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Out the back at Petone's Peaches and Cream adult shop
Discussion - started by radish, posted on 23-Jun-14 10:41AM
I've heard that the Petone Peaches and Cream adult shop in Jackson St has a adult movie theatre, couches and a randy clientele who act out their own adult moves. Has anyone taken advantage of the opportunity and can share what it's like? Sounds too good to be true ...

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Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:29PM
No I'm not srry not sure who your on about.
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:31PM
So why have you blocked me from seeing you account?

Keep it up Agent
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:33PM
Yummy was asking me a question. It had nothing to do with you. Why the concern unless.....
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:34PM
Not sure why your msging on here sorry I just don't know. All good see you bye.
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:35PM
. By Agent
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:37PM
Who is agent ?
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:39PM
Got a mirror? In there will be the answer
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:39PM
I see your occupation is secret
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:42PM
This person has had so many names I can't remember them all
Posted on 30-Aug-17 5:42PM
Must a agent perhaps
Posted on 31-Aug-17 6:16AM
Who's going in today? I'll be going early around 12ish?
Posted on 31-Aug-17 1:32PM
Any action today?
Comment #2217 by Roy12 in response to KingSchlong ( view post )
Posted on 31-Aug-17 1:45PM
Where is this place again?
Comment #2218 by 0skinnyboy0 in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-Sep-17 1:41PM
anyone keen right now?
Posted on 1-Sep-17 9:40PM
or just another iteration of the usual trolls :)
Posted on 1-Sep-17 9:54PM
Is the account still active. I cant tell
Posted on 2-Sep-17 12:36PM
You sound hot.
Comment #2222 by tobynz in response to Tongue02 ( view post )
Posted on 2-Sep-17 1:04PM
Anyone going today?
Comment #2223 by Brownsugah in response to tobynz ( view post )
Posted on 3-Sep-17 3:03PM
My lady and I wI'll be heading over to P&C today after 4pm
Posted on 3-Sep-17 11:32PM
I'm coming on Tuesday after 4pm
Posted on 4-Sep-17 7:30AM
Do many women attend?
comment #2226 was clobbered
Posted on 4-Sep-17 8:35AM
I think most that do are partnered.
Comment #2228 by Newlady17 in response to Jace100 ( view post )
Posted on 4-Sep-17 10:27AM
No thanks
Posted on 4-Sep-17 10:28AM
I see thank you for replying. Do you go down much
Posted on 4-Sep-17 10:31AM
Yea and sometimes
comment #2231 was clobbered
Posted on 4-Sep-17 11:48AM
I go down at every opportunity. I only go to peaches n cream occasionally.
Comment #2233 by dingo50 in response to Newlady17 ( view post )
Posted on 5-Sep-17 7:49AM
will be there today
Posted on 5-Sep-17 8:56AM
Posted on 5-Sep-17 10:02AM
Who's going in after 4pm today
Posted on 5-Sep-17 2:03PM
Anyone going today?
Comment #2237 by Samsl69 in response to wgtncouple ( view post )
Posted on 5-Sep-17 2:25PM
Love to meet u there
Comment #2238 by Likemindedfun in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Sep-17 2:56PM
Is there any couples ever here, I go oftern and haven't seen any, people/couples say theyaregoinghas anyone seen them?
Posted on 5-Sep-17 3:04PM
I'm going probably after 4pm
Posted on 5-Sep-17 8:04PM
Couples go fairly regularly, often they're only there for an hour rather than hanging out all night.
Posted on 5-Sep-17 9:31PM
Do you go there yourself then? I see your not after a male are you about the experience and excitement
Posted on 5-Sep-17 10:51PM
I work there. :)
Posted on 6-Sep-17 9:05AM
ol getting some advertising going Julia
Posted on 6-Sep-17 11:00AM
Judging by the size of this thread, I don't think we really need to advertise the theatre, hahaha. :)
Posted on 6-Sep-17 11:46AM
Think you are right Julia I just came to this thread for the free peanuts and entertainment which at times has been hilarious, personally I've never been but with all the positive feed back and a sensual woman or two that may have to change
Comment #2246 by zoig2333 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Sep-17 7:28PM
I'm thinking of visiting Sunday morning around 11.30. Will anyone be there? and what can I expect as Ive never been before?
Comment #2247 by meremale in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Sep-17 8:18PM
Pity P and C did not have a Adult theater in Hamilton
Comment #2248 by shybutcheekyone in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Sep-17 12:07PM
In town tomorrow any cpl or ladies keep to time going
Comment #2249 by radish in response to JuliaPetone ( view post )
Posted on 11-Sep-17 11:44PM
Thanks Julia, having started this around 2,250 comments back I'm delighted with the response! I've had some very lovely encounters at P and C and recommend it to anyone who hasn't been. Not so good if you're not bi because the sexual encounters are mostly with other men but some female company is always rewarding both for the blokes and for the lady! I'm looking forward to heading back asap.
Comment #2250 by 0pen in response to JuliaPetone ( view post )
Posted on 12-Sep-17 9:49AM
Damn! Thought you were hot when I went in there a while back. Assuming you are the only woman who works there?
Keep up the good work. And if you ever want to come watch or join in please do.
Comment #2251 by thereigo in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Sep-17 8:49PM
I will be there friday afternoon around 4.30pm, would be great if we could get a group of people together, male and female?
Comment #2252 by JuliaPetone in response to 0pen ( view post )
Posted on 14-Sep-17 1:30PM
Hehe, thank you!
I can't go venturing out the back, unless it's to boot someone out, but I'm always happy to have a chat with people coming in and out of the theatre.
Comment #2253 by Nzguy in response to thereigo ( view post )
Posted on 14-Sep-17 9:09PM
I may try and get there too. Never been before
Comment #2254 by thereigo in response to Nzguy ( view post )
Posted on 15-Sep-17 12:48PM
Going to check it out later this afternoon

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