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Should this site start a rating system?
Discussion - started by Unikorny, posted on 25-Feb-23 6:30PM
Just curious as to what people think of rating each other, not on performance as that is obviously subjective, but perhaps whether they are time wasters, whether they were good company, nice personality, welcoming etc. Opinions please.

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Comment #1 by DownOnTheUpside in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Feb-23 8:41PM
don't mind that idea at all
have a one to five star rating for each option and have an overall average worked out based on those intital ratings.

some of the ratings could be subjective but it'll give you an idea i guess
Comment #2 by Ihateusernames in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Feb-23 7:55AM
Really though what one person thinks of someone will be completely different the next, so that would be a very subjective rating a probably do more harm than good. Especially for the shallow type people
Comment #3 by NZuncut in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Feb-23 5:02PM
The idea is good in theory but the question is how can it be fairly policed when it's impossible to verify and everyone's taste is subjective.

Just looking at the forums there is so much petty drama, and I'm sure everyone can agree that there are some absolutely nasty, spiteful and unhinged people in their DMs.
Comment #4 by Unikorny in response to NZuncut ( view post )
Posted on 27-Feb-23 8:52AM
Obviously everyone has differing opinions on what they like, but like a restaurant review you're going to get bad reviews even if you'd been there and thought it was delicious. So if you took the sexual performance out of the equation then it would be good to be able to glance at a review and get an idea of compatibility. I mean there's people here that have probably spent years just trolling and never actually made a physical connection, so if they had no reviews people would be able to tell that they are time wasters.....
Comment #5 by 01James in response to Unikorny ( view post )
Posted on 27-Feb-23 9:02PM
That's subjective too, they may be wanting something specific, and not found it, or they and/or the people they have met/spoken to are fairly discreet about things. I certainly wouldn't be doing 'reviews' on someone's profile, even with the sexual side not part of the equation.
Comment #6 by Cheekies in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Feb-23 10:25PM
I've found that with many meets discretion and respecting privacy is key. Some people don't want to be identified and others are extremely open. I've met many from this site made some great friends from all over NZ. We have an unspoken rule, we never talk about one another on here. We may talk to each other but never in discussions without permission. Some meets didn't work out for whatever reason some have. Not all meets were sexual either. An anonymous rating system could provide some insight the concept sounds good. However if a meet up ends up with someone being disgruntled and want to be an arsehole they'd rate you poorly. Then it could potentially become a he said she said dramafest with side takers.

Comment #7 by domseka in response to Cheekies ( view post )
Posted on 28-Feb-23 5:22AM
i agree,i personally dont think its a good idea
Comment #8 by Unikorny in response to domseka ( view post )
Posted on 28-Feb-23 9:32AM
I have enjoyed the comments. Always good to know other people's views on stuff
Comment #9 by robbierabbit in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Feb-23 10:48AM
Rating works quite well on KS where people leave comments but the standard of response is higher on that site.
Personally I don't want to be rated by a male who writes in his first message that he wants to pound my gals ass or cum over her face or thinks we want to see him in some Lacey pants. I don't want to be called a time waster by a 50 year old male who can't have guests or who wants to fuck in a car park. I don't want to be rated by someone who's first message is how's your day been.
Nope. Not a goer for us
Posted on 28-Feb-23 11:46AM
Well said
Also agree with the comment on KS
The number of people who use exactly the comments you have written actually makes the mind boggle an you can see why they are single
Posted on 28-Feb-23 12:01PM
how can you rate anybody with out meeting and then there so many things to think about and a lot just personal likes and dislikes. Most of what a guy or girl want are in the mind I think you have meet to find out a rating is just one persons idea
Comment #12 by Unikorny in response to Hannable ( view post )
Posted on 28-Feb-23 12:16PM
I wasn't thinking of before you've met someone.
Posted on 28-Feb-23 12:16PM
Yeah, well said 👍
Posted on 28-Feb-23 3:44PM
VERY subjective. We get called timewasters because we dont bow down to every single male amazing enough to string together a "wanna fuck" type message. I dont even reply to the majority of messages, not worth my time or effort. So who is justified in giving a negative rating? Them for not getting what they want or me for not being willing to tolerate single syllable messages?

Its a slippery slope. If someone was so amazing you want everyone to know, thats what discussions are for.

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