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Fuck thy neighbour
Discussion - started by Pomy74, posted on 21-Feb-23 5:30PM
Anyone fucked there neighbour on here?
My neighbour is a real tease and tempted to ask her if she fancies a bit of fun on the side.
Look forward to reading your tales.

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Comment #52 by Lucy111 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Sep-23 11:12AM
Does he/she have a partner?
Posted on 11-Sep-23 11:17AM
Sounds a bit like rape to be honest. Would be interesting to see if your dodgy move is okay with her
Comment #54 by Lucy111 in response to old-gay-guy ( view post )
Posted on 11-Sep-23 11:18AM
That's messed up
Posted on 19-Sep-23 3:18PM
There was no sex so how did you come up with that???
Comment #56 by domseka in response to Lucy111 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Sep-23 7:56PM
obviously YOU dont tease the neighbour.......
Comment #57 by old-gay-guy in response to Lucy111 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Sep-23 10:01PM
Comment #58 by old-gay-guy in response to Lucy111 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Sep-23 10:07PM
I'm gay he's bi
Comment #59 by Heyhi in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Dec-23 1:34AM
Yeah true story when I was 16 I slept with my nans friend who lived across the road right opposite us when the family found out they were appalled but hey I went back for seconds
Comment #60 by Pomy74 in response to Heyhi ( view post )
Posted on 4-Dec-23 10:05AM
How old was she?
Comment #61 by Hereforyou in response to the main topic
Posted on 4-Dec-23 10:28AM
Long time ago now, I fucked my 40 something yr old nieghbour in the Grandstand at McLean Park, Napier.
Her hubby was away for work, I was only 17, we chatted across the fence and she asked me to fuck her but not at her place.
We only lived about mtrs from the park so there it was.
McLean Park wasn't locked up in those days.
No events were on except us. Lol
Comment #62 by Pomy74 in response to Hereforyou ( view post )
Posted on 4-Dec-23 11:52AM
Nice, was it a one off or regular thing?
Comment #63 by Hereforyou in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Dec-23 12:55PM
A couple of times then I moved to Welly for work.
Comment #64 by Heyhi in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Dec-23 6:43PM
42 at the time
Comment #65 by 1Curiousguy in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Dec-23 12:15AM
Yes I had my 1st gay experience with my neighbors uncle which I enjoyed and found that I wanted to try more of.
Comment #66 by Pomy74 in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Dec-23 10:24AM
Going back 30 years I'd say my neighbours had a daughter who would of been around 18 at the time.
She was a trainee nurse and worked shifts.
During her days off she would sun bath in the back garden in her bikini. We had low fences and would always chat with the neighbours.
The daughter wasn't skinny but wasn't fat either she had curves but nice curves.
Many a time I would see her sun bathing and get my water pistol out and try and wet her....oh they were the days...
I would of been around and she was washing her car one day before work and it was school holidays. My parents were at work and so were hers. She saw me and said she was running late for work and could I give her a hand.
So I got a bucket of soapy water from our house and a sponge and we did a side each washing the car, I started to splash water over her side and turned into a bit of a water fight. We got close to each other splashing water and I wet her back as it was towards me I then wet my hands again to wet her stomach under her jumper as I did she yelled to stop as she wasn't wearing a bra!!
I managed to get a quick feel of her soft skin which I looking back must of been her tit. She pulled away from me and said we had to pack up as she needed a shower before work...Not long after this she moved out to live with her boyfriend but there is another story I can tell if you want to hear more...?
Comment #67 by Dowang in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 8-Dec-23 3:28PM
Pleaze do
Comment #68 by ants68 in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 8-Dec-23 3:35PM
please do.
Comment #69 by tania in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 9-Dec-23 10:34AM
Yes plrsse
Comment #70 by Pomy74 in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 18-Dec-23 3:02PM
Ok second part to the nurse nextdoor.
Sometime after she had moved in with her boyfriend she decided to get a dog.
It was when the neighbours daughter was visiting her parents and I saw her...she had trimmed down somewhat and had blonde curly hair. She looked stunning to say the least.
A couple of days after this visit the neighbours asked if I could drop off the retractable dog lead to there daughter as it was on my way home from college.
I dropped off the lead the following day on my way home from college and it was around 6pm, the daughter opened the door as I put the leash in her letter box. She smiled and said thanks for dropping it back and asked me if I wanted a drink. I accepted and said to come inside.
She was wearing some real tight jeans that showed off her round arse beautiful and I white loose baggy t shirt.
I sat in the lounge as she handed me a glass of coke. She was on the floor with her puppy as it wanted to play fetch with its toy.
She was throwing it and the dog would retrieve the toy it was the when she reached over to one side her baggy white t shirt lifted enough for me to see her bare flesh and no bra...holy shit I was getting a hard on.
She then threw the pupys toy behind my chair and asked me to get it as the puppy couldn't...neither could I with this hard on in my track suit pants.
Finally I put my glass down stood up and retrieved the dogs toy and she shrieked WHATS THAT! I said What? In your pants....I said to her what do you expected your not wearing a bra!
The puppy got his toy back and she picked him up to put him outside.
She returned to the lounge smiled at me and asked if she had made that tent in my pants?
As she crawled over on all fours towards me...Yes you made me hard and I think you know it!
With her elbows on my knees she looked me in the eye a d said why don't you show me then? Haha No way I said knowing she was going to tease me.
She grabbed her tits through her t shirt and asked me if I like them I said can't tell as I can't see think the t shirt comes off and her gorgeous tits are on display in front of me. They were beautiful.
There now show me your hard cock she said... I stood up and pulled down my tracksuit pant and she told me to sit down again.
She knelt up between my legs playing with my cock Making it bigger and harder. Rubbing my knob between her I wanted to cum so much.
I said to her I want to cum...she put my knob between her tits and proceeded to tit wank me, my first ever and one I will never forget.
Not long after this a shot my load between her tits and there was a lot of cum, she looked down and said I was a messy bugger and then started to rub my cum into her gorgeous tits making her nipples erect.
I'm sure she loved it as much as I did and really wanted a repeat but unfortunately it wasn't to happen.
This 100% true and still think of this magical days all these years on.
Comment #71 by ChchMatt45 in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Dec-23 7:54AM
That’s a very sexy story. Thanks for sharing!
Comment #72 by 3dogs in response to Pomy74 ( view post )
Posted on 19-Dec-23 10:02PM
Love to hear more.. Please
Posted on 23-Dec-23 11:26PM
Comment #74 by ericthehalfabee in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Dec-23 12:50PM
I have the hots for my neighbour. She just came to mine to borrow something and she was either very cold, or very pleased to see me. I'm pretty certain she never wears knickers. Oh, I wish.....
Posted on 24-Dec-23 2:27PM
Oh tell us Christmas card?
Posted on 24-Dec-23 2:28PM
I reckon she probably has amazing tits. Maybe I'll find out one day.
Posted on 24-Dec-23 2:30PM
Age? Single?
Posted on 24-Dec-23 2:31PM
Married. 60s. Husband said she stopped fucking years ago.
Comment #79 by DaddyDom in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Dec-23 6:35PM
When I was a virile and horny long haired young dude and considered rather good looking, we had a neighbour who was what today would be seen as a MILF type. My mother and her got on well and used to exchange a bit of baking and jams etc etc. My mother asked me one day to take over some preserves to her place one morning and to do it after my mom went to work so as not to be too early. Her hubby had a mechanic shop just down the road and would obviously be at work be 8.30. So I innocently walked over about 9. with a couple of jars and knocked on the door and after a while she comes to he door in a quite filmy nightie...nothing too crazy...and says ohh sorry Mike...I was sleeping a bit late, thanks so much for the jams etc etc, and would you be able to give me hand with moving a chest of drawers which she wanted to change position. So she sat me down in the kitchen to wait a minute while she went off to "put on her morning coat" or something. A few minutes she comes out to the kitchen with a sort of a see thru longer garment over the nightie and touches my neck and shoulders and run her fingers thru my hair gently and asked me how my study was going. Being a horny inexperienced young dude I was immediateley startled and kind of shocked. She sensed that, and saw me kind of jump with surprise in the chair. And said something like how she had watched me grow from a child to a man and to relax and not be afraid as she only wanted to "Take care of me". Not something i understood at the time. While she was asking me about my studies etc she began to massage my shoulders and somehow got her hands inside my shirt and stroked my chest and nipples. Of course my cock went rock hard in an instant and as I was wearing shorts Im pretty sure she could see that straight away. She started nibbling my ear and stuck her tongue in my ear...and kisses my neck. I tried to adjust my shorts so my dick was not so visible but that only go her attention more. I should at this stage say that my cock is huge...but at that time of my life I dis not know that as I had not seen other hard dicks. She is still standing behind and reaches down and feels my dick which has me freaking out a bit but also of course fucking excited, as I never ever thought about this older lady in a sexual way.
Now she says come and help me move the drawers and leads me into her bedroom, but instead of moving the drawers she kneels down and slides down my shorts and gives my balls a lick and slides her tongue up my cock shaft and runs it around the head of my cock which by this time is like a steel rod and comments that for a slim young boy I have a big fat cock which she wants more of.
She stands up and sort of pushes me back onto the bed and sits astride me and starts kind of slapping her pussy..not too hard...and then grabs my cock and slides it into her pussy slowly and I feel it pulsing as I enter more. She stops and grabs my hands and puts them on her tits and nipples and all of a sudden squirts a huge stream of juice from her pussy all over my stomach and chest and starts shaking moaning and making noises a never heard before. Needless to say her pussy was convulsing on my cock and I let go of my load while she was still squrirming around on me but my cock stayed quite firm for a while.
Eventually she cools down and feels my cock relaxing dowm and lets my cock out and slides her fingers over my cock and gets my cum and her juice on her fingers and puts that in my mouth and then into hers, and says that tastes better than my mums jam and laughs.
Well I was quite shocked and stunned when my head came around and I sort of sheepishly said I better get back home and left her. That was just the start of a series of encounters until I moved away. I saw her later at family funeral with her husband a few years later and she reminded me how she enjoyed mums jams
Comment #80 by Rainbow-warrior in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Dec-23 11:29AM
Oh I would soooo love to fuck my neighbour, she has an amazing body I would love to explore for hours, and yesterday I got a nice cheeky view of her. I was out in the front yard when I looked over and she was walking with a dish of food to their shed where they were entertaining.
Perfect timing, the wind decided to blow a gust that made her sexy summer dress fly straight up… exposing her sexy shiny black briefs, I wish she was wearing a thong, that would have been amazing.
Nice little Christmas flash…
Comment #81 by The2ndcumming in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Dec-23 5:30PM
So not really my neighbour, when I worked in London for the ambulance service, I had a real sexy female crew mate, we got on really well and you know 1thing lead to other things, so 1 night while on shift we parked up outside the front of the hospital it must have been around 3am, both horny as hell and we chatted a bit turns out she has had a real crush on me, and says that she wanting to play around, well by this time I'm as horny as a march hare, she leans over and runs her fingers over my hard cock in my pants and says well I think I may have a temperature and that I need to have it taken with an organic thermoitor.
She then goes into the back of the truck and stands there saying are U coming to take my temp , ok I said just this time as your so sick. U best been over so I can take it for you. She pulls down her pants and there it is shaved wet pussy no nickers on, my you are sick and bend down to taste your juice, start licking her up and down. She pushes her ass back into my face and this pushes me onto the bed, she opens my zip and pulls out my hard cock wow is what I hear that's a nice size and slide her mouth over the whole shaft, sliding up and down my cock while I'm licking her clit which is very swollen by now, we both get naked and I start to fuck her doggie as she is kneeling on the ambulance bed sliding my hard cock in balls deep, she pulls my hands round and tells her to play with her nipples and pull her tits hard this I do and she bends her back and pushes back even more make me as hard as I have ever been, by now I'm getting close and tell her I will pull out she says NO fuck me till U cum in my pussy,ok so I started to really go for it, fucking her hard,pulling her nipples and just as I was about to cum she screams out and squirts all over my balls..this makes me cum so hard.
I think it was about 3am and she was very new to the job, we fucked for about months then she moved station..shame what a great time ..also fucked her on a few ambulance stations...arrrr night shift is the
Comment #82 by 3dogs in response to The2ndcumming ( view post )
Posted on 27-Dec-23 6:52PM
Great story
Comment #83 by The2ndcumming in response to 3dogs ( view post )
Posted on 27-Dec-23 7:41PM
It's very ture....about 25yrs ago
Comment #84 by ktt0630 in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Dec-23 2:16PM
Never fucked her and unlikely to, but sitting in my home office stroking my cock as I watch my neighbour over the road gardening in a shortish dress - beautiful figure as she bends over.
Comment #85 by Whitiguy in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Jan-24 11:48AM
I fucked my neighbor across the road,i was 17 & she was 49,been widowed for years. I used to cut the lawns for a few people in our street, my parents went away for a week & I went over like normal on a Tuesday to cut her lawns ., Got her mower out did the lawns & went to get paid & she asks how my parents are etc, so i say they have gone away till next Monday, she asks what im doing for dinner for the week & i say what evers easy..she said i could join her for dinner each night if i wanted to. I'd be lying if i said i hadn't looked at her tits etc, she was a bbw, curves in all the rught places, so i said yes.she paid me & i went home to shower & went back over just after pm.i knocked on the door & when she opened it she had changed into a tight blouse & a short skirt. My dick was getting hard straight away, her nipples were very hard in the blouse,we had dinner & it was hard not to look at her tits the whole time.I gave her a hand to clean up & while doing that she asked me if a i had a girlfriend, which was no, she then said she missed having man around, i said she would have no trouble finding a man as she was good looking, she turned to me and said she had noticed me looking at her tits, would i like to see them..yes please, so she undid her blouse & unclipped her bra..they had large erect nipples & i found myself diving in & sucking on one, she held onto me for a moment then took my hand and lead me to her bedroom were i spent the night learning about a woman's body.I spent every nite with her that week, then we keeping fucking when possible for the next years until she moved away.
Comment #86 by Hereforyou in response to Whitiguy ( view post )
Posted on 3-Jan-24 5:07PM
Ah, the good ole days eh.
Comment #87 by Makemesweat in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jan-24 9:06AM
Good idea 💡
Comment #88 by INApeace in response to mancuntdon ( view post )
Posted on 29-Jan-24 2:08PM
Afterwards we cuddled in the afterglow :) he leans in closer to me and asks pensively “does this mean the lawnmower can be fixed now” you smile back and softly say “No mate it’s fucked” 🤣
Comment #89 by Biguycrom in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Feb-24 7:51AM
My neighbour across the road when gardening reveals a cleavage and has me salivating to see more of her. One day I might be lucky to mow her lawn.
Comment #90 by Curiouslyadventurous69 in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Feb-24 12:03AM
I was boarding in a place many years ago and the families daughter had an argument with her boyfriend so came into my room and fucked me one afternoon. That was awesome but a few nights later the mum comes into my room and tells me the cat had pissed in her bed and that she would have to sleep in my bed for the night. Well in she climbs and after a little while she starts feeling me up and getting my young teenage self horny so I duly did my duty and gave her that stage she was the oldest woman I had slept with. It Was nice and she made me promise to do it again but after that I freaked out a bit by her demands and moved out.
Posted on 29-Feb-24 1:58AM
Mmmm yummy so dirty n very filfy minded Kayla wud luv to be him n look through the Cougars pantydraws n get caught sniffing her dirty panties n her laundry hamper n trying her panties bras Lingerie n silky Bendon halfslips n her well worn dirty pantyhose n she also has the same size feet also size 10 stilletto highheels n thigh high fukme boots n then my neighbour walks in Catching me wearing her lingerie n panties n bras n her dresses n skirts n lipstick 💄👄 on tells me she is horny n thinks I look sexy and look like a very feminine sissy crossdresser girl n her dirty girl clothing n I said to her I fantasize a girl like her castrates my cock so I start transforming my male body from M2F transexual and I am transitioning my puberty males body into a Females sissy girls body n start growing some A cup titts with pointy nipples n my face looks like my 1 year olds nieces pretty Dirty girls face with long pink pigtailed hair and a gaping wide open fukhole 👄 to be fukd by many cocks mmmm yummy 👄
Posted on 29-Feb-24 2:01AM
Mmm yummy 👄
Comment #93 by kaylascock23 in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Feb-24 2:02AM
I need to make some more woman friends so I can look through there pantydraws 👄👄
Comment #94 by Kiwicurious in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Feb-24 7:17AM
Back in our fun times at a party next door MrsK gave a handjob to a neighbours friend, her only "dark meat"
He also slipping $50 in her bra afterwards
We subsequently found out 2 other attendees got $5 and one $ .
Another time I walked a neighbour home a few times
Kissing, fingered her in her doorstep making her squirt in her jeans
Received bjs from her too
Posted on 29-Feb-24 8:13AM
Mmm yum 👄
Posted on 29-Feb-24 9:38AM
Haha yumm about what?
Comment #97 by luvbignipples in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Apr-24 8:04PM
Rekin it would be more fun too elude to your approximate location...
comment #98 was clobbered
Posted on 7-Jul-24 7:32AM
I have new neighbours who moved in next door last week. Have not yet seen them out in the yard but keeping eyes pealed in case there is potential😜
Comment #100 by Pathorne in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Jul-24 2:05PM
When I was in my early 20's we were living next to this lady in her 50's. She was married to this fat ugly little trucker who was gone all the time. We invited her over a couple times and eventually got her into bed. I mean everyone in the flat had her one after the other. For most of the next year she would stop by whenever she was in the mood and whoever was home would fuck her. Just as quickly as it started she one day just stopped. It was a shame but inevitable I guess.
Comment #101 by Gutche in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jul-24 8:52AM
You should go with the tease and play along. She probably wants some vitamin D! Don't let the opportunity pass you by

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