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First gay experience stories
Discussion - started by Protean, posted on 29-Aug-23 2:56PM
There was an old thread about first gay encounters but i couldnt find it, was a hot read so thought id start another.

Mine was when i was about 13, sleeping over at a mates. Wed been play fighting snd wrestling and i felt he had a hard on. We slept in the same bed that night and i felt him lowly pull my undies down and start feeling my cock, so i returned the favour. Progressed to jerking each other off and eventually sucking each other off some nights, suffice to say i stayd at his place a lot haha. Young and unexperienced and shy, we never did much more, which i regret to this day!

Ive got more stories, share yours too - and dont skimp on details! ;)

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Comment #1 by james4t in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Aug-23 10:35PM
Comment #2 by Browser1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Aug-23 8:06PM
The old thread was taken down because it was full of stories of child abuse
Comment #3 by Mclovinit in response to the main topic
Posted on 31-Aug-23 8:23PM
I got fucked in the dark room at the box in chch once I was pinned down and if took him ages to get a comdon on it was that big he started slowly luckily but by the end was fucking me hard fast and balls deep I was screaming out so guys got there cocks down my throat he fucked me till he shot his load deep in my ass while others cum all over my face, afterwards I tried to left the room but got pushed back onto the couch and fucked again hard fast and roughly this time I struggled to walk out that day was a mean as couple hours, PM if anyone wants to repeat it
Comment #4 by Mabwithu in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Sep-23 7:05AM
My 1st encounter was when I was about 12 or 1 , a friend who was a couple of years older and i used to go swimming in the river down the back of their farm and one day we decided to skinny dip but when we were lying on our towels after i rolled onto my side and he remarked how nice my arse looked so I pushed it towards him next thing he is caressing my cheeks and he slipped his hard cock between my legs so I rubbed his knob and he shot cum very quickly
From then on we always skinny dipped and progressed to kissing cuddling and when he st fucked me oooh what a awesome feeling . That was fifty plus years ago and I still enjoy a good man from time to time. Have just made contact with him again on fb and it appears he is still keen to play
Comment #5 by digger62 in response to Mabwithu ( view post )
Posted on 3-Sep-23 10:54AM
mmmm Lucky man sounds very sexy
Comment #6 by Mabwithu in response to digger62 ( view post )
Posted on 3-Sep-23 4:20PM
Yes it was and it set me up for life, have enjoyed many m2m fun times since
Comment #7 by digger62 in response to Mabwithu ( view post )
Posted on 3-Sep-23 8:24PM
I was introduced to gay sex in my early teens with older gay men enjoyed the attention and sex of course and still enjoy it today
Comment #8 by Protean in response to Mabwithu ( view post )
Posted on 4-Sep-23 3:50AM
Thats awesome. I regret not fucking my friend but we we were young and inexperienced and it just never came to that sadly.
When i was about 15 me and another mate were watching porn, and he flopped it out in my face as a joke, i was too shy to act but i regret not just sucking him off too haha
Comment #9 by Mabwithu in response to Protean ( view post )
Posted on 5-Sep-23 6:29AM
I hope you have got over being shy nowadays
Comment #10 by Protean in response to digger62 ( view post )
Posted on 7-Sep-23 1:56PM
How did it start?
Comment #11 by digger62 in response to Protean ( view post )
Posted on 7-Sep-23 3:53PM
In my early teens a gay guy paid me to fuck him and he taught me all about gay sex
Comment #12 by Protean in response to digger62 ( view post )
Posted on 7-Sep-23 11:14PM
Comment #13 by Newguyy in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Sep-23 5:00AM
My first time was playing around with my friend I used to stay at his house and we would try have sex but we were really just sucking each other off my first real time I meet up with a mature older man off here said I was 18 was really only 16 he picked me up down the road from my house took me back to his place and we sucked each other then I fucked him and ate my ass I felt weird after it like I couldn’t believe I had done that
Posted on 24-Sep-23 1:49AM
I had a friend many years ago that used to just come and hang out with me and one night we were both in my room sitting on my bed and watching an old black and white television and there was a couple on the program kissing and cuddling etc and I commented to my friend that I wish that it was me there with the chick on telly as I'd get naked with her and she'd suck my cock.well my friend says I'll give you a blowjob if you want one.well at first I freaked a little because the thought of it aroused me and I asked him if he was serious and he said I'm serious if you are and with that we both undressed and lay on my bed naked feeling each other and kissing and he tasted my cocktail and I got to taste was incredibly erotic and we did this for a few months. I wanted him to fuck me as I wanted to experience a hard cocktail inside me but he wasn't keen on anal just blow job's and wanking etc until we came.was incredibly hot and I still love how it opened up a different world for me as I went on to try mmf and many other exciting things.
Posted on 24-Sep-23 1:53AM
There's just something so sexy about having sex with hot man and completely letting go of any inhibitions and just enjoying the moment.
Posted on 24-Sep-23 3:00AM
I had a similar experience with an old flatmate he used to have me on and one day I half seriously said well come on then let's go in my room and I shut the door and sat on my single bed and he came up with his denim jeans unzipped and his cut cock in his hand so I very nervously wrapped my hand around his cocktail and took his cocktail into my mouth and had a quick suck on him but I was so nervous and unsure and he freaked a little and said oh you are like that and at that point I chickened out.but to this day I've always thought darn I wish I had just had the courage to carry on and sucked him off until he took a lot of courage to finally start realizing that I was bi and liked guys and chick's.

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