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Homosexual Scientists Discover Christian Gene
Discussion - started by StilettoVixen, posted on 26-Mar-23 2:58PM
"Gay scientists discover Christian gene. Christian groups are outraged, claiming Christianity is a 'life style' choice and that there is no genetic disposition to religion."
Information supplied courtesy of CNNNN The Chaser Non-stop News Network.

This discussion is posted in light of the successful protests held 25/3/2 in Auckland's Albert Park against anti-trans and pro-Nazi supporter Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull aka Posie Parker.

Did any of you NZ Personals members attend the protest? Unfortunately I had an appointment that day and was unable to support my pro-trans brothers and sisters. I'm also embarrassed and ashamed that I wore a Harry Potter dress that day given the supportive comments that Posie Parker received from JK Rowling via Twitter.

There is no direct question here but simply an open forum for you NZP members to discuss (and hopefully support) the existence of LGBTQI+ members of our society. After all, there's no learned behaviour, we didn't choose to be the way we are. We just are.

Here's hoping it doesn't breach NZP's policy, including (but not limited to) bitching, arguing, trolling, antagonising, or winding up of other members.

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Comment #1 by dandyman in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Apr-23 8:27PM
can you tell what the definition of a woman is?
Posted on 11-Apr-23 7:30AM
In short: An adult female.
Posted on 11-Apr-23 9:14AM
good answer.
Posted on 12-Apr-23 8:17AM
I guess the definition depends on what period in time as definitions can change as society changes.
'School' once defined as a place of discipline, is now defined as a place of learning and education.
The word/ term 'woman' can be both empowering and derogatory.
I guess the most current definition would be: A person with the qualities traditionally associated with females.
Or alternatively: A person who aesthetically presents and expresses the qualities traditionally associated with females.
Not an absolute definition but probably the closest in todays western world society. Others may wish to debate this.
Posted on 12-Apr-23 9:17AM
biology is biology and no matter how many lies are told if you are born witb a cock you can never be a women.that's not hate speech it's a simple statement in fact.
Comment #6 by Mouthbuddy4u in response to dandyman ( view post )
Posted on 12-Apr-23 10:56AM
Please research and grow up
Your profile says you're interested in transgender people then deny their existence.
Hope people see this red flag
Comment #7 by dandyman in response to Mouthbuddy4u ( view post )
Posted on 12-Apr-23 11:13AM
see there you go telling lies, I never said that I said if you are born with a cock you can't be a woman.simple science which the shriekers and screamers keep ignoring.
Comment #8 by Mouthbuddy4u in response to dandyman ( view post )
Posted on 12-Apr-23 11:58AM
comment #9 was clobbered
Comment #10 by dandyman in response to andyandy ( view post )
Posted on 12-Apr-23 1:53PM
Because the shriekers and screamers assaulted her and other women that wanted to speak.if you search overseas news sites you'll see what really happened.
Posted on 12-Apr-23 2:43PM
Yeah look up how she has Nazis attend her speeches. Gross, why would you want to align yourself with that, or people like dandyman?

Trans erasure is vile, and being on this site and seeing men loudly speak against the exisitance of trans people while wanting to have sex with them is vile too. And yes dandy, I'll shriek and scream as much as needed as the queer community puts up with enough bull
comment #12 was clobbered
Posted on 12-Apr-23 5:50PM
you need to check your facts, she is not aligned with Nazis.she is trying to stop people with cocks playing women's sport and entering women's changing rooms under the guise of being a some research and you'll find the truth.
Posted on 12-Apr-23 5:53PM
You must be short as shit cause you seem to be missing the point completely
Posted on 12-Apr-23 6:13PM
do your research, when some one abuses you it's because they can't win the argument with facts.
Posted on 12-Apr-23 6:17PM
Okay sure, considering you actually have missed/ignored what I have already said.
I have already looked into this vile woman and the stuff she goes on about.
The trans community faces so crap on the daily, I hope none ever cross paths with you
Posted on 12-Apr-23 6:46PM
you obviously only watch left wing media and what is so vile about not wanting a man in a woman's changing room or competing in women's sport.lesbians are complaining about men in their toilets as well.I say again do your research and stick to science and the facts.
Comment #18 by 01James in response to Mouthbuddy4u ( view post )
Posted on 12-Apr-23 10:31PM
Thing is, if you research how the brownshirts operated, they would attend in a large group, easily identified by their uniform; shout, scream, shriek, threaten, use force, intimidate the speaker, and prevent any discussion or presentation... now, tell me who acted like Nazi's at the posie parker event?

I'll put a thought to you about Trans... IF a person is certain they are the ''gender' that is different to the physical body they are born with 'gender dysmorphia' (as stated in the DSM 5 which IS the current version and accepted medically and quoted by Trans etc) and that person is on hormones, has had, or, is going to have 'corrective surgery', I even as a binary gender person, will accept them for their choice and as the gender they have become. They have MADE the transition, or are going through it.
I think what many Trans fail, or don't wish to understand is, a man who is claiming to be a female, but is promoting women have a bulge (example Dylan Mulvaney) is going to be viewed with great scepisism and suspicion by 'hetro people'. There have already been examples overseas where men claiming female gender, have been set to female prison's and impregnated biological females, so much for being a woman??
Women (feminists) try to hold ALL men accountable for rapists (rape culture) and whether Trans like it, or not, there are some predators who will use Trans to ply their evil intent. So, if all men are 'accountable' for the tiny percentage who are rapists, then surely the Trans community has to be accountable for predators using the guise as cover. Now I have no doubt that you will consider that statement highly unfair, it is, but it is the reality men deal with.
seeing it from that perspective, maybe you can see why men have said that if they saw a 'male' entering an 'open area' female changing room when their young daughter is in there??
So yes the queer community has dealt with a lot of crap over the years, it doesn't give them the right to dish it out now. Common sense is needed from BOTH sides of this discussion.
Comment #19 by StilettoVixen in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Apr-23 7:50PM
I am somewhat disappointed of how the LGBTQI+ community behaved at the protests. Especially since we are trying to advocate against discrimination and violence. We live in a democratic society and enjoy freedom of speech and expression. I believe that Posie Parker had the right to express her opinions/ beliefs and be able to address those that wanted to hear her speak. Unfortunately she chose to do so in a public space. It is also unfortunate that it was her intention to incite hatred and violence against the transgender community and as a result, was met with great protest.

I had done my research before posting this discussion topic and the majority of the information presented to me indicated that Parker sides with white supremist and Nazi groups. Even her Twitter account avatar is represented by a Barbie doll wearing a Nazi uniform.
Parker's proclamation that she will "crush any woman that stands in her way" while claiming that we should "let women speak" would indicate that she is hiding behind the facade of standing up for abused women in order to advocate her own agenda of hatred and abuse.

Our society recognises and accepts the existence of Transgender females and is taking appropriate action to accommodate us. Employment law, for example, has included clauses that ban the discrimination of Transgender individuals in the workplace. A lot of public spaces are providing transgender bathroom facilities for us, and you will notice that most shopping malls have adjusted their disabled bathrooms to include their use for gender diverse individuals.
I do a lot of site work at schools in the Auckland region and have noticed that the education system has embraced gender diversity and is proactive in educating students about tolerance. Many schools have gender diverse bathroom facilities, and their notice boards are plastered with gender diversity & anti-bullying campaigns.
We are now being provided with our own safe spaces so the idea of banning us to ensure safe spaces for Cisgender TERFs is rapidly becoming redundant.

It is unfortunate that there is an element of the population that will always take advantage and exploit provisions that have been made for those of us that are trying to do the right thing. There are plenty of accountants that embezzle money, mechanics that charge for unnecessary repairs, corrupt police officers that plant 'evidence' and illicit confessions from innocent suspects. Not to mention the exceedingly high number of religious leaders that use religion to procure tax free money and molest young boys. But then those crimes are not specifically directed at females.
It is therefore inevitable that there are certain individuals that would claim to be transgender in order to take advantage of female spaces. Once again, some perverted cunt has to fuck it up for the rest of us.

The definition of a woman is currently classified in two categories:
Cisgender women; those who are born female. And Transgender women; those who identify as being female.
New Zealand society recognises both as being female. To tell a transgender woman that she is not a woman is just wrong. If you want to quote biology and claim that "no person born with a cock can be a woman" is pure ignorance.
What about the 'I' in LGBTQI? Those that are born with both male and female genitalia. Are you suggesting that they are neither male nor female? I don't see how you would accept them as being both male and female. Perhaps in your view they are mutants, abominations, that they should be destroyed at birth or told to kill themselves.
Back in the olden days, if a baby was born with both sets of genitals then the doctor(s) would make a decision and conduct 'corrective' surgery to define the child as either male or female. And this was often done without informing the parents. These days the parents are given the option of defining the sex of their Intersex child, or letting the child grow so it can decide for itself. Would you like to tell a child that had it's penis removed at birth (and raised as a girl) that she is not a female?

Women are genetically defined as XX. That's 23 female X chromosomes from her mother and 23 female X chromosomes from her father.
Men are genetically defined as XY. female X chromomes from his mother and male Y chromosomes from his father.
Since men carry the female X chromosome, that would mean that men are biologically half female. To state that a man can never be a woman is an absolute contradiction of the science you are trying to present. That would be like telling a half-caste Maori individual that they are not Maori, can't be Maori, and never will be Maori. Then being surprised and offended when said Maori individual reciprocates by telling you to "go fuck yourself".
Posted on 13-Apr-23 9:21PM
I can agree with most of what you have said here, but the claim men are half female, is kinda stretching things a little bit? That's using the same thinking to say that as a Chimpanzee has only between 1-6% out of 35 million nucleotides difference in it's genetic code, it must also be a Human. the XX or XY chain simply differentiates male or female (biological) Human being.
The 'I' in the list, I think most are aware of what were called 'Hermaphrodites' being in existence for many generations. They are a genetic anomaly, not the norm though.
I don't think anyone would 'challenge' the statement an 'intersex' child is the sex they are presented as. Although elsewhere I know of just a person in that situation, who late into their life has had the op reversed and gone from male to female (the sex organ was still present but 'sealed up' surgically, I think (not sure for certain) that the male sex organ was more 'developed' when an infant, or maybe they just 'chose' the sex?).
I still 'challenge' as to why if a biological male is certain they are female, WHY (dylan mulvaney example) insist that women have a bulge? Would you agree that is a contradiction of female anatomy?
Posted on 15-Apr-23 10:23AM
You're awesome xx and very obviously stating facts while retaining an open mind.
Posted on 15-Apr-23 12:38PM
Some women can have enlarged labia, creating the look of a bulge in body contour clothing.
Posted on 15-Apr-23 1:23PM
And you can't fuck a female chimpanzee and get it pregnant. Therefore it couldn't be considered as human. We are biologically closer to pigs than primates. But if you could get a chimpanzee pregnant, then would you consider it's offspring to be human?
Posted on 15-Apr-23 1:24PM
Posted on 15-Apr-23 4:25PM
OK, please remember that you opened up this line of discussion.
"And you can't fuck a female chimpanzee and get it pregnant. Therefore it couldn't be considered as human."

Using that exact same logic, You can't fuck a human male and get him pregnant, so how can you apply the reverse logic, to say a trans man is a female?
This is a discussion, remember.
( Elsewhere I have said that if a man (or woman) is on hormones and has had, or intends, on the corrective surgery, I have no issue with them as the gender they choose.)
Comment #26 by dandyman in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 15-Apr-23 4:34PM
but they will never be a woman so they should not use women's facilities or compete in women's sport.the obvious solution is to have separate facilities and sporting competitions for transgendered people.
Comment #27 by 01James in response to dandyman ( view post )
Posted on 15-Apr-23 5:02PM
I agree there should be a 'trans sports' system... I am not qualified to argue over the pre/post puberty discussion, but, a post puberty female who transitions, is not going to be as physically capable as the males, likewise, a trans male to female will have the advantage, which has been adequately proven now I think.
As for the first part? If man has fully transitioned, hormones, surgery, they are in effect a woman physically so I can't see any reason or issue for them to be in women's facilities. Likewise when a female has transitioned to a male form.
Comment #28 by dandyman in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 15-Apr-23 5:09PM
if that is the case then why are lesbian groups jumping up and down about transpeople using their facilities.I wish I was a millionaire but ever time I check my bank account I'm disappointed.
Posted on 15-Apr-23 9:17PM
There are plenty of biological females out there who are incapable of conceiving. By using your logic, are you saying they are not women?
Posted on 15-Apr-23 9:31PM
Gender reassignment surgery is costly and has long recovery period. Not everyone who identifies as transgender can afford such treatments and after-care. By your standards, only the wealthy can afford to choose their gender. I don't suppose you have a spare $45,00 you can gift me so I can become the woman you expect me to be.
Posted on 15-Apr-23 9:33PM
$45,00 (fucking keyboard)
Posted on 15-Apr-23 9:34PM
Or is it the site? Keeps eliminating the third zero.
Posted on 15-Apr-23 10:57PM
they are still a biological wonan, that is a stupid and dishonest argument
Posted on 16-Apr-23 5:11PM
Stop clutching at straws, I knew you were going to come back with that 'standard' trans argument..
Simply answered, whether she is able to be impregnated or not, a biolgical woman HAS the potential due to having ovaries and a womb. Infertility can be for several reasons, some can only succeed in this with IVF, others for whatever 'medical/physiological reason will never. Just like some men have ineffective sperm, they are BOTH an anomaly. A male to female, just like a female to male trans will NEVER have the potential to impregnate, or be impregnated.
So again, someone on hormones and is, or has intention to have the surgery should be accepted as.
Posted on 16-Apr-23 5:14PM
no, it's the woman you claim to be Vixen.
And what I said was intend to have, as well as 'has had'. I am assuming you are on hormones? I believe I also said "on hormones", you are starting to get selective in your responses.
Posted on 19-Apr-23 1:50AM
No. Nothing wrong with me. It's probably because I hate computers as much as they hate me.

Being selective in my responses? That's funny. It seemed to me that I spent a lot of time answering your questions while you appeared to be ignoring most of mine. I really don't enjoy people shitting on me (although there are a lot of individuals who do enjoy that kind of thing) so if being selective means avoiding being abused by some cunt, then yes, absolutely, 100% being selective.

And a big sorry to all Transsexuals out there. I got so caught up in Transgender discrimination that I completely forget about the group of individuals that have undone GRS and graduated from being Transgender.
Shit, James. I'd have thought a man of your intelligence would have been the first to identify that mistake and correct me on it. Nonetheless, thanks for the reaffirmation that I am a member the single most discriminated against group on the entire planet.

As for medications I'm taking. Well that's none of your business. No one has the right to ask me that unless it directly affects my ability to function in any role that they may assign me to. But since you insist on always being right, then can you cam take it for granted that your assumption is correct. I wouldn't state my sex as Transgender if I didn't intend to transition. And I sure as hell wouldn't have uploaded a picture of my face as a Transgender female if I didn't identify with that. I wouldn't present myself out in public and have people laugh and stare at me if I didn't identify as being female.
Being a girl is scary. Real fucking scary. Being stared at, followed, stalked. Cars that slow down as they pass by, or pull over and offer you a ride. Drivers that keep doing u-turns and passing by over and over. Guys that just won't take no for an answer. Or having some fuck shove his hand up your skirt because he wants to know if you've still got a cock. Been a few occasions where I've had to duck into a store and inform staff that I don't feel safe. These are the kinds of things that most biological females have had to deal with their entire lives, and I don't think someone like you would be able to handle that, James. It comes as no surprise to me that they don't want biological men in their bathrooms and other safe spaces. I have total respect for that. I'm not the type to deliberately enter female spaces to spark a reaction, or demand that I be allowed to enter because I identify as being female. I respect others as I expect them to respect me. I'm not interested in offending anyone simply because that's my right.

New Zealand law accepts Transgender/ Transsexual men and women as the gender with which they identify. If you object to that then I suggest you move to a country with laws that support your opinions.
Posted on 19-Apr-23 10:12PM
and there we have it. Resort to emotional swiping rather than discuss.
I won't bother to respond to half the assumptions you have made about me, not for me to prove or disprove your thoughts. I did say a couple of times this is a discussion, I had not mentioned you personally during most of the exchange, until he comment on 'claiming womanhood', but you made the whole thing personal, which is your right.
with that? Guess conversation is closed vixen.
Comment #38 by uthredson13 in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 20-Apr-23 3:39AM
Real estate on the moral high ground has always been exclusive Alex.
But I am reliably informed female public toilets are predator free!
Comment #39 by 01James in response to uthredson13 ( view post )
Posted on 20-Apr-23 10:54PM
That may well be in NZ (for now?) but it has already happened in overseas countries, and sadly, NZ will not be immune in the future. Predators will seek advantage in any way they can.
I'd agree 100% that we should have unisex toilets & changing areas made more readily available, this would also enable the safety for trans people that vixen mentioned.
Posted on 21-Apr-23 8:22AM
Most of what you have posted is a personal attack on how I identify with myself.

I'm not sure what kind of trannies you've been hanging around with but every Transgender individual I have ever known has been proactive in seeking HRT and GRS, myself included. This would adequately fit your description of what you consider to be a 'woman' or 'man' regardless of their biological sex, and yet you still insist on claiming we are not the sex we choose. I have never a met anyone claiming to be transgender and discovered that they have no intention of transitioning. Are you sure you're not hanging around with perverts trying to invade women's safe spaces? I hope you're not mistaking us for crossdressers. Not that that there is anything wrong with crossdressing but Transgender individuals do not identify as Crossdressers as we dress in gender reaffirming clothing.

Yes this is a discussion. I've tried to reason with you but you refuse to listen to reason. I've agreed with you on your attacks against me and yet you don't seem happy with that either. I've tried treating you the way I feel you're treating me and you claim I'm making personal attacks. I'm the kind of individual that if I don't like someone I leave them well alone and hope they return the favour. I get the impression that you're the type of individual that likes to push buttons and get in peoples faces if you don't like those people or what they believe in. I have taken my time, been respectful (for the most part), and taken your line of reasoning into consideration. I've answered most of your line of questioning, I've tried to accept you for the individual you are, which is a hell of a lot more than I've gotten from you. I've tried my best to not be the person you think I am or hope me to be. I'm glad you've decided to close this conversation, but if you decide you need to respond then please answer me this before posting anything else:
How does my claim that I'm mentally and emotionally a woman affect you? How does my desire to be recognised as female and my actions to transition directly affect you? What do hope to achieve by denying the Transgender community their right to exist? And once you've gotten rid of us, who will be your next target?

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