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Taupo anyone ????
Discussion - started by ultimatepleasure69, posted on 10-Jan-17 2:08PM
Heading over Monday
Is anyone out there to come relax and unwind
Share a brew or wine
Motel based

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Comment #1 by ultimatepleasure69 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Jan-17 2:25PM
Really no one??
Posted on 11-Jan-17 5:30PM
I am in Hamilton on Monday Id have had a coffee with ya...
Posted on 11-Jan-17 6:01PM
Head to Taupo
Posted on 11-Jan-17 7:06PM
Too busy in Hams
Posted on 13-Jan-17 8:19AM
Motel in Taupo but can also travel within reason
Let's do this!!
Comment #6 by Njoynlife in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Jan-17 12:56AM
If you are back this way after feb 5th drop us a line
Posted on 16-Jan-17 4:41PM
Anyone around tonight???
This motel needs action!!
Posted on 17-Jan-17 12:00AM
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Pfffft aw gummmmon

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