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Fuck thy neighbour
Discussion - started by Pomy74, posted on 21-Feb-23 5:30PM
Anyone fucked there neighbour on here?
My neighbour is a real tease and tempted to ask her if she fancies a bit of fun on the side.
Look forward to reading your tales.

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Comment #1 by DownOnTheUpside in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Feb-23 12:30PM
my old neighbour was stunning.
blonde mum of two... bout mid 30's.
petite... perky ass...
they moved out and now rent it to some people who aren't stunning .
Posted on 22-Feb-23 1:42PM
Did you do the deed thou?
Posted on 22-Feb-23 2:39PM
wish I had... we flirted a lot but just didn't go. thru with it in time before she left
Comment #4 by arakam5 in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Feb-23 8:28PM
Not my neighbour but about 10 years ago I did a few night time visits to roll in the hay with a lady on NZ Dating, she told her next door neighbour about it and the next door neighbour also happened to be on NZ Dating website as well and she started messaging me so I started going to her house for night time visits as well, all was good until the first lady found out then that was the end of visiting both of them
Posted on 23-Feb-23 12:29AM
a shame they couldn't share
Comment #6 by horny3939 in response to arakam5 ( view post )
Posted on 23-Feb-23 2:20PM
got to gready
Comment #7 by Starl1ght in response to the main topic
Posted on 2-Mar-23 4:33AM
Awwh that would be sooo good!!
Comment #8 by dazednz in response to Starl1ght ( view post )
Posted on 2-Mar-23 9:03AM
It sure would be
Comment #9 by Totemz in response to dazednz ( view post )
Posted on 2-Mar-23 9:26AM
I'd love to fuck one of my neighbors,hopefully one day the right moment arrives
Comment #10 by Bwall in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Mar-23 12:30PM
I did this a long time ago, at a party and ended up next door fucking an older woman xx my wife also had it away with that lady’s husband, very hot
Comment #11 by handandbone in response to Bwall ( view post )
Posted on 14-Mar-23 7:47AM
I'd love to do my neighbour. I'm pretty sure she doesn't wear knickers and looks like she has great tits. Her husband told me she went off the boil a few years ago. Maybe I can change that?
Comment #12 by NZuncut in response to Starl1ght ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-23 12:20AM
If we were neighbours I'd be popping over for a cup of sugar everyday!
Comment #13 by Rainbow-warrior in response to the main topic
Posted on 17-Mar-23 8:12PM
Not a neighbor, but i seduced the office secretary at my workplace. Long process, but started with nice compliments and a daily chit chat before I left work every day.
She mentioned that she likes chocolate milk and peanut slabs, so I gave her some every now and then.
Then it came to Christmas last year, I asked her if it would be ok if I got her a gift, she accepted and said yes.
So I asked her the awkward question about her clothing sizing, she was more thank happy to give them to me.
So I got her some super sexy lingerie, hot af bra, a high waist thong and a crotch less thong, and a sexy night dress.
She was so great full and over the moon that someone cared so much.

A couple of weeks ago she mentioned her ranch slider was falling apart, so I asked if she’d mind if I looked it at, she happily obliged, so I was taking a look, just a few rivets to fix it and it was all done.

She asked what she could pay me for doing that for her.
I said not to worry, I did it cause we are friends.

Se was determined to pay me something for it, so I said how about you model the lingerie that I gave you, her face turned bright red straight away and she was so shy. I said it’s ok not to worry. Then all of a sudden she pushed me toward the couch and said sit and stay!!!

So I was sitting what felt like forever, the out she came all dolled up in the high waist thong bra and dress. Omg I had an instant woody.

First thing she said is, I’m not ready to fuck you yet, just be respectful please.!

So she walked around in front of me, I was speechless.

I asked her if I could feel her ass, she did ok. So I grabbed her from behind and pulled her ass into my raging hard on, she lets out this almost orgasmic sound which make me thrust into her, she quickly backs off and said ok there your payment, I’m not ready for what comes next, but there still time.

Since then our daily chats have gone to another level, when we look at each other, we know what we are thinking!!!

It’s only a matter of time till it happens.

Posted on 17-Mar-23 8:24PM
More dangerous than the neighbour I fear
Posted on 17-Mar-23 9:14PM
Oh she is dangerous, that’s what drives me wild about her.
Posted on 18-Mar-23 8:17AM
Live dangerously.
Comment #17 by sherloch in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Mar-23 3:34PM
Same street once. A lovely couple of very hot and sexy encounters. Very much out of the blue. What are the odds of living on the same street eh? But damn it was very satisfying.
Comment #18 by Naughtyandcurious in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Mar-23 7:49PM
I wish I could my neighbours on each side of me are single mothers.

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