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Into today's social climate has it become quite fashionable for older women to engage in sex
Discussion - started by lifetimelover, posted on 11-Mar-18 8:46AM
Outside the marriage without husbands prior knowledge or consent?

"Sorry swingers & Open relationshipers but this does not apply to you this time as most know your dynamic"

Would be interested in guys POV very much as well

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Comment #38 by lifetimelover in response to Cherub ( view post )
Posted on 13-Mar-18 8:00PM
No one has when you're around
Posted on 13-Mar-18 10:56PM

Either you've no idea about biology or you're hung like a horse...
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:11PM
I see what you mean :) You just don't don't I mean but there are far bigger dildos than you cock
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:11PM
see* even :)
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:26PM
I believe the biggest dildo currently sold is marketed as the comes with a chin strap effectively turning it into a dickhead
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:38PM
Sorry if you took umbrage & for not replying to the case m... but I thought I'd made a valid point both cases previous & before re: Uterus
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:44PM
About as valid as a dilav...but let's not worry about punching through a cervix to access the gold medal
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:56PM
such delicate petals long with jagged edges & laced with acid is too bitter for me to swallow but you do so well. as a ...
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:58PM
ok I'm going to shut up now... You win :)
Posted on 13-Mar-18 11:58PM
Can you forward me the name of your GP...he obviously prescribes better drugs than mine
Posted on 14-Mar-18 12:06AM
Posted on 14-Mar-18 5:14AM
lifetime were you born a fuckwit or did you train to be one
Posted on 14-Mar-18 6:17AM
Born to train. What's your reason? Au natural? 'Cause if the truth was known you come across like a hammerhead tadpole
Posted on 14-Mar-18 7:05AM
You obviously haven't met the lovely cherub...
Posted on 14-Mar-18 7:24AM
She'd be so lucky!
Let's just say she's put in a lot of time here & there & not so unknown as your precious may care to variable
Posted on 14-Mar-18 8:09AM
And with his attitude he won't be meeting any woman
Posted on 14-Mar-18 12:15PM
More like YOU would be so lucky... I've been lucky enough to have actually MEET her... She's gorgeous
Posted on 14-Mar-18 12:16PM
Just another mysoginistic fucktard...
They're quite common here
Posted on 14-Mar-18 5:14PM
My how this thread has spiral out of dispersion from Free & Easy to Gang Rape with yours truly :) as your quintessential victim ;p

Misandry much then or is this just another day @ the office?
Posted on 14-Mar-18 5:23PM
#42 What a line. Pure gold mate
Posted on 14-Mar-18 5:28PM
Break out the poms poms & tutu then get your missus to lift your arms for you a you're waving them about
Posted on 14-Mar-18 6:28PM
It amazes me that what starts as a perfectly sensible conversation can be dragged below the gutter by grade one quality idiots.
Posted on 14-Mar-18 6:45PM
I think I heard something. Did a pig just burp?
Posted on 14-Mar-18 6:45PM
Let's get back on track , had a 83 year old friend, 8 years older than me, we had great times
Posted on 14-Mar-18 6:47PM
Oops 73 not 83
Posted on 14-Mar-18 9:13PM
Can't accept full credit as alcohol was also involved
Posted on 14-Mar-18 10:57PM
Not sure if thinking is a prerequisite to posting as demonstrated ;p
Posted on 14-Mar-18 11:20PM
To answer your original question...original as in first, rather than creative


Well, could be no
Posted on 14-Mar-18 11:46PM
My original question happened in a much earlier period. This is merely past tense when you learn to think about it so your answer is irrelevant currently/apparently :)
Comment #67 by One in response to Bigtee10 ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:57AM
Happens all the time with all the wankers on this site ....waiting and lurking for the opportunity to put others down .
Comment #68 by lifetimelover in response to One ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 7:24AM
Comment #67 by One in response to Bigtee10

Appreciate both your comments & as to the others well 'Goon's gonna goon' cause that's the nature of lefties when they are in free fall mode away from any reasoning
Posted on 15-Mar-18 2:05PM
Oh so now its political and you assume people are lefties.
Posted on 15-Mar-18 2:31PM
If all WPC looked like this, I'd break the law everyday, stunning
Comment #71 by WHK in response to Bonktilyoukonk ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 5:13PM
Be worth getting in trouble for sure
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:09PM
Get some consistency in your posting instead of Pot Luck
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:11PM
You call people disagreeing with you lefties. I called you on it and I need consistency? Sort ya shit out
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:17PM
'Danger Will Robinson'

I'd take you seriously if I didn't know you were a joke

Shall we go around the Mulberry Bush?
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:20PM
You do realise it was a line out of the old school TV series Lost In Space right?
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:25PM
Did you realise there were more than one old school TV series but that of them all you honed in on that one in particular

Keep fluctuating in space between the hearing :)
Comment #77 by Cherub in response to One ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:29PM
Not necessarily Mr One... as you have commented in the affirmative and appreciated previous comments I have made in the past on a few occasions

Sometimes it is often the case where clarity required on answers and questions asked or just someone else comment (it is after all an open forum)... on any discussion. plus one point to note I think you'll find lifetimer returned to his very Mr basic self with a number of his responses to a number of people. .. and not only this discussion he has done it maybe read the whole lot before you pass judgement 'One'

Comment #78 by lifetimelover in response to Cherub ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:36PM
Reading is one thing but your interpretation does nothing to help your reputation or skewered view of my deliverance :)
Comment #79 by Cherub in response to lifetimelover ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:45PM

Reading.... deliverence. ... reputation. ...

you sound like a religious zealot on a number of occasions (not just this post ) with your scripture quoting so - deliverence hmmmm

Yes it is all in the 'deliverence'

Posted on 15-Mar-18 6:59PM
Yes because the OP said "Outside the marriage without husbands prior knowledge or consent?" then asked for a male perspective.

Cheating is dangerous. I used that line because often these things don't end well.

If it was too subtle for you, that's your weakness not mine.
Comment #81 by One in response to Cherub ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 7:01PM
Around and around we go on this big wheel called NZP.
Comment #82 by lifetimelover in response to One ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 7:10PM
Yeah I'm going to back out of my own topic because the hipsters can't cum without engaging. Ciao
Comment #83 by Cherub in response to One ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 7:45PM
Yes and we've had that discussion too 'One' life married single male female....

Quagmire that is often NzP. ..
Comment #84 by Cherub in response to lifetimelover ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 7:48PM

Comment #85 by lifetimelover in response to Cherub ( view post )
Posted on 15-Mar-18 8:03PM
Comment #86 by Licku in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Mar-18 11:26AM
Yes does seem fashionable I know of a few that have including mine.
Comment #87 by lifetimelover in response to Licku ( view post )
Posted on 16-Mar-18 5:55PM
Some's destinies are to have there hips torn apart JUST-before or after the last sprat leaves town if not home
Marriage was a means to an end for the culprit. Bless

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