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Group story-telling
Discussion - started by Gwauck, posted on 25-Mar-24 2:31PM
So there is this thing where people write a story together. Each person writes a sentence or two, maybe a paraagraph or two, building on what has gone before. The story grows, following the twists and turns created by each contributor’s imagination and riffing on what has gone before. All games need rules to work well:
1. No criticism of what others have written - we want a safe space for our creativity
2. Don’t hog the story - go with the flow and riff off of one another
3. No shaggy-dogs! Try to keep a story structure in mind - a beginning where the action gets underway, a middle where complications arise and an end, when things come to a head and resolve.
4. No more than - characters, maximum. Two or three might be enough.

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Comment #1 by Gwauck in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Mar-24 2:36PM
It was a dark and stormy night on one of the islands in Tikapa Moana. Hemi, Rachel, Dick and Sue had taken their small runabout to the island the day before when the weather was fine. But they forgot to check the forecast in the eagerness to get away together.

Their tents were pitched and they were tucked up in their sleeping bags. Suddenly Sue sat bolt upright, every nerve in her body a-tingle.
Comment #2 by INApeace in response to Gwauck ( view post )
Posted on 25-Mar-24 4:35PM
It was 2am. Over the noise of the now howling winds and crashing waves could be heard the faint sound of an outboard engine. Sue thought how on earth can anyone be out there in this storm? Untangling herself from her clinging sleeping bag she gently nudged her tent mate awake. Rachel she whispered “I think someones out there” Rachel slowly stirred awake uttered back in a groggy displeased voice “come on Sue your imagining things this island is miles from anywhere, go back to sleep” Rachel was convinced Sue was still drunk after all Sue had stayed up late getting progressively more intoxicated by the hour as she attempted to flirt with Dick, only natural Rachel mussed as it was her and Hemis idea to invite Sue and Dick for that very reason, they where both respective good friends that had rotten luck with their recently ended relationships setting them up together was worth a try and it appeared to be working. these thoughts came to a dead stop as Racheal’s brain became aware to her surroundings she could also hear it the faint unmistakable sound of an outboard. The girls quickly crawled to the tent entrance unzipped the fly. Outside amongst the swirling wood smoke from their long dead bone fire bright patches of moonlight shone through momentarily illuminating an angry sea of whitecaps on ink black waves, there way beyond the reef a tiny boat was silhouetted one person at the helm disappearing in and out of the huge swells and getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Both girls instantly turned their heads in unison further down the beach past the boys still dark and silent tent to where their runabout had been dragged ashore, neither could see it, the realisation hit them like ice water to the face, someone had taken off with their boat.
Comment #3 by Gwauck in response to INApeace ( view post )
Posted on 26-Mar-24 5:21PM
"Fuck this for a bad idea", growled Hemi over the roar of the howling wind.
"Sweet as, bro. It's all good. We'll be there in no time", shouted Dick to his new friend. "The girls will thank us when we get back, don't you worry".

Hemi actually was worried. Although he had lived all his life by the sea, one of his tūpuna died in a storm not that far from here. He knew how unforgiving Tangaroa could be if he wasn't shown due respect.

He had let Dick talk him into doing this because he knew she was interested in getting it on with Dick - and he wouldn't mind some quality time with Sue, himself.

But for all those dreams to come true, they had to make it back alive.

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