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The old Box venue ChCh
Discussion - started by Mclovinit, posted on 26-Oct-23 9:11PM
I loved going there and getting my mouth and tight ass fucked and used in the dark room , I once had a guy who’s cock I sucked it was massive I thought make him cum quickly as there was no way he was fucken me, he made me suck his balls and lick his ass for a few minutes unbeknown to me he was putting a comdon on , he turned me over pinned me down and slowly started to work his massive head into my very tight asshole , he had his hand over my mouth telling me to shhhhhh he slowly got his big cock in me and push it in balls deep at this stage another guy had cum in and was wanking his cock in front of me, my fucker told me be a good bitch and suck the other guys cock while he starts fucking me, with that he started to pump my ass in and out balls deep each time the other guy was fucking my wet mouth and he had leant forward and was spareding my ass checks watching this massive cock pump my asshole by this time I was numb was there toy boy! he pumped me balls deep hard and fast for what felt like forever before letting out a huge grunting sound and cumming he slowly pulled his cock from my asshole took the comdon off and swapped places with the other guy, he had a comdon on and jumped on my ass quickly he was smaller than the 1st guy and fucked me good till he was about to cum and pulled the comdon off and fucked my mouth till he forced me to take his load 1st and only cum I’ve tried , they both hi five eachother both slapped my ass checks and left telling me they would see me next time you wee bitch , to this day I’d never know who they are or what they looked like and the same would go for them with me, outstanding afternoon it was I’d love to have it replayed out again sometime soon in Christchurch

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