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Discussion - started by primitive-reaction, posted on 15-Dec-15 12:19PM
Incomplete profiles are SO not the way to get laid? True/False

What is your response if someone messages you and you have a look and there's nothing in their profile??? No height, blah blah and no idea of what they are about? May as well be an ear bitten dog.

Subs, just because this an awesome site and The benefits out weigh the out lay.

Got into trouble with this so just to say..This is not a personal attack on any one and no animals were harmed in the presenting

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Posted on 17-Apr-16 7:14AM
Posted on 17-Apr-16 9:01AM
Comment #183 by karamadog in response to Sarge ( view post )
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:19AM
Where did I put that violin?
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:25AM
Up your butt
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:27AM
Strap on ? Interested .
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:30AM
That could be a bit 'stringy'
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:31AM
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:31AM
This could be interesting but sadly I need to go to work
Posted on 19-Apr-16 9:33AM
Not really unless that's what gets you off. It will be the same boring sh$t really.
Comment #190 by Mrpurplecat in response to Aquila ( view post )
Posted on 13-May-16 3:17PM
Good to know :)
Posted on 13-May-16 3:29PM
Different folks and strokes
Men I hook up with here...if they are not paid members I don't bother
You throw 12 bucks away on a visit to the dairy. ..
For me the benefits out weigh the cost by a cuntry mile
Posted on 13-May-16 3:35PM
Doesn't matter wet her profiles show pics or are hidden if you are both after the same thing sweet win some loose some it's a numbers game
Posted on 13-May-16 3:38PM
Fair enough. Numbers are stacked tho
Posted on 13-May-16 3:54PM
I guess they are and if you want some fun a pic of the engine room is helpful when making a decision on wet her to follow up or say no thanks
Comment #195 by Primalresponse in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-May-16 11:42PM
So over guys not filling in their profiles.
Comment #196 by ArtySMarty1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Jul-16 12:30PM
I don't respond...if they can't take the time to fill in even some of the simple stuff, I can't be bothered with responding...same if they send a friend request and have not tried to at least say hi first. I think if they don't want to add groups and interest in, that is up to them as they might want an 'air of mystery' but the basic's not that hard to fill in
Posted on 20-Jul-16 1:57PM
Sorry should have said hi first.xx
Comment #198 by Curiouslycurvy in response to the main topic
Posted on 24-Jul-16 1:49PM
I am fed up with getting messages from guys with incomplete profiles! Jesus you ask them about themselves and then that is the last you hear from them. What is the fucking point???

Rant over. Time to remove myself from this site I think.
Posted on 24-Jul-16 2:04PM
Why remove yourself any input is good.
Posted on 24-Jul-16 2:07PM
I'm not getting anything out of it Fred. Probably won't renew my Gold.
Posted on 24-Jul-16 2:08PM
What's five minutes that's all the time it takes
Posted on 24-Jul-16 2:13PM
If you do for one will miss you.xx
Posted on 24-Jul-16 2:17PM
Oh that is so sweet of you to say that Fred.

I hope you are doing ok x
Posted on 24-Jul-16 3:58PM
Just doing fine in reasonable condition.hehehe
Posted on 24-Jul-16 4:30PM
Good to hear
Posted on 24-Jul-16 4:34PM
If you stay longer , fred will tell you more nice things , you might have to reconsider your 'departure' from the site . Do it for fred
Posted on 24-Jul-16 4:42PM
Ha ha very funny vscap
Posted on 24-Jul-16 4:49PM
See, why missing all the fun that you could have around us in here , i guess you are staying now
That just made fred's day
Posted on 24-Jul-16 4:54PM
Nope still planning on not renewing my gold in August at this stage.
Posted on 24-Jul-16 5:04PM
Common.......... stay
Posted on 24-Jul-16 5:11PM
What vscap said. Stay
Posted on 24-Jul-16 5:41PM
Posted on 24-Jul-16 5:46PM
I think you have to stay , i hear of people arranging protest parades on your street ,petitions etc etc , havoc, how could you not reconsider
Posted on 24-Jul-16 5:54PM
Posted on 2-Dec-16 2:09PM
Posted on 19-Mar-17 1:41PM
So do you think its worth the subs? Im abit dubious about paying but have meet some really great turn ons. I think Ill stick with the trial for now to see how it goes but yes I agree fill out the profile because we all have a preference, so if your no one you get hmmm.... no where
Posted on 19-Mar-17 10:42PM
It's well worth it
Posted on 20-Mar-17 1:16AM
are u sure about that ?????
Posted on 20-Mar-17 4:12PM
Comment #220 by heretofunk in response to the main topic
Posted on 21-Dec-18 3:35PM
Chur for a zero sum return
Posted on 21-Dec-18 4:44PM
Not so bad is it
Posted on 21-Dec-18 4:55PM
I suppose
Posted on 21-Dec-18 4:59PM
. This what we make it. The unfilled out profiles is a reoccurring theme for a lot of women here. I won't reply to anyone who hasn't got theirs done. Its a good network.
Have an awesome day.
Posted on 21-Dec-18 5:12PM
Merry Christmas sexy
Posted on 21-Dec-18 6:25PM
Back at you. Enjoy all you have and are yet to recieve
Posted on 22-Dec-18 6:22AM
I'm just getting in
Posted on 31-Jul-19 5:40AM
But your on here, please enlighten me. Negativity. I meet awesome people here. Your doing it wrong mate
Posted on 31-Jul-19 5:43AM
Im a kidney donor takes almost 4 yrs . Was a humble thing to do . A maori gave to a European. Its a sad scene. I get your humor just think its a sensitive topic
Posted on 31-Jul-19 5:46AM
Comment #230 by Fwbnapier in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Oct-20 2:03AM
I am going to fill mine in now thanks haha

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