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What's with people deleting there profile after a couple of messages..?
Discussion - started by Wettywet91, posted on 13-Mar-18 5:07PM
Seriously, what is with people on here starting up a conversation and then deleting there profile??

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Comment #12 by bruce62 in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-18 10:32PM
place is full of them all bull shit realy
Comment #13 by sexykiwi1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 17-Apr-18 10:58PM
I agree 100% with this thread. Too many immature wankers (male and female) on this site who get their kicks out talking sex but are too scared to actually do it. No real interest in sex, just pretending to be interested.This site is just as bad as Tinder. Im better off paying for a working girl. You get what you pay for and no games. Im deleting my profile, I've had enough.
Posted on 18-Apr-18 10:41AM
Oh I do like the way you put that. Very very very spot on!!!!!
Posted on 18-Apr-18 10:43AM
No...I'm guessing he's married. Check out other signs...does he ever message in the evening? (Family time) Does it drop off at the weekends? Do you have his number...and if yes do u talk on the phone?
Comment #16 by Bigguy29 in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Apr-18 11:01AM
maybe their first impression was a fail, and decided "RE-DO" or could've been abducted from government officials due too their affiliation with aliens?? possibly got partner snapped TBH hah
Posted on 18-Apr-18 11:18AM
Yeah I think snapped. ...I caught a guy out last week....had been chatting for a while, (never at night) but chatted offline on messenger. thought I'd send him a friend request on Facebook...lo, and behold! Pics on profile with wifey and baby. Had very interesting conversation with her .
Comment #18 by One in response to Pampurr ( view post )
Posted on 22-Apr-18 8:35AM
Or did you catch him out in one of his 1st comments. ...or block him it's a game to to him to see if he can make contact ...or he's a married guy with a little spare time.
Comment #19 by One in response to Walkingnurse76 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Apr-18 8:38AM
Well done ...beet that went well for him afterwards. ....NOT
Comment #20 by Walkingnurse76 in response to One ( view post )
Posted on 22-Apr-18 9:58AM
Not at all...she'd been 99% sure she was going to leave him as she couldn't trust him...he'd been chatting to me less than six months after they were married and had a toddler together. He'd scoffed at her suspicions and made her feel that she was paranoid, unreasonable and crazy...she'd been questioning her own sanity poor girl. What I'd told her was the final nail in the coffin she needed. He was told the following day not to bother coming home.
Posted on 22-Apr-18 10:22AM
Ironic commenting on this thread and then deleting profile!
Posted on 22-Apr-18 10:46AM true
Posted on 22-Apr-18 8:30PM
Hes not what he says he is maybe homeless? But says otherwise but i think hes a cheater or a stalker
Posted on 22-Apr-18 8:39PM
Omg shame on him hahahahahaha
Posted on 22-Apr-18 9:11PM
Not I said I spoke to his wife and sas recent pics of them both on both of their Facebook profiles. So yep...cheater.
Posted on 22-Apr-18 9:17PM
Yes because he was dumb enough to be messaging me on Facebook messenger...which had profile pic and his full name...Not hard to find his Facebook page. I'd been suspicious when he cancelled twice the last time due to car crash or so he said. (Wife confirmed no car crash happened). Asked him for pic of him and crashed response. Yep not much of a stretch of the imagination to think of looking him up on Facebook. Dumbass. He'd led me to believe he was single for a year...even told me he'd offered to "father my next child"...after I'd explained that I'd had a daughter that passed away at 20 months old. Prick....played on my grief and wish for another baby.
Comment #27 by flossie1nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Apr-18 2:20PM
message sent to me at 1.56pm asking for a coffee date (And also asked if I was south African??) then deleted profile at 2. pm... hilarious!
Comment #28 by pleasuretonguer in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Apr-18 3:21PM
Had the same thing an apparent couple in Rotorua, they were gold subscribers so i thought legit. I tried to sort out a meet with them and had a time and place but got there to an empty house. I deleted them from my friends and two days later they were gone from the site. A week later same assholes tried to friend me twice by two different profiles funny enough exact same likes and picture and gold members. I reported to admin and they were removed straight away fkn annoying.
Posted on 26-Apr-18 5:25PM
Sounds like those assholes were getting their jollies from jerking you around. Probably not even a couple probably a sad individual with nothing better to do with its time.
Posted on 27-Apr-18 6:21AM
Yep you are probably right. But going to extent of going gold that is pretty fkd up. . Just wish these type of people woulf fk off so us genuine people can play and have some decent fun
Posted on 27-Apr-18 6:38AM sites can be a frigging minefield full of people intending to do nothing but waste our time. That's where a lot of time goes...weeding out all the idiots who probably wouldn't know a good time if it smacked them in the face. saying that...what keeps me here is occasionally meeting someone or chatting to someone who is 100% worth my time...and it does happen. Just a shame it's outweighed by assholes
Posted on 27-Apr-18 9:20AM
He doesn't do more than send one message that reads like a scene out of a porn movie. Pretty well written though, he's yet to stick around long enough for me to suggest he ought to write scripts
Posted on 27-Apr-18 9:23AM
I had my ad disabled NOT deleted. For a break. Life does exist outside of this site
Posted on 27-Apr-18 11:52AM
i like your style ... i can handle ankle deep in assholes but this chest height shit is ridiculous ..

So is there much action up your way? Bugger all in Tauranga at the moment .
Posted on 27-Apr-18 12:44PM're funny hahaha....yeah I guess there's a bit around up here. But you would have noticed that women are far outweighed by men on here...some great people, some, ermmm.... not so great. It's nice talking to people who actually know how to converse properly. Don't get me wrong dirty talk has it's place but not in the first message hahaha
Posted on 27-Apr-18 12:45PM
Probably the only sex he
Comment #37 by Vulpes in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:43PM
Drives me nuts. Happens a lot. I think they are all just dreamers.
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:47PM
Haha. Snapped out much? Pretty sloppy on his part.
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:47PM
I thought the same thing.
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:52PM
Just plain stupid really. Wasn't that hard to be smarter than him
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:53PM
Good on you. Keep these guys on their toes.
Posted on 27-Apr-18 4:59PM
I don't put up with much shit anymore. So over it
Posted on 27-Apr-18 5:00PM
I hear ya. I'm the same now too. Used to be a doormat: no more!
Comment #44 by flossie1nz in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Apr-18 5:31PM
FS just had another one.. . 2 messages this time. Do they know what complete twits they are?? Oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess
Comment #45 by JohnJohnjames in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Apr-18 5:33PM
Comment #46 by Kiwi-lad in response to flossie1nz ( view post )
Posted on 27-Apr-18 9:34PM
Not sure why they would want to muck you around your hot as wtf is it with people these days?
Comment #47 by scotti in response to Kiwi-lad ( view post )
Posted on 27-Apr-18 9:42PM
Flossy I've said before look at some mature respectful men who will give you the right attention
Comment #48 by Apisa in response to the main topic
Posted on 27-Apr-18 10:00PM
Probably a case of not really thinking the process through, get their jollys off just getting a reply, then realise they can not see it through.
Also, what the hell is wrong with the people you send a polite message to and do not answer. If someone replies and says not interested then I respect that, usually reply thanking them for their return message and no more.
Posted on 28-Apr-18 2:45PM
What a f ing low down dog insult to a dog
Posted on 28-Apr-18 2:50PM
Yes he was an asshole. I actually thought quite hard before contacting his wife too. In the end I figured, she's young enough to get rid of him and find someone who deserves her...and for her not to waste any more of her life on someone who quite frankly, didn't deserve it.
Posted on 29-Apr-18 8:47AM
I agree in the bedroom its hot but nit every second of the day . I hate these guys that text and say want me to wank you off. Ummmm read profile straight not gay . They cant help themselves
Posted on 29-Apr-18 8:55AM
I just read that post very low hes a ankle that's lower than a ---t
Posted on 29-Apr-18 11:24AM
I see there's a lot of that on dating sites...people who either don't bother to read profiles or dgaf. Either way it's not worth responding to either of those
Posted on 29-Apr-18 7:35PM
Exactly if young enough to move on to better men
Posted on 29-Apr-18 9:01PM
You're never too old to move on to someone who is really into you.
Posted on 29-Apr-18 9:17PM
Very good point.
Posted on 29-Apr-18 9:43PM
That nice girls
Posted on 30-Apr-18 6:53PM
Yes yes very true. I only interested in real men.
Comment #59 by KRoss in response to Northlandgurl ( view post )
Posted on 30-Apr-18 6:56PM
And in your view, what constitutes a "Real Man"?
Comment #60 by Northlandgurl in response to KRoss ( view post )
Posted on 2-May-18 6:52PM
Genuine ones and there's a few on here talk to you and after while they delete there account or want pics and all and then piss off wtf. Don't have no time for time wasters or low lifes or a$$holes.
It ain't that hard to be straight up and especially if you attached to someone or married actually say it not find out later. I ask that question first when talk to someone so not attractive having a cheater eeeeewwwwww. Such a turn off gross!!! Unless of course you're both fine with it and accept it.
Comment #61 by Northlandgurl in response to KRoss ( view post )
Posted on 2-May-18 6:53PM
A real man is sexy and hot on the inside and the outside.

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