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Daybreaker rally, Manawatu
Discussion - started by Laseredfeild, posted on 17-Sep-23 9:08PM
Anyone else going to check out some stages of next weekend's Daybreaker rally around the Manawatu ...
I hope to be catching 3-4 different areas ....
Anyone wanna join me ?? Pm me if interested... hopefully be good day

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Comment #1 by Insatiable in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Sep-23 1:17AM
How did this rally go?
Posted on 26-Sep-23 7:29AM
Was bloody awesome, fine in morning & plenty dust, poured down in arvo & plenty water on roads ..
88-92 started , only finished
Comment #3 by wmz in response to Laseredfeild ( view post )
Posted on 26-Sep-23 11:37AM
More rally fun next month as the Targa returns.

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