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Out the back at Petone's Peaches and Cream adult shop
Discussion - started by radish, posted on 23-Jun-14 10:41AM
I've heard that the Petone Peaches and Cream adult shop in Jackson St has a adult movie theatre, couches and a randy clientele who act out their own adult moves. Has anyone taken advantage of the opportunity and can share what it's like? Sounds too good to be true ...

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Comment #7085 by dogyt12354 in response to the main topic
Posted on 28-Jul-22 4:45PM
Any couples going there this Saturday sunday
Posted on 28-Jul-22 6:12PM
nany other Glory Hole places in welly?
Posted on 28-Jul-22 6:46PM
Not that I know of. But plenty of spots for a bit of that
Posted on 28-Jul-22 10:33PM
if it's the same one when I/we (g/friend at the time) went in to buy a toy, he was full of smart/smirky comments.
Comment #7089 by Scrumpy in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 29-Jul-22 4:34PM
If its the same guy I'm thinking, I've actually seen him in the theater, and not as staff but using it
Comment #7090 by Sarahjonandfriends in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jul-22 5:15PM
Hopefully there will be some action tomorrow Saturday @1pm in the Theatre at Peaches and Cream Petone If interested please turn up More the merrier Cheers
Posted on 29-Jul-22 5:29PM
Dam i would but work
Comment #7092 by RyanofOtaki in response to Mel60 ( view post )
Posted on 29-Jul-22 9:00PM
Hah, yeah in the same boat. Oh to have my weekends back...
Comment #7093 by purplepartyhat in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Jul-22 9:07PM
Just a heads up, that the store will have reduced hours next week.
The weekend hours are normal, but from Monday it will be Mon-Wed 12-8, This 1 - , from Friday it should be back to normal.
Posted on 30-Jul-22 9:30AM
Thanks for the heads up 😘
Posted on 30-Jul-22 9:32AM
I've sent u a msg on kik 😁
Posted on 30-Jul-22 10:58AM
I'd need a hydro blaster to clean it properly, let's be honest.
However I have disinfected everything I could this morning, and also cleaned the bathroom, and cleaned the toilet with Duck.💜
Comment #7097 by Link69 in response to Starl1ght ( view post )
Posted on 30-Jul-22 11:00AM
Could I be added please
Posted on 30-Jul-22 11:06AM
Thank-you so much for cleaning the theatre Room that's very nice of you
Posted on 30-Jul-22 11:08AM
Unfortunately the couple are unable to make due to unforseen circumstances I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to amuse yourselves with other activities:)
Posted on 30-Jul-22 4:08PM
thank you,...i hope the patrons respect it ;)
Posted on 30-Jul-22 4:09PM
Thanks for that purple - it prob wont be more than us that thank you, but know some of us appreciate your work
Posted on 30-Jul-22 4:56PM
It's all good. and thanks
I had covid and have lost most my sense of smell, so I apologise that there was a bit of a smell in there that I didn't mask.
I will grab some spray tonight on my way home, and give it a good spray tomorrow morning :)
comment #7103 was clobbered
Posted on 30-Jul-22 7:13PM
Ty xx
comment #7105 was clobbered
Posted on 31-Jul-22 12:11PM
I think those that use it owe you a big thank you, but why should the patrons have to do this? If they want it well used? They should put some effort into cleaning and decor.
Posted on 31-Jul-22 12:50PM
That's awesome of you,although I'm liking the thought of stroking my cock while you clean.
Comment #7108 by Nawtytwo in response to Mr_Keen ( view post )
Posted on 31-Jul-22 2:52PM
I have been to Peaches and Cream Auckland
But every time I go there are no woman....

Woman why do you not go?? you could have a lot of fun in a secure place
Posted on 31-Jul-22 3:19PM
Hey mate, I'm just letting you know that I cleaned yesterday morning, and again this morning. Also added a reed diffuser as well, so hope that helps with the smell.
I know D also does her best to keep on top of things out there as well.
I only jumped on here really to let yáll know that the hours next week will be different, and that I am aware of the issues and concerns about the state of the back room, and have raised them with our H/O.
- Purple Party Hat
Posted on 31-Jul-22 3:47PM
That's good to know that you are keeping the room clean and smelling lovely Thank-you so much
Posted on 31-Jul-22 3:59PM
Thank you, much appreciated
Posted on 31-Jul-22 4:40PM
awesome of you though to do that for users.
Lets hope H/O put some funds that direction.
Posted on 1-Aug-22 12:43PM
Heading to the Theatre for some afternoon delight mmmm yummy...
Posted on 1-Aug-22 3:16PM
Anyone keen To go
Posted on 1-Aug-22 3:32PM
PM me Thank-you x
Posted on 1-Aug-22 7:06PM
Did u manage to get in ?
Posted on 1-Aug-22 8:53PM
Yes I sure did manage to get into the theatre why wouldn't I
Posted on 1-Aug-22 10:08PM
Hi sarahjon hope you had a fun time at the theatre love to get back there myself soon lot of fun
Posted on 1-Aug-22 11:59PM
Yes I did Thank-you I'm heading there again on Thursday at 12 midday for some afternoon delight/s mmm
Posted on 2-Aug-22 12:34AM
Any females/couples/tv planning to go in this coming Friday afternoon/evening, 05 August?
Posted on 2-Aug-22 6:43PM
anyone in tonight?
Posted on 3-Aug-22 5:21PM
Awesome. Will be my first time here.
Posted on 3-Aug-22 6:24PM
I'm sure you will have fun like we will
Posted on 8-Aug-22 7:10AM
Hi @starlight - could I be added to the Kik group? Same name as here.
Posted on 8-Aug-22 8:06AM
Check ur messages on kik 🤪
Posted on 8-Aug-22 8:15AM
Can you add me too? Same name as on here. Thanks!
Comment #7127 by Jamjam in response to RickBoynes ( view post )
Posted on 8-Aug-22 12:13PM
Add me too please rhynox69 or isaisa is my kik name
Comment #7128 by Starl1ght in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Aug-22 2:45PM
Heyyy I'm heading to the theater Tuesday around noon if anyone wants to meet n have some fun xx
Posted on 8-Aug-22 3:57PM
I'm also going to be there at 12 midday in Peaches and Cream Theatre mmm x
Comment #7130 by Olund in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Aug-22 8:18PM
I was there today around 5.30pm little crowd over there not much thou so went in the gloryhole room had a mutual bj with some that had massive balls biggest balls I had ever seen .. pm me if ur on here I couldn’t fit it in my tiny mouth
Comment #7131 by sissysluthannahxx in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Aug-22 1:07AM
Keen for the gloryhole if anyone is interested, love the idea of anonymous cock
Posted on 10-Aug-22 2:19AM
Cum to PnC theatre on Saturday 12 midday okay x
Posted on 10-Aug-22 3:37PM
Will do
Comment #7134 by shyguy2021 in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Aug-22 6:34PM
Heading in now. Looking for some fun

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