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What Would You Do If....
Discussion - started by jtnz, posted on 20-Mar-24 5:46PM
you saw someone you knew when you were at some kinky place? Post questions and answers here! See what others' experiences or thoughts might be.

I'm keen to hear of anyone's experiences of bumping into someone they know at a nude beach, adult club, kinky munch, sex shop - something along those lines.
Someone told me today they saw someone and left before they were spotted!
What do you think?

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Comment #1 by Cheekies in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Mar-24 5:22AM
I've had this conversation with others. Basically it came down to this, if you saw someone you know at such venues remind yourself they are at the same event as you too and that you're there for the same reason. Therefore who cares what they think, they'd probably think the same thing about you. Hope that helps!
Comment #2 by Kandi in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Mar-24 4:54PM
As i used to frequent kinky munches & play partys i would have no problem seeing people i know there as we must have similar interests, although this never happened to me personally i do know that it happened to a couple of friends of mine

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