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Sex after Prostate??
Discussion - started by Ivana, posted on 8-Mar-24 9:28PM
Is anyone who has had this op? If so have you enjoyed any sexual encounters. I still get turned on watching porn and even reach orgasm (fake but nice). Another person's touch is what's missing. Anyhow just asking

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Comment #1 by Inhaler in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Mar-24 7:20AM
Yes I had this Op nearly 3 years ago. I was told that all my erection nerves had been saved and I would end up with seventy% of what I had. Which was about 70 % of what I had as a young man. So seventy % of seventy % which is fortynine . That's about right. I met a member whose hubby had the op and she took sympathy on me. Was ok but only a oncer she said. I find an adjustable cock ring essential to maintain any erection. Slow slow progress
Comment #2 by Ivana in response to Inhaler ( view post )
Posted on 10-Mar-24 9:19PM
Comment #3 by CD_Mistress in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Mar-24 2:21PM
Yes,had it and left me with nothing and it is smaller than before…Very weird. Still have full feeling orgasms but nothing comes out. No erections. As a trans femme identifying person I don’t mind so much as I feel more bottom anyway.
Comment #4 by Ivana in response to CD_Mistress ( view post )
Posted on 28-Mar-24 3:49PM
Exactly the same its trying to find someone to play with. Thanks for you're reply.
Comment #5 by thirstyboy in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Mar-24 4:38PM
Haven't had prostate removed but had Laser Prostatectomy. This is where it is hollowed out from inside with a laser, access via urethra. I have full function of erections and feeling but now when I cum, there are no fluids. Disappointing for me as I always loved to eat the cream pie afterwards, now i need someone else to leave the cream for me to clean up.
Comment #6 by ajsone in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Apr-24 4:04AM
I had radiation treatment and it killed everything for me, no cum, tho I have dry orgasms and no more erections unless I have neglected myself for a few months then I can achieve a acceptable erection. The erection injection works well but you need to get it when your planning to have sex, cost is a factor for a 15 shot vial it's two hundred and fifty bucks and it must be kept in fridge but will also expire over time. It's way better than the blue pills

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