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Cross-dressing thoughts
Discussion - started by Curiouslyadventurous69, posted on 19-May-24 9:08AM
So I've been watching a bit of x dressing porn lately and the idea of a guy dressed up in sexy womans lingerie is a real turn on for me.but then I started wondering how it would be if I x dressed in something sexy and slutty and a bit feminine and met a guy or 2 to explore being their little slut and submitting to them and being told what to do and for them to have their way with me fucking me and filling my holes as they tell me what to do.has anybody else wanted to try this or has indeed tried. Thoughts,ideas,experiences etc

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Comment #1 by ktt0630 in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-May-24 10:40AM
That is how it started for me - you should go for it. Transforming into a cock slut is such an amazing feeling.
Posted on 19-May-24 11:25AM
I've always been turned on by slutty women that like to flirt but I'd never really thought about it where I was the slutty one flirting and teasing while dressed meet a couple of guys that would welcome that behaviour and to be just as enthusiastic as myself to treat me as their little cocksucking cumwhore for their pleasure.
Posted on 19-May-24 11:35AM
Go for it, it will change your life. Being a slut and just letting go of your inhibitions is so liberating
Posted on 19-May-24 11:58AM
The thought of being used by a few guys is quite exciting. Especially to turn up somewhere to meet a few horny guys and to be told what to put on and how to pleasure them is as scary and horny as because I'm not used to being vulnerable.
Comment #5 by Forhead in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-May-24 2:06PM
Hi, for me soon as I put lingerie on it is straight a turn on. Seen my cock I gstring getting hard.always end up playing with my butt and fantasy that a men would come in turn me around and abuse my bottom.
Posted on 19-May-24 2:17PM
That's what I'm talking about. Getting dressed up and getting down and dirty with some hard cocks to savor
Comment #7 by Mr_Keen in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-May-24 12:45PM
Do it. Sexy as.once you out on female there is an expectation you will play that role, ie suck and get fucked. Lingerie is sexy..stockings, panties, and heels really set the mood.
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Comment #9 by youknowwho in response to the main topic
Posted on 22-May-24 9:09PM
So much fun meeting up with other cross dressers. Not really that keen on cock but when in some nice panties everything changes
Comment #10 by CDjen in response to youknowwho ( view post )
Posted on 23-May-24 10:36AM
So very true. I turn into a proper dirty slut when with others dressed in sexy undies and heels.
Comment #11 by Tammycd in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-May-24 9:45PM
Love dressing and meeting other cds, getting down and dirty. Couples m/f is so hot to but a rare find
Comment #12 by Nvkink in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-May-24 4:06PM
When I dress it’s mainly like a slut. Short skirts that show off my panties, heels, stocking etc I love going out at night fully dressed, secretly hoping to be approached and used like the slut I am.
I go through fazes where I will dress up for a few days in a row, the hardest part is returning back to being a male. If I didn’t have to I don’t think i would.
Comment #13 by Debbie050 in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-May-24 4:54PM
Have a go
But it is addictive and wonderful being a gurl.
Comment #14 by ktt0630 in response to Debbie050 ( view post )
Posted on 30-May-24 5:10PM
Yes very addictive. I have been for a while without dressing, but over the last couple of days have been getting my body smooth again to dress up over the weekend.
Comment #15 by Debbie050 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 30-May-24 5:57PM
Every opportunity is special.
But getting ready for a date is next level
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Comment #17 by Debbie050 in response to ktt0630 ( view post )
Posted on 30-May-24 6:07PM
Thanks for the lovely comment
Posted on 5-Jun-24 1:43AM
I would so love to be out somewhere after dark in a public park and come across a nice sexy xdresser all dressed up in sexy but slutty clothes. Mini skirt,stocking,suspenders etc and to find her seated at the park looking seductive and I sit beside her and make small talk and tell her how hot she looks and she reaches over and starts rubbing my cock and takes my hand and slips it up her skirt and then takes me back to her place to explore each other.
Comment #19 by Newbe1967 in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jun-24 3:10AM
Have you worn or dressed in any femme clothing as such yet ?

Comment #20 by stockingsandboots88 in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:30AM
I do this weekly , and have sucked so many cocks and been fucked while dressed I have lost track
Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:34AM
Thats exactly what I do for guys , school girl outfits with no panties , corsets stockings , mesh tops getting changed in public park carparks from slutty outfits into leggings and girly outfits
Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:34AM
Sounds like a good time for everyone!
Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:36AM
yes , and sometimes completely bottomless with stockings only
Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:43AM
I've played around and tried some lingerie on when home alone and feeling horny but not quite built up the courage to try it out with a playmate yet but definitely curious.have played with other xdressers before though and found it quite exciting when in a mmf situation.
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Posted on 5-Jun-24 6:49AM
It's definitely a turn on wearing panties etc....
Sounds like you've had some good experiences already even though you've not been dressed in them..enjoy and embrace your femme side 😉
Posted on 5-Jun-24 7:20AM
One of my previous partners used to enjoy mmf,xdressers,bisexual guys etc.she was always happy to join in on the fun or sometimes she would sit back with her vibrators and play with herself whilst watching me and another guy getting it on together.
Posted on 5-Jun-24 7:28AM
Dressing is newish for me,have a cd who loves dressing me up ,it feels so good being in heels ,fishnet stockings ,garter belt ,skirt and blouse
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Comment #30 by Jade001 in response to Debbie050 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Jun-24 7:47PM
Very addictive and can get expensive as well
Comment #31 by Debbie050 in response to Jade001 ( view post )
Posted on 6-Jun-24 6:10PM
Agree it can be a tad pricey but nobody said it would be easy or cheap being a girl. Have found Facebook marketplace a great avenue for clothing too.
Comment #32 by Steffislut in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Jun-24 7:35PM
Hello everyone I'm Steffi. Ive been dressing up for only 5 to 6 years but I have embraced it with both hands and now its second nature
Posted on 6-Jun-24 9:23PM
Hi Steffi,looking good in your pics
Posted on 6-Jun-24 10:35PM
Yeah im the same, had a partner that liked to explore my cding, and had at times involved others
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Comment #37 by stockingsandboots88 in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Jun-24 6:14AM
I started dressing at 14 . I got caught in my sisters school girl uniform by a neighbor .He thought I was one of my sisters friends from school.
That got me addicted to dressing
Posted on 13-Jun-24 6:45AM
So you were obviously very passable then to ?
Or the neighbor was soo straight he didn't pay much attention.....I bit it was quite thrill at the time you when you were caught..
Posted on 13-Jun-24 6:55AM
The way he was eying me over has stayed in my head .I think he wanted his cock sucked but I was too young at the time ,I didnt suck my first cock until 16 , it felt so natural
Posted on 13-Jun-24 7:02AM
I guess you must have made quite the effort to look the part then to have such an effect on him and yourself to..
Intriguing how those of us that have sucked a cock feel the same...
I think.i experimented with a neighbor when I 13 ...didn't have a clue what we were doing but it certainly only encouraged more exploration 😉
Posted on 13-Jun-24 7:06AM
I am lucky to have a naturally feminine body and face .Back then I had shoulder length blonde hair and wanted to look like Debbie Harry

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