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Public Profiles - Private Fantasies
Discussion - started by BangersAndMash, posted on 9-Jul-24 2:45AM

Newbies to the NZP game. My husband and I have public profiles in our respective fields. Does anyone have tips re: making sure our private lives don’t become public, or used as political / professional weapons?

Any experiences to share? It’d mean a lot. Thanks.

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Comment #1 by Gutche in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jul-24 8:31AM
Hi there B&M. Welcome to a great lifestyle and a new fun filled world. I would say that is a situation most swingers have to deal with as the vanilla community could push back. I have definitely found that some people are not willing to except the choice's we make.
It has lead me to having friends in the lifestyle and friends outside of it. Their paths rarely cross, but it could still happen in a party or public event. At the end of the day the vanilla friends tend to be more existing for me and I tend to lean towards them more.

Okay I don't want to make this message to long I can go on and on for another hour or so. Cheers Brian
Comment #2 by Discreetmeat in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jul-24 7:34PM
Hi, anonymity is key and can be done by:
1. Play outside yr region "the further" the least likely to cross paths with somewhere who knows you
2. Incognito/change yr appearance via ( woman wear wigs, contacts to change eye color, make up cover/ or dress cover tats or get a temp if you have none ( people will remember a tat and won't look at you if paths are crossed and you recognise them).
3. Attend CCK type events or create an event and select your preferences from NZP or the like so you control the time, place, participation and rules of engagement.
4. Simple cover story married with a business and Mr and Mrs X.

This works for multiple couples and single woman I have connected with and their anonymity has been protected.

Hope this helps, arohanui.
Comment #3 by BangersAndMash in response to Gutche ( view post )
Posted on 11-Jul-24 3:58AM
Thank you again Brian.

Really appreciate the time you’ve taken to help xx
Posted on 11-Jul-24 4:01AM
This is gold. Thank you

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