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Female Viagra or similar??
Discussion - started by 2MuddyPants, posted on 9-Nov-23 7:53PM
Just wondering if there was anything out there for ladies to help with a sexual boost. Pills, potions, supplements?

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Comment #1 by rp1790 in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Nov-23 8:25PM
My partner always like taking a viagara, said it gave her a rush
Comment #2 by 2MuddyPants in response to rp1790 ( view post )
Posted on 10-Nov-23 5:08PM
That's interesting. I wonder how easy it is to get from the pharmacy?
Comment #3 by Matt_nz in response to 2MuddyPants ( view post )
Posted on 11-Nov-23 10:11PM
Take care with viagra, as it's a strong medicine and can have side effects including for your heart.
I'd suggest to try a more natural heart racer like meeting someone new in a short dress and no underwear, or slow and sensual porn with mutual masturbation.
Comment #4 by 2MuddyPants in response to Matt_nz ( view post )
Posted on 12-Nov-23 8:51PM
Yea I was worried about that myself too.
Comment #5 by DarkKnight in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Nov-23 12:05AM
MDMA is good, personally some girls have reported cannabis get them randy.

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