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What's your biggest fantasy?
Discussion - started by Sly_Fun69, posted on 22-Aug-23 11:52AM
Thought we could get a thread going of our biggest fantasies..... I'll start

Mine is to have a group of 4-6 couples use me however they want for 24 hours both men and women

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Comment #72 by Benny01 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Dec-23 4:21AM
I'd love it if my mum brought home some horny guys for me and wished me a good nite as she went off to bed after she loans me her toys.
Comment #73 by grunt45 in response to Elven11 ( view post )
Posted on 13-Dec-23 6:06AM
PM me and lets make that happen
Comment #74 by Hereforyou in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Dec-23 2:54PM
To be sound asleep and get woken up by a woman sucking on my dick.
Comment #75 by Isyaready in response to Hereforyou ( view post )
Posted on 15-Dec-23 9:15PM
That is quite a nice feeling. I also woken a woman up as I spilled my load into her mouth. She swallowed and thought that was a great way to start the day. 😀
Comment #76 by Playfull in response to Isyaready ( view post )
Posted on 18-Dec-23 10:33AM
Mine would be going vinegar hill in January and being hit on by 3 or four guys who won't take a no answer and would have to submit to their needs plus mine of being rape, what a lovely new year that would make.
Comment #77 by Goodguychch in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Dec-23 1:10PM
Winning lotto
Comment #78 by freyalillian in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Dec-23 5:55PM
Mine is to have one or two really beautiful and handsome men enjoy my body and just be so incredibly passionate and pleasing themselves just as much as they’re pleasing me. Like I’m their main focus to please and they’re enjoying my body at the same time. People move different when they’re not afraid and they’re comfortable.
Posted on 19-Dec-23 6:23PM
Mm yes please
Comment #80 by Elven11 in response to freyalillian ( view post )
Posted on 19-Dec-23 8:23PM
100% mine too.
Comment #81 by Dowang in response to freyalillian ( view post )
Posted on 20-Dec-23 12:16PM
Freyalillian i want to kiss you all over.
Comment #82 by Gibby in response to freyalillian ( view post )
Posted on 21-Dec-23 12:34PM
I would love to be that guy you desire
Comment #83 by Thenewguy34 in response to Elven11 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Dec-23 6:03AM
Comment #84 by Bopfox in response to freyalillian ( view post )
Posted on 24-Dec-23 11:34AM
Totally there for your pleasure , licking and sucking you till you cum then slowling the pace down and continue on your wet clit as we wank each other
Comment #85 by Hamish in response to Blowme69 ( view post )
Posted on 1-Jan-24 11:29PM
Yumm I'm with you on that,4 or 5 big cocks pounding my smooth holes delicious, any guys in Auckland want to have a go, message me xx
Comment #86 by Iluvcum in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jan-24 11:41AM
One or more couples Cumming in my face
Comment #87 by bootguy in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jan-24 2:54PM
Transexual cop wearing sunglasses and working on my arse with her nightstick until she feels I’m sufficiently opened up for her to replace it with her cock. Then banging me hard so I can feel her balls slapping against me with every stroke.
Comment #88 by Willingarse in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jan-24 3:33PM
I'm ever hopeful I come across 1 or 2 guys while out on a trail run who fuck me in the bushes. Then I carry on with their cum dripping down my legs.
Comment #89 by evets in response to Iluvcum ( view post )
Posted on 5-Jan-24 3:34PM
Me too.The more the merrier
Comment #90 by Bbwpegme in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Jan-24 6:44PM
Having my dom stop pegging me while restrained and come around front so I could worship her strap on, only to discover her big cock lover behind me ,,,
Comment #91 by 0penb00k in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Jan-24 8:05PM
Bi orgy!

Pool orgy,

Swinger party

Oil session with a bi couple.

Outdoor sessions with bi friends.

Lots to do so little time or participants.
Comment #92 by Gibby in response to 0penb00k ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jan-24 8:56PM
Yes I would like to be included in the orgy what a awesome fantasy
Comment #93 by evets in response to 0penb00k ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jan-24 9:52PM
Totally agree on all counts.
Comment #94 by 01James in response to Bbwpegme ( view post )
Posted on 7-Jan-24 11:44PM
yeh I'd love that too
Comment #95 by Hamish in response to Willingarse ( view post )
Posted on 8-Jan-24 7:40AM
Delicious cum soaked tights x
comment #96 was clobbered
Comment #97 by Jcpass in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Jan-24 9:07PM
I am looking for someone to help me play out my fantasy
I would like to be dressed up in your wife’s sexy clothes and have you deal to me like you have never delt to your wife, I want to be your sex toy in panties, your sex slave do whatever you want to do to me. This role play would be so hot, keen to please
Posted on 8-Jan-24 10:29PM
I like the sound of that. Always thinking of that on my runs.
Posted on 9-Jan-24 6:06AM
Hey, that's sounds exciting. Where do these trail runs take place?
Whenever I am on a bush walk or hike I am always hoping for the same.
Comment #100 by Biguynz in response to 0penb00k ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 7:44AM
Now that's hot ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Comment #101 by 0penb00k in response to Biguynz ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 7:51AM
Thanks, I’d like to make a few of them cum true soon.
Posted on 9-Jan-24 7:52AM
I think about this all the time.
I’d love a nude hike where I find someone tied up on a tree spread and blindfolded for my use.
Comment #103 by carnal in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jan-24 8:26AM
Nikki is a cross dresser in her fifties. We’d been chatting online for quite a while in preparation for today and it was with considerable excitement that I swung my motorhome off the road, into the reserve, and up the track to the dune bank and bush line. There was only one other car in the reserve. I parked in a quiet spot with the grassy reserve between my van and the road and a thin bush and tree strip between there and the beach. I parked the van with its door facing away from the road. This gave us a private area between the van and the bush and that’s where I set up my little table and two fold-up chairs. Then I went inside, got the jug boiling, and laid out a platter of cheese and crackers, and set the table with two teacups. That completed my preparations so I went outside again and sent the text. “Hi Nikki. Your changing room is waiting”. At that I left the van door open wide and walked through the bush line and onto the beach. After a couple of minutes I turned back and peeked over the dune crest to check, and yes, the van door was closed: Nikki was getting dressed. I walked onto the beach, sat in the sand, and gazed out at the breaking waves. I knew that becoming Nikki would take a while so I wasn’t concerned that I didn’t immediately get a text but soon enough the message popped up: “Ready when you are sweetie”. I stood up, brushed the sand off myself, and walked back to the van.

Nikki had seen the platter inside and brought it out onto the table and that’s where she as when I saw her. She was quite tall and well built with dark hair down to her shoulders and was dressed for a day at the beach. She had on a sleeveless summery dress which had floral patterns on a white background. It was gathered slightly under her ample boobs from where it dropped down in pleats to her mid-calfs and it flowed freely as she moved around. She had on sensible, flat, open shoes, and was topped off with a broad sun hat. All up it was the epitome of “summer’s day at the beach”.

“Hello Nikki, don’t you just look gorgeous” I chimed as I stepped into view. “Oh, thank you sweetie, do you like it?” came the reply, as she held onto her hat and did a couple of spins. Yes, I did like it, but my mind was already wandering to what the dress concealed. I could see stockinged calves and ankles, but I could only guess at the rest. “Yes, you look lovely, very summery” I said, then “Here, this one’s for you” as I gestured to one of the chairs “You sit and make yourself comfortable while I make the tea”.

She wasn’t there when I came back out a couple of minutes later but I saw her walking back from the dune crest; one hand holding her hat and the other holding the folds of her dress out to one side. Her hips swayed provocatively as she moved and she looked straight into my eyes as she glided back like she was parading on a catwalk. I noticed her phone on the table and asked “You look very sexy like that, would you like me to take some pictures for you?” “Oh sweetie, I looooove having my picture taken” she said, “would you?” “Sure” I said picking up and opening her phone, “You strike the pose and I’ll snap the pic”.

She stepped through a series of model-type poses; one hand in the air and one one her hip, looking back over her shoulder etc, then she fixed me in the eye and stood feet apart with hands on hips. I snapped away taking care to get two of each picture, one with and one without the face. That was so that she had some pictures she could add to her profile later if she wanted to. She moved over to a nearby boulder, put one foot up on it and pulled the dress up to expose a stockinged knee. “Nice” I said, and clicked away. “Oh, you like a bit of leg do you, you naughty man?” and pulled the folds of the dress higher to show some bare flesh above the stockings. The stockings were black and I could see now that the suspenders were too. She put her foot down and swapped to the other one, this time lifting the dress up even higher so that I saw her whole bare hip. I could see suspenders, stockings, and some pale skin, but no panties. I moved in for a closeup shot of her hip and dropped to one knee, stooping and looking at a slightly upward angle. From this vantage point I could clearly her cock hanging down and caught a glimpse her shaved balls. “Oh yes” I said” “very pretty” as I clicked away. “Oh, that’s not even my best side” she replied. She put her foot down, turned her back to me, planted her feet wide apart, bent over the boulder, and rested both hands on it. I snapped some more pictures and then she lifted the dress all the way past her hips and let it hang loosely from her waist. She was bent over the boulder, feet wide apart, showing me the full length of her legs and the roundness of her base ass with her cock and balls hanging in the breeze. And what about that sweetie, do you like that too?” she asked. “Oh yes, VERY nice” I said while I clicked away. She held that pose for a while; hands on the boulder, bare ass exposed, with her cock and balls hanging, and then she reached behind with both hands, pulled her ass cheeks wide apart showing me her pink butthole and whispered “and what about THIS sweetie, do you like this?” I struggled to find a suitable reply but after a few seconds I managed “Oh yes, I do. It’s very pretty indeed, and it is just begging to get a warm tongue on it.” “Oh, you naughty, naughty man” she answered with a giggle, and she straightened up and turned around to face me. Reaching down with both hands she slowly lifted the dress from the front to just above the stocking tops until I could see the her cock peeking out from beneath folds. Then she she lifted it further and showed me that she was now fully hard from the all the teasing. She held the front of the dress up high like a can-can dancer and slowly walked around me, swaying her hips and looking into my eyes as she moved. “Would you like some of this sweetie?” she said quietly when she got close, but before I could reply she dropped the fabric back down and said “I’m sure you would, but you’ll just have to wait” and promptly turned, walked away, and sat down in her chair. She adjusted the cloth of the dress over her knees and settled back but there was no hiding the tent-like bulge in the fabric where it hung over her rigid cock “Now where’s that cup of tea?” she asked.

The tea had gone cold while we we busy taking the pictures so I stepped back into the van, reboiled the kettle, and came back with two fresh cups; milk no sugar was how she liked it. We sat there for a while, sipping the tea and listening to the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees and the waves breaking on the beach. Then I asked if she wanted to see the pictures. “Oh yes of course, the pictures!” she said. She picked up her phone and started stepping through the frames one by one, pointing out what she liked or didn’t like in each picture, and then giggling like a little girl when she got to the raunchy ones. I put my hand on her thigh as I leaned in to see which she was talking about. “Oooh, you are wicked” she said, but she didn’t move to resist at all. Instead she turned to look into my eyes, opened her mouth slightly, and leaned forward. We kissed passionately, my tongue exploring her mouth and our pulses quickened. I moved my hand over her cock, and I could feel it was still fully hard, raising a bulge in the cloth. I gathered up the cloth of her dress loosely around her cock, like it was in a bag, closed my hand around it, squeezed slightly, and started slowly stroking her up and down. After a while she broke off the kiss and leaned back in the chair with her eyes closed. “mmmmm, that’s nice” she purred. I carried on slowly stroking her through the and her breathing gradually became heavier until she said “You’d better stop that now sweetie. It needs a bit of a rest or it will go off”. I took my hand away and she adjusted the folds of the dress to try to make the bulge of her standing cock disappear, but it wasn’t at all successful.

We sat back in silence for a while listening to the beach noises until she said, “I know what to do now, we could play a game… would you like that?” “Sure” I replied, “what sort of game?”. She looked me in the eyes and said “we could play Hide and Suck…. Oh I mean Hide and Seek!… a slip of the tongue, how silly of me.” She went on to explain. “I’ve got a present hidden somewhere here for you. You look for it and as you look I’ll say “warmer” when you are getting closer and “cooler” when you are getting further away. Got it?” I said that yes, I got it and we both stood up and moved away from the table. I started moving in and around the van and the bush and Nikki walked over to a big tree and leaned back against to trunk. “Warmer”, “warmer”, “cooler!” she called excitedly out as I searched around, but apparently I was nowhere near “hot”. “Oh, you’re not very good at this are you” she said and I looked across to her. She was stood there, leaning back against the tree, with her hands joined together on the front of her dress. Her hands touched thumb to thumb, forefinger to forefinger, forming a big circle around a large bulge in the fabric that was stretched loosely over her cock. I knew exactly what I was searching for, and where it was, but I too was playing the game. I carried on moving around searching the bush and she continued calling “warmer” and “cooler” getting more frustrated every time I moved away. Eventually I heard her call out, “OK, I’ll give you a clue”. I turned to look at her as she stood there, feet apart against the tree. She reached down with both hands and gathered cloth into her hands as she slowly raised the front of the dress up her legs. When she got to mid thigh she lifted her hands up and out in front of her so that the dress formed a sort of tent above her cock. It stood out fully hard again. “There, do you think you can find it now?” she said coyly. I’d always known what I was looking for but this time I didn’t pretend otherwise. I walked over, got down on my knees between her feet, and put my mouth over her cock. “mmmm, definitely warm” she said, “and now the ‘Hide’ part” and with that she dropped the fabric of the dress over me and adjusted it so that I mostly disappeared from view.

We couldn’t be seen at all from the road, and anyone walking down the beach would only see the top half of a woman wearing a sunhat looking out to sea. Under the dress there was enough light for me to see what I was doing and enough breeze to be able to breathe. Nikki’s cock was already completely hard so I didn’t need to encourage it at all and I held the glans in my mouth and circled my tongue around it, first one way, then the other. Nikki had her back up against the tree but I slipped a hand between her legs, onto the back of her pelvis, and slowly pulled her hips forward pushing the whole length of her cock into my mouth. From under the covers I heard a quiet “oooooh!” I pulled back a little then stretched my tongue out and worked it side to side along the length of her shaft as I descended it slowly again. When her cock pressed against the back of my mouth my outstretched tongue could just reach her balls and I heard another “mmmmm” as I took her fully in. I felt two hands come onto the back of my head holding me there as she pushed her hips forward to get the last few millimetres into me. There was a slight gasp and shudder as she held me there fully impaled on her cock. I pulled back to breathe better for a while but didn’t come off her, I kept her cock in my mouth, sucking, working my tongue, and moving up and down her length. After a while I felt the pressure come back on the back of my head and I was guided all the way down again and held there. This time she started to rock her hips slightly so that she was fucking my mouth as much as I was sucking her cock.

Suddenly the movement stopped and the hands came off my head. I felt a shaking movement of her torso and heard Nicky call out “Hi… lovely day”. She was obviously waving and calling to someone on the beach. I started to move off her cock but the hands came onto my head and pressed me firmly all the way back down. “They’re just passing. It’s nothing for you to concern yourself with sweetie. You just carry on.” Her hips then pushed forward more firmly than before and she began to fuck my mouth more deeply and more urgently. My nose was pressed hard into her groin and I had to pull back to catch some breath but I still stayed on her cock as she continued to thrust her hips back and forth and hold my head firmly. I could hear faint noises from her now. “Oh, oh, oh”. I put my hand on the back of her pelvis again and pulled her in hard, pushing every bit of her cock into my mouth and keeping her there.

After only a few more thrusts of her hips she suddenly pulled me on very hard and held me on tight. Her legs convulsed and her cock pulsated in my mouth as she pumped her cum into me. I counted eleven spasms… the game-playing beforehand had obviously had its effect. “Oh, oh, oh…. oh Lordy” she panted as she came.

I stayed on her cock, slowly working up and down until she started to soften, and her panting subsided. She slowly pulled her hips back and her cock slipped from my mouth. We stayed still like that for a while until she said. “Oh my, sweetie, that was wonderful… just wonderful. But now I need to go and freshen myself up a bit” This was a cue we had set up in advance. When she lifted her dress from me and walked back towards the van, albeit a little unsteadily, I headed down onto the beach.

I sat there gazing out to sea not really thinking about anything, just enjoying the sun, the breeze, and the ocean. Presently my phone showed me a text. “Thank you for the best game of Hide and Suck ever. ”I went back to the van and she was gone. It was as intended: I would only ever meet Nikki when she was fully dressed. AlI I had left were the memories… but these were memories that I would wank myself to sleep with every night for months to come.
Comment #104 by Biguynz in response to 0penb00k ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 8:44AM
I'm open to be tied to a tree for your use
Comment #105 by 3dogs in response to carnal ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 9:12AM
Great story. Loved it. Great description of you sucking her
Comment #106 by bootguy in response to 3dogs ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 9:45AM
Yeah, at first I thought it was a bit long to read, but really enjoyed it, especially the moment when Nikki shot her load.
Comment #107 by 0penb00k in response to Biguynz ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jan-24 10:31AM
Let’s get that done!
Posted on 11-Jan-24 4:25AM
The intention behind that pic turns me on. I like skinny guys cos I’m fat. But did u have a wank in that spot? It’s perfect location😘😍
Posted on 11-Jan-24 4:49AM
Best fantasy yet
Posted on 11-Jan-24 6:42AM
Yes I did actually.
Comment #111 by jtnz in response to 0penb00k ( view post )
Posted on 12-Jan-24 9:44PM
Haha - have you seen my photos?
I'm tied to a tree in there waiting to be discovered!
Comment #112 by Pete28 in response to freyalillian ( view post )
Posted on 21-Jan-24 7:01PM
If everyone aimed to please the other person , then life would be so much better. Especially when more than two involved. You considered moving to chch
Comment #113 by evets in response to Pete28 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Jan-24 5:57AM
While what you say is very true, the cold hard truth is we are ALL on this site for our own selfish reasons.
Comment #114 by donuteater in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jan-24 4:55PM
Compared to you all, I guess I'm fairly vanilla. But I'd love to try that whole free use thing. Just walk into the room and bend a woman over the couch or whatever, without any song and dance.
Comment #115 by Mattlock in response to Pete28 ( view post )
Posted on 17-Feb-24 2:29PM
I always pleasure my wife and she does me that’s why we want to pleasure a trans or a female if we can
Comment #116 by Hereforyou in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Feb-24 10:40AM

Have thought about this in the past but dismissed it as never likely to happen.
An ongoing DD/BG friendship/relationship
Posted on 21-Feb-24 7:53AM
Done all bar oil session
Comment #118 by Kiwicurious in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Feb-24 6:13PM
Female led mmf
Comment #119 by evets in response to Kiwicurious ( view post )
Posted on 22-Feb-24 5:16AM
The woman calling the shots is always more enjoyable.
Comment #120 by Kiwicurious in response to evets ( view post )
Posted on 22-Feb-24 6:27AM
Absolutely I have been exposed by female led CFNM
But to be "made"
To do things with a guy yum
Comment #121 by evets in response to Kiwicurious ( view post )
Posted on 22-Feb-24 4:05PM
Yup. Very enjoyable but unfortunately not that common

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