn't it woman made . I say there is no chance in playing
Comment #6 by johnny33 in response to Naughtyman15 ( view post )
Posted on 3-Feb-23 11:51PM
Does your thinking apply to sucking cock?...Or is that OK? No on the mouth... yes on the tip?
Comment #7 by Naughtyman15 in response to johnny33 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Feb-23 12:40PM
The first cock I sucked was from a shemale.
Posted on 5-Feb-23 5:58AM
Well, as the saying goes: "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it." After all, there are plenty of sexual acts I can't quite get my thinking around. But all that does is fuel my fascination for sexual fetishes.

Thank you for the compliment, Tara. Much appreciated.
Comment #9 by Partisan in response to Naughtyman15 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Feb-23 9:51AM
Comment #10 by josie2 in response to nickk ( view post )
Posted on 5-Feb-23 2:52PM
how can genders be fake,?
Comment #11 by josie2 in response to HRH-Tara ( view post )
Posted on 5-Feb-23 2:53PM
Hi,im cd, and have my own onion like everyone, no two cd, tans, or even ladies or guys are the same, and love to see more of you,x
Comment #12 by Kandi in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Feb-23 4:20PM
I'm a trans women that likes to play butt i'm taken now
Comment #13 by Bonushole in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Feb-23 11:49PM
I'd just like to add for anyone it isn't 'transgenders' it isn't a plural it would be "are there any real transgender people/woman/men out there" same with the labelling on this site it shouldn't be 'transgendered' that isn't the correct term at all it should be "transgender" or "trans man" "trans woman" agree with others also CD and being trans are completely different! hope I helped educate someone 🤙
Posted on 6-Feb-23 5:02AM
Unfortunately that's typical modern lazy English in a world where individuals now communicate with emoticons, three letter abbreviations, and alpha-numeric speech. Transgender individuals are now shortened and referred to as 'Transgenders' in the same way that people refer to Tim Tam biscuits as 'Tim Tams'. There no fucking 's' in Tim Tam so don't call them Tim Tams. I mean it's clearly written on the fucking packet isn't it? Tim Tam. Pisses me off no end. Now take my bullshit rant and transfer that back to the use of the word 'Transgenders'.
Comment #15 by wmz in response to StilettoVixen ( view post )
Posted on 6-Feb-23 11:40AM
Tim Tams is OK, one is never enough
Comment #16 by nickk in response to josie2 ( view post )
Posted on 7-Feb-23 8:24AM
Fake was probably the wrong word . I was thinking deep. Like when whomever (humans god , the matrix) came up with naming things they/it happen to give us genders so they seem made up . As even though we have sexual organs that doesnt equal what gender is. as it's a term to describe the two types of humans ,yet we are all humans beings. Just with different sex organs but the freedom to choose what gender yo identity as we break free from the old way if thinking 🤔. Whoops
Comment #17 by Billz in response to nickk ( view post )
Posted on 7-Feb-23 7:05PM
Yep that's deeper than a tim tam
Comment #18 by josie2 in response to nickk ( view post )
Posted on 7-Feb-23 8:17PM
comment #19 was clobbered
Posted on 9-Feb-23 12:22AM
TBH the lgbtq have changed terms to suit themselves (the use of cis in biology a an example), everyone else is expected to 'go along with this', so id people (lazy, or not) refer to as transgenders' I guess you'll equally have to accept that in the long term?
Posted on 9-Feb-23 8:09AM
I didn't exactly make an issue out of it. (Username) Bonushole was the one that raised the topic. I simply responded and used Tim Tim as an example.
The LGBTQI/ medical community has created (if that's the correct word to use) these labels to help confused individuals identify who/ what they are and let them know that they are not alone. It can have both positive and negative aspects. On one hand it can help individuals identify with themselves. And on the other hand it can pigeon-hole people and create segregation.
For example: I dress in women's clothes. Does that make me a Drag Queen?- No. Does it make me a Cross Dresser?- No. Does it make me a stereotypical transvestite prostitute?- No, it doesn't. For the longest time I was confused about why I wanted to be a girl, until someone pointed out that I was Transgender. I welcome these labels if it helps others. What I don't like is the incorrect use of said labels.
Comment #22 by StilettoVixen in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Feb-23 8:11AM
What happened to comment #19?
Someone get a bit too abusive? Or did someone else not appreciate a little brutal honesty?
Posted on 9-Feb-23 9:54AM
That was not me. No problem with people's comments. That's why I asked the question.
Posted on 10-Feb-23 8:11AM
I was just curious. Never saw the comment myself. Logged in to read it only to discover it had been removed. I don't see any 'Report User' option so I'm guessing it was action taken by an Administrator.

Can I just offer a massive Thank You to you Naughtyman 15. Thanks for creating this Discussion forum. Ever since posting a response to this topic, my Inbox has been rocking with messages. Been a little hard for me to keep up with them all.
I endeavour to answer all messages, so to those of you still waiting for a response from me. I'm getting there, slowly. Thanks for your patience.

Comment #25 by Partisan in response to Bonushole ( view post )
Posted on 25-Feb-23 8:54AM
Totally agree, I might add ( my opinion) the terminology shemale is disgusting
Comment #26 by msamanda in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-23 8:45PM
This discussion has certainly raised some interesting questions and answers a very good read 😊😊

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