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What Would You Do If....
Discussion - started by jtnz, posted on 20-Mar-24 5:46PM
you saw someone you knew when you were at some kinky place? Post questions and answers here! See what others' experiences or thoughts might be.

I'm keen to hear of anyone's experiences of bumping into someone they know at a nude beach, adult club, kinky munch, sex shop - something along those lines.
Someone told me today they saw someone and left before they were spotted!
What do you think?

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Comment #1 by Cheekies in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Mar-24 5:22AM
I've had this conversation with others. Basically it came down to this, if you saw someone you know at such venues remind yourself they are at the same event as you too and that you're there for the same reason. Therefore who cares what they think, they'd probably think the same thing about you. Hope that helps!
Comment #2 by Kandi in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-Mar-24 4:54PM
As i used to frequent kinky munches & play partys i would have no problem seeing people i know there as we must have similar interests, although this never happened to me personally i do know that it happened to a couple of friends of mine
Comment #3 by Hornyslut in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Jun-24 3:38PM
I was at a swingers club one night when I turned around and saw my boss. Our eyes locked and we both seemed to a bit embarrassed. Anyway I walked away to talk to someone and tried to not make eye contact again. Later on, I was being fucked doggy style, had a couple of guys take their turn. I was so horny and loving the feel of the different cocks. After one guy finished, i then felt a very big cock start pushing inside me. Ohhh it was heaven. He fucked me good, teased me with his cock and made me cum. As he was cumming he leaned forward and said..... Ive wanted to fuck you for ages.... yes it was my boss.... all I could think was how am I going to go to work on monday. After he pulled out, i decided O would get dressed and leave. As I was walking to my car, he came up behind me and said, see you on monday. Anyway, monday came and I couldnt look at him in the face all day. As I was leaving work, i saw him standing near my car.
He said, he really enjoyed fucking me and would love to again, no one needed to know, its not their business.
Nothing more was said for weeks, until at another event. He approached me straight awsy and whispered in my ear, im looking to fucking you tonight.
This went on for about 6 months, unil I decided I didnt want to go for awhile. Nothing was ever said at work. But oh my, what an aeesome cock.
Comment #4 by NZuncut in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Jun-24 4:11PM
IMO a nude beach is vastly different to the other scenarios mentioned so there's a lot less awkwardness involved.

I've always imagined that I would simply acknowledge their presence and spend my time elsewhere while attending, unless we were comfortable with one another enough to have a chat about whatever we're attending.

A few years back I had the very unfortunate experience of encountering a distant/extended family member in a scene during a kink event, someone I've only really seen every dew years at significant family events. I finished my drink, left the venue and that was the end of it. No drama.
Comment #5 by Cheekies in response to Hornyslut ( view post )
Posted on 21-Jun-24 6:39PM
Wow...thanks for sharing your experience.. awkward yet hot... so many things could have gone side ways.
Comment #6 by kiwivoy69 in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Jun-24 11:33PM
The first swingers party I attended, one of the first people that I met was my stepsister... we were both there for the same reason and actually had great conversation about it...
Comment #7 by jtnz in response to kiwivoy69 ( view post )
Posted on 21-Jun-24 11:39PM
Wow, that's awesome! A could-be-awkward situation turns into something really amazing!!! That's pretty hot actually.
Posted on 22-Jun-24 7:43AM
Didn't you guys make a rule,not to fk in same room as each other ?
Posted on 22-Jun-24 3:13PM
No... my girlfriend at the time fisted her...
Met up at another party a few years later too when I went with another friend...
Comment #10 by kiwivoy69 in response to jtnz ( view post )
Posted on 22-Jun-24 3:16PM
It's funny as we know all about our kinky/swinging history and our younger half-brother is very much into it as well... we think its a hereditary thing... parents were swingers
Comment #11 by Oralguy6968 in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jun-24 2:23AM
I've had this where guy's I've met at gangbangs and sex parties have come up to me on the street and at supermarkets and tried to start a conversation with me. I gueinely just ignore them. I also had one gangbang I went to where one of the girls was and still is friends with my sister we just agreed whatever happened that night never left that room

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